This is definitely a month for the history books! On top of the pandemic, we've had record heat, thunderstorms, rain, repeated power outages, and multiple fires started by lightning. At Valley Humane Society, we've gone from 400 to 500 animals adopted in just a month. Who would have ever thought?
At the same time, we're helping record numbers of pets stay at home with the people who love them...and who really need their companionship right now! Our partnerships with Open Heart Kitchen and Alameda County Food Bank make sure all those beloved dogs and cats are well fed despite the economic challenges facing their families. If you're able to help, take a look at our article below.

We aren't the first to say this, but we know it's true: we're all in this together, and together we can get through it!
Clear the Shelters - Virtually! 
NBC's Clear the Shelters campaign has created a virtual "Adopt & Donate" platform to find homes for shelter pets nationwide and to financially assist adoption centers during COVID-19. The event, which has found homes for over 400,000 pets to date, runs until the end of August and will enable us to continue prioritizing everyone's well-being with our safe adoption guidelines as we continue to conduct adoptions by appointment only. Save a life this month by adopting or donating and let's Clear the Shelters!
Feeding Pets and People
Local pets and their guardians need your help to remain together right now. Through our partnership with Alameda County Food Bank and Open Heart Kitchen, we have been able to provide pet food in conjunction with meal and grocery distribution to families in need in our community. With demand up 400%, our AniMeals pet food pantry needs your help to continue serving local pets and people. Please donate today to help pets stay in their loving homes and out of shelters. 

Adoption Option
With seemingly everybody wanting a dog or cat right now, VHS animals are going home almost as quickly as they come in. If you're looking, be sure to check our Home to Home listings, which have many wonderful animals hoping to find their new home directly, without entering our doors. Take a look! 
Virtual Kids, Continued
With the start of school, Valley Humane Society's Junior Education and scouting programs usually begin again. After our successful online Critter Camps this summer, we're excited to develop virtual versions of these same programs! Development is ongoing, so stay tuned for registration information!
DAF Giving Made Easy
Have you checked in with your Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) lately? Set aside especially for charitable causes, DAF's only need a word from their account holder to release grant funds that can move the mission forward. Use our free, handy widget to recommend VHS for grant from your DAF today.
Adoptable Pets

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