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May 2015 Issue

Thank you for your continued support of the 1st Marine Division Mitchell Paige Medal of Honor Chapter.  Enjoy this month's " SCUTTLEBUTT"


The 7th Marines Command invited our Old Breed Marines to come up for a day long visit to their training facilities at 29 Palms.  Seventeen members joined the tour.

No complaints over the zero dark thirty reveille since we had to meet a base bus at the main gate at 0630 on April 8th.  LtCol Jared Spurlock, XO, met us there with a bus.  The weather was in the low 30's with a strong wind to make the conditions less than ideal.  Palm Desert Mayor Susan Marie Weber joined us for the tour.


First order of business was reporting to the Phelps Chow Hall for breakfast with the Marines.  Marines came over and sat with us to provide a warm welcome for us.  After breakfast, we drove out to the live fire range.  Marines there explained the various weapons on display there.  Everyone had the opportunity to fire one of the rifles.  Most of us had never fired a M-4 Carbine or M-16 before.  (Great experience since M-1's, BAR's and M-14's were not available.)  No reports of "Maggie Drawers" for our group.


Next stop was to visit  one of the Combat Towns used for urban warfare training. We started off with a briefing on IED's and a display of the various ones used in Afghanistan and Iraq.  We observed a squad working an area to detect IED's and were informed of how they worked the area. LtCol Dave Hunt, CO 1/7 joined us there. We were able to watch the 1st Battalion Marines training there.  They are planning to deploy to the Middle East sometime in October to replace the 3rd Battalion who are currently deploying there.


  Last stop, was the 7th Marine Regimental Headquarters.  Many had not seen the display there or seen their new Canal lounge where refreshments were served.  Col Bargeron and regiment officers and NCO's joined us there. It was also our opportunity to say farewell to Col Bargeron who will depart for Kuwait in a few days.  We should stayed tuned to FOX News for reports from the middle east over the next six months.  The Colonel and his battalions there will serve as the 911 first responders in the middle east.


Many thanks for the warm hospitality and planning extended by Col Bargeron , LtCol Spurlock & their excellent staff. They are most impressive & exemplify the highest standards of our Marine Corps today. They went out of their way to show us their appreciation for what the Chapter has done to support their Marines & families over the years.

Tun Tavern Team
Thank you to this team of individuals who annually provide an additional $100 of financial support to the 1st Marines Division Desert Cities MPMOH Chapter - it is greatly appreciated.

Mike Bales | Carl Brooks | Joe Daily | Dave Franklin | Charlie Garbarini | Sam Huttenhower  

Jim Larsh | Howard Lehman | Gene McClendon | George Moffatt | Jim Olson | Marilyn Paige    Richard Partee | Bill Ross | Sandy Sandoval | Ray Schum | Bob Shepard | Buddy Sklar 

George Stettler | Jim Sullivan | Dale Turner | Quint Villanueva | Col Mike Walker | Michael Walker   Myrl Wallace | Linn Wiley | Franz Jevne |

April 16th Luncheon Report


We had an unusual presentation by LtCol Jared Spurlock, Executive Officer, 7th Marine Regiment.  He did an outstanding job as our Guest of Honor.  He brought two Sergeants, a Navy Corpsman, two Master Gunnery Sergeants and a Warrant Officer to explain their roles within the regiment.


After hearing from these Marines and Sailor our Old Breed Marines feel that our Marines today are in good hands.  Marines today are the best ever.

Executive Board
George Stettler
Vice President 
Richard Partee
James E. Sullivan
Sergeant At Arms  
Bruce Takacs
Michael Holquin
Robert Shepard
Quit Villanueva
Past Presidents
Bill Ping, 1998-2002
Joseph A. Daily, 2002-06
James E. Sullivan, 2006-09
Quintin Villanueva, 2009-12
Richard Partee. 2012-14



SgtMaj Green became the new Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps, replacing SgtMaj Michael Barrett who held the billet since June 2011. SgtMaj Green was formerly the Sergeant Major of I Marine Expeditionary Force.



City of Palm Desert is organizing a barbecue for the 7th Marines at the Combat Center, on Friday, June 26th.  They are expecting up to 2,000 Marines & families to attend.


We will be playing a support role and will let you know what you can do to help.


Circle Friday, June 26th and plan to be there to support the first City of Palm Desert event for the 7th Marines.  More information coming.



One of our members, Buddy Sklar, is on the Board of Directors.  He has kindly offered to assist our members that are interested in visiting the museum in Quantico.  If you are interested please contact Buddy at: budsklar@aol.com
Freedom is not free,
but the U.S. 
Marine Corps will pay most of your share.


1st Marine Division Reunion Ports in San Diego this August.

The national association will hold the annual reunion is San Diego  August 18 - 22nd.

If you are interested in attending it will be necessary to register at: http://www.afr-reg.com/fmda2015 

The week will include tours of the City, a Padres Game, USS Midway, Camp Pendleton and a visit to MCRD for a graduation ceremony.  The Crown Plaza, Mission Valley will be the headquarters hotel where special hotel rates will be available for our group. A banquet dinner will be held Saturday 1800 - 2200
Successful Easter Fundraiser at Jensen's


pictured above Bruno Takacs & Dave Mourhess

Many thanks for those members who stepped forward to volunteer and help us collect donations at the Palm Springs and Palm Desert Stores.


Mike Bales, Charlie Knickerbocker, Jim Larsh, Howard Lehman, Vince Mast, Jack Mennis, Gene McClendon, Dave Mourhess, Jim Olson, Dick Partee, Jack Rabinowitz, George Stettler, Jim Sullivan and Bruno Takacs helped collect $2,873.80

When Dick Partee heard the final numbers he called on fellow Monterey C C members - Dean Hunter, Gene McClendon, Gene Mooring and Bob Pritchard to kick in $126.20 so that the total Jensen's Easter Donation was


This was the first time for Charlie Knickerbocker and Vince Mast.  They enjoyed it.


     Jensen's shoppers know who we are now and come up treating us like old friends.  The City of Palm Desert generously picked up the costs for the banners that we used at the two stores.

Desert Hot Springs JROTC Members Visit Bridgeport
Cadets from Desert Hot Springs High School visited Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center, Bridgeport during the recent Easter break. LtColCarl Lewke, Senior Instructor, took cadets who have enlisted into the Marine Corps there during the recent Easter break. They experienced a spring snow storm at the 8000' altitude base. Most of the cadets had never seen snow or been in a snow storm before.

The cadets and Lewke were led on a 12 mile hike through the snow by one of the Bridgeport Marines. This will become an annual event for those cadets who enlist in the Marine Corps.

Our members are invited to support his annual event at Desert Hot Springs High School 1900 in the Gym Building.  The event lasts a little over one hour.  The cadets will be there in uniform to receive their promotions and awards. They are most impressive


Members & spouses are invited to an interesting ceremony for one of the best MCJROTC programs in America.  Great opportunity to see LtCol Carl Lewke and 1st Sgt Nichelle Webb in action with their outstanding class of cadets.


We will award a top cadet the SEMPER FI  Award from our Chapter..
Save the Date: May 21st Monthly Luncheon

We will honor LtCol Carl Lewke,  Senior Instructor, Marine Corps JROTC at Desert Hot Springs High School. His program has ranked them among the top Marine JROTC programs in the United States.  We will also honor Cadet Spangler for being one of the top graduating cadets who will receive our annual Semper Fi Award.  Spangler has enlisted and will leave for MCRD this summer.

Thank You, hope you enjoyed this month's new E-Scuttlebutt Newsletter.