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In Memoriam

PK Saru, a legend in the TA world, passed away peacefully on 25 March 2021. A long-time ITAA member and TSTA-P, Saru was a major force in TA in India, Bangladesh, and elsewhere around the world. She served on the ITAA Board of Trustees and was the founder trustee and past president of the South Asian Association of Transactional Analysts (SAATA). She was also the managing trustee of CHILD and Asha Counselling Centre based out of Coimbatore, India. Saru was the recipient of the ITAA Muriel James Living Principles Award and the SAATA Professional Excellence Award. Click here to read more.

SAATA is holding an online celebration of Saru's life on 10 April 2021 at 17:30 IST. Everyone is welcome to join by clicking here (Zoom meeting ID: 940 8459 0674; passcode: 587714).

We also mark the passing of Charlotte Christoph-Lemke, Ray Quiett, and KA Sebastian. Click here to read more.
Second SEC Webinar on
“Being the Change We Wish to See”

The second webinar organized by the ITAA Social Engagement Committee, held on 1 March, generated a good deal of interest from members. We restricted booking to 100 people because we wanted to have a group size in which meaningful dialogue could take place. That many registered to attend, and in the end 63 were present on the day. This is apparently a good turnout—or so we are told by people who regularly run these kinds of events. Nevertheless, this might be a good time to remind everyone that if you register for an event in a moment of enthusiasm and then find you are unable to attend, it would be a kindness to unregister and make room for someone else.

Webinar participants came from all over the world, including the Americas, even though it was not an easy time slot for them. All fields were represented. People connected with old friends and colleagues and also met new ones. Click here to read more.
std online
Intersectionality in TA Training

by Mica Douglas and Victoria Baskerville

In the following interview, Mica Douglas (she/her) talks with Victoria Baskerville (she/her) about her interest in intersectionality and why she thinks these ideas are vital right now in the world and in TA training.

Mica (MD): I know that you are a member of the ITAA Social Engagement Committee and will coordinate a focus group on intersectionality. You are also part of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy research group looking at inclusivity and exclusivity in training. Given your interest in how intersectionality and social responsibility are important to the TA community and TA training, let’s begin with how it all began for you and your cultural narrative.

Victoria (VB): Setting the scene with cultural narrative is central to my vision of intersectional training. This immediately challenges projection and invites a dialogue and meeting place. I think it’s important for us to hear each other’s cultural story, which as Dwight Turner wrote, locates our intersectional identity and othering. I grew up in Blackpool, Northern England, a largely White, working class town. I was brought up heterosexual. As I have evolved, I have taken on a more middle-class culture and moved to the South. I have now lived in the South longer than I lived in the North, and since the age of 23, I have identified as lesbian. So I am aware of the transcultural aspects of holding within me both the oppressor and the oppressed, thus modeling the way I facilitate every aspect of training and meeting. Click here to read more.
IBOC News About Online Exams

by Sue Eusden and Jacqueline van Gent

This month we bring you news from the second International Board of Certification (IBOC) Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA) online exams, inform you about a mock Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA) exam, and highlight future certification dates.

CTA Online Exams - 13 March 2021
These exams took place with candidates, translators, and examiners from 11 different countries encompassing time zones from Guatemala (-6GMT), New Zealand (+13GMT), Australia (+11GMT), Japan (+9GMT), Singapore (+8GMT), India (+5.5GMT), United Kingdom (GMT), Slovenia/Netherlands/Serbia (+1GMT), and Romania (+2GMT).
We are delighted to announce seven new CTAs:
  • Brad McLean, CTA-P, Australia
  • Naoko Toyoda, CTA-O, Japan
  • Adina Tita, CTA-P, Romania
  • Lee McAuliffe, CTA-C, UK
  • Joanna Chrzastowska, CTA-P, UK
  • Piotr Jusik, CTA-C, Guatemala
  • Liz Jeffries, CTA-P, UK

We regret the delay in publishing this announcement due to the unprecedented events of 2020 and are happy to do so now.

Steiner TAJ Articles in Portuguese
Silvana Maria de Jesus reports that the Portuguese translation of Claude Steiner’s TAJ articles was successfully finished in September 2019. Educação Emocional: O Que o Amor Tem a Ver com Isso? [Emotional Literacy: What’s Love Got to Do With It?] was published as a special edition of Revista Brasileira de Análise Transacional (the Brazilian Journal of Transactional Analysis). UNAT-Brasil requested and was granted permission to translate and republish the articles.
Silvana Maria de Jesus (left) and ITAA Latin American regional representative Michelle Thomé celebrate the publication of the new Portuguese collection of Claude Steiner’s articles.
The World Is Our Oyster: Opening Up TA Training for Everyone Everywhere?

by Anne de Graaf and Henk Tigchelaar

It seems that, as a cheerful bonus of the COVID-19 pandemic, TA training and supervision is becoming increasingly accessible and attainable for a great variety of people around our globe. For many of them, there was (and still is) hardly any TA training and supervision available near where they live and work. Moreover, for people who are less rich and fortunate (than us and others who have benefited thus far), TA training and supervision is unattainable because of the high costs involved. Time for change?

Travel and Accommodation
In an earlier article (August 2020 Script), we calculated the CO2 emissions of our journey toward TSTA status. The results were shocking and reason enough to thoroughly reconsider the many traveling within our TA community. Based on the calculations made for that article, we also found that we spent about two thirds of our total budget for TA training and certification on travel and accommodation costs and only one third on fees for training and costs for exams. Anne paid over €25,000 and Henk paid almost €30,000 to airlines, hotel chains, restaurants, gasoline, parking spots, and more. It is clear that traveling by car/train/plane toward TA training and/or exam venues and staying in hotels and B&Bs makes it especially expensive to enjoy TA training and/or to obtain TA certification. Click here to read more.
USATAA Initiates Workshop Series 
With Richard Erskine and Vann Joines

“Spring Forward!” is the theme of two new workshops that the USA TA Association (USATAA) is offering this month and next. Given the great response to the Social Justice TA 101 presented at the 2019 Raleigh ITAA/USATAA Conference and now playing for free on YouTube, the USATAA Education Committee decided to offer 2-hour follow-up workshops to educate, sustain, and expand interest in transactional analysis. Click here to read more.
richard e
Richard Erskine on
“Interpersonal Attunement: 
Responding to Relational Needs”
17 April
vann j
Vann Joines on
“Personality-Focused Treatment”
29 May
What Kind of Worldwide Community Are We?

by Steff Oates

The fourth ITAA/EATA webinar was held on 12 February at various times throughout the world and was joined by members from 15 countries. It was another fruitful gathering that demonstrated how much people appreciate the opportunity to meet in community and engage in dialogue. We again heard calls for this to be a monthly event, which the webinar team appreciated. Although this regularity is not possible because of our busy schedules, there will be two more this year: in June and November. Watch for email invitations and Script announcements. 

The focus of this webinar was “Tribe or Community?” ITAA President Elana Leigh and EATA President Peter Rudolph opened the proceedings with moving introductions regarding their own experiences of being in a tribe or community. Click here to read more.
ITAA Contact Info

The ITAA and IBOC have a 
new phone number and postal address:

1901 Olympic Blvd., Suite 200, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, USA.

All ITAA communications should now be sent to info@itaaworld.org and
all IBOC communications should be sent to iboc@itaaworld.org .
TAJ Theme Issues

“Systemic Oppression: What Part Do We Play?”
Coeditors: Helen Rowland and Karen Minikin
Deadline: 1 August 2021

“Ecological Transactional Analysis”
Coeditors: Giles Barrow, Hayley Marshall, and Sylvie Monin
Deadline: 1 February 2022

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