2019 Adoptions: 546!
The Gifford Promise:
We Will NEVER Give Up On You!
Scrappy's Story: After discovering an injured kitten at a scrap yard, the urgent call came in to help rescue this little orange tabby with soft brown eyes and an unrelenting, playful spirit. Seeing the urgent need to provide emergency assistance, Gifford leapt into action!

His first contact with humans left him scared and crying to be let out of the havaheart trap. Within a few minutes of gentle chin rubs and quiet reassuring words, he calmed and became amazingly trusting - it is like he knew Gifford was there to help him!
Dr. Jeff Evans and Dr. Sarah Gorman, the veterinarian staff at Boston Animal Hospital, discovered that the x-rays showed a badly broken leg with the damage occurring earlier than originally believed. Initial treatment was to tightly bandage the leg with the hope it would continue to heal in a manner that would leave him with a limp but all limbs intact. After a couple of weeks in a loving foster home and several bandage changes, it was discovered that the bone was not healing as expected that amputation was inevitable.

Scrappy proved to be just that - a scrappy spirit that would and could not be broken!
Within hours of the amputation he was actively seeking the love and attention of his foster mother. She brought him home for rehabilitation in her quiet apartment. A week later he was up and carefully playing with his feline brother and teasing his canine friend that could not play with him yet.
While Scrappy's story is unique, Scrappy's story isn't unique to Gifford. As a long time supporter, volunteer and/or adopter, you know that Gifford always puts cats first. Always .

Scrappy's preventative care and eventual amputation came at a steep financial cost to Gifford, but we could not deny him the chance at a long happy life. I hope you can find it within your heart to help Scrappy and future cats like him that come to Gifford as part of their journey.

Please help us continue to save other cats and kittens like Scrappy by helping to offset his medical expenses. I can tell you first hand when he fell asleep in my arms within hours of being brought from the scrap yard, he knew he was home. He knew he was safe. He knew he was loved.

Please, give generously.
MEOW MILE 2019! You couldn't have asked for better weather for yesterday's Meow Mile! Bright, sunny and a crisp abundant breeze that kept everyone at the registration table on their toes!

Thank you to everyone who came out to race, volunteer (or both!). We are already looking forward to a great event next year! Top results are here !
The Movers and Shakers:
1st Place Men:
Jon Eng

2nd Place Men:
Carson Brown

3rd Place Men:
Cameron Brown

1st Place Women: Catherine Hartmann

2nd Place Women:
Ainsley Cray

3rd Place Women:
Martha Fitch
By the numbers:
167 Registered runners

162 runners from New England

5 runners from Michigan, New York, New Jersey and Florida!
Early results show that the Meow Mile raised over $8,000 for Gifford's cats!

Men's 1st Place
Women's 1st Place
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Tigger originally came to Gifford in 2017 as a private surrender after his owner was no longer able to care for him. In true Gifford style, the 10 year old orange tabby was immediately scooped up and whisked away to his new home. Due to unfortunate circumstances with his family, Tigger was returned to Gifford in August of 2019. The now 13-year-old chonky boy looks at you with soulful eyes begging for a quiet place to nap in the sun of your family room. He is non-aggressive toward humans and best as the only cat in a household with no other pets or young children.
Remember: Tiggers are wonderful things!
One-year-old Mortimer is a fun loving, cuddly young male cat that loves to ungracefully climb into any lap that is offered. He came to Gifford as a private surrender in July of 2019 and is getting restless for his forever home. He is typically found waiting at the door ready to play and get pets from staff, volunteers, and anyone that walks through the door.

Mortimer is diagnosed with feline hyperesthesia which is well managed with daily medication administered three times per day. He is best in a family that can be patient with his ungraceful manners as is unaware of how clumsy he can be.
If you are interested in Tigger or Mortimer, or any other Gifford cats, please fill out the adoption application . Adoption hours are Thursdays from 4-7:30 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 1-4 PM. Other times available by appointment! Call 617-787-8872 or email us here .