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Thank you for your continued support of the 1st Marines Division Desert Cities Mitchell Paige Chapter.  Your support is appreciated. Semper Fi!

Tun Tavern Team
Thank you to this team of individuals who annually provide an additional $100 of financial support to the 1st Marines Division Desert Cities MPMOH Chapter - it is greatly appreciated.

Mike Bales | Carl Brooks | Joe Daily | Dave Franklin | Charlie Garbarini | Sam Huttenhower  

Jim Larsh | Howard Lehman | Gene McClendon | George Moffatt | Jim Olson | Marilyn Paige    Richard Partee | Bill Ross | Sandy Sandoval | Ray Schum | Bob Shepard | Buddy Sklar 

George Stettler | Jim Sullivan | Dale Turner | Quint Villanueva | Col Mike Walker | Michael Walker   Myrl Wallace | Linn Wiley | Franz Jevne | Charlie Knickerbocker | Frank Gillette

Executive Board
George Stettler
Vice President 
Richard Partee
James E. Sullivan
Sergeant At Arms  
Bruce Takacs
Michael Holquin
Robert Shepard
Quint Villanueva
Past Presidents
Bill Ping, 1998-2002
Joseph A. Daily, 2002-2006
James E. Sullivan, 2006-2009
Quintin Villanueva, 2009-2012
Richard Partee. 2012-2014


"In my experience, Marines are gung-ho no matter what. They will fight to the death.
Everyone of them just want to get out there and kill.  They are bad asses, hard charging  mothers."
Chris Kyle,
American Sniper 




The Guest of Honor will be LtCol Brian Middleton, USMC, 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines who were recently reactivated the Thundering Third and assigned to reinforce the 7th Marine Regiment.

Several years ago, we supported the 3/4 in Afghanistan with a large donation of socks and baby wipes to meet their needs. We shipped over 1 1/2 tons of socks and wipes which was quite a large shipment.

In April, 2003 the 3/4 and the 1/7 led the assault up Hwy to Baghdad. Who can forget seeing the statue of Saddam Hussein pulled down at Firdus Square in Baghdad. This added to the legacy of the Thundering third in Marine Corps History

We need to recruit new members to maintain our healthy membership.  Keep your ears and eyes open for a FEW GOOD MARINES  
to join the Chapter.  We have a lot to be proud of with our various projects to support the Marines and families of the 7th Marine Regiment and the Marine Corps JROTC Cadets at Desert Hot Springs High School.

We will have Riverside County Sheriff Stanley Sniff as the Guest of Honor for our Annual Christmas Luncheon.  This will be another fun luncheon with the probability of Santa dropping by to lead us in Christmas music.  Mark December 17th as a great luncheon for you and your spouse to join us. 

Our favorite China Marine recently relocated to Ventura. However, he remains a chapter member and when in the desert always checks in to let us know that he continues to support us. Two weeks ago, Jimmie delivered a beautiful display of medals of all wars that the 1st Marine Division were involved in. Professionally mounted and displayed.

We will show it off at the October 15th meeting.
Thanks Jimmie!
REPORT from Col Jay Bargeron, Kuwait City
The month of September was a culmination and continuation of the amazing work of the Marines and Sailors of the SPMAGTF-CR-CC. The operational tempo has not lessened as we have gotten closer to our redeployment and the unit has created many new and exciting opportunities with our regional partners.

Through must the first half of the month the SPMAGTF was heavily involved with a Mission Rehearsal Exercise in the Kingdom of Jordan. This exercise involved SPMAGTF, the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, 5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade, and our Jordanian training partners from the Jordanian Quick Reaction Force and 77th Royal Marine Battalion.  Designed not only to increase our interoperability with our strategic partner, this exercise clearly demonstrated the Marine Corps ability to quickly integrate large existing units and coordinate those assets to greater success. This was the first time this exercise has been undertaken, and we hope it will continue to do so for many years.  

While we and the Marines in theater have been operating in Jordan, the coalition struggle against Da'esh continues. The SPMAGTF remains a fixture in this fight.
Al Asad and Al Taqaddum saw the first sets of NATO weapons and equipment issued to theIraqi Security Forces in Al Anbar. This new gear replaces many of the outdated and unreliable weapons systems that have been used during the conflict. Our F/A-18's from VMFA-232 have continued their success in the air against Da'esh with high tempo strikes from the squadron and coalition aircraft. Success in the air is only possible to those maintainers, ordnancemen and MWSS-371 Marines who have a large part in ensuring that we are postured to be the most ready when called on to fly.

Over this deployment, I have watched us learn and grow as a team of 2,300 and have great effects throughout the Middle East. We've founded one of the most critical U.S. forward operating bases in OIR, helped train our some of our regional partners to levels previously unseen, and taken the fight to the enemy almost daily with our strike fighters.
I am supremely proud of the contributions that your Marines and Sailors have made in Central Command. And, as we transition to the next iteration of the SPMAGTF, I know we'll leave this part of the world having made a lasting impacts and setting the conditions for future Marine Corps success in the region. 

Semper Fidelis,
Col Jay Bargeron  & Sergeant Major Rodney Lane
                                                                                                               by Col Mike Walker USMC, (Ret.)

1. Whose army are you in? At the start of the war, over one third of the North Korean Army
(NKA) soldiers were ethnic-Korean combat veterans of Mao's Chinese Liberation Army.
2. Déjà vu? The North Korean attack began at 4:00AM on a Sunday morning. The Japanese aircraft that attacked Pearl Harbor took off at 6:00AM on a Sunday morning. General Douglas MacArthur later wrote that when the news arrived, his thoughts were, "Not again! I must still be asleep and dreaming. Not again!"  
3. I feel so Young! MacArthur was seventy years old when he took command in Korea.
4. We are all in this Together. Besides the United States and the Republic of Korea, soldiers from fifteen countries fought with the United Nations (UN) in Korea.
[Australia, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Ethiopia, France, Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.]
5. Tell it to the Marines! On 2 August 1950, Marines of the 1st Brigade land at Pusan. The Corps was so under strength that it took virtually all the infantrymen in the 1st Marine Division to man the brigade's 5th Marine Regiment. Later, it took all the infantry from the 2nd Marine Division plus mobilized reservists to flesh out the rest of the 1st Marines Division.
6. I was so wrong. When Mao sent his Chinese troops across the border into Korea in October 1950 to help the NKA, he ordered his soldiers to completely conquer Korea. Mao thought it would take one year to win the war. The war ended in stalemate almost three years later and tens of thousands of Chinese soldiers lay dead.
7. What was that thing? On 4 August 1950, Marine helicopters from VMO-6 fly their first missions: casualty evacuations. This is the first time helicopters are used in combat.
8. The Secret Russians. North Korean MiG jets never flew very far into Korea. Why? By 1951, many pilots were Russians from the 64th Fighter Corps pretending to be North Koreans. Stalin did not want to deal with the politics of explaining what a shot-down captured or dead Russian pilot was doing in Korea.
9. The Secret Americans. During the war, the Strategic Air Command's 581st Air Resupply and Communications Squadron (based at Mountain Home, Idaho) flew highly classified and dangerous resupply missions to anti-communist Korean guerrillas operating behind enemy lines.
10. The Korean War never officially ended -- only an armistice was put in place on 27 July 1953. Technically, the war is still ongoing.


The Marine Corps League will hold heir annual Marine Corps Birthday Luncheon on Friday, November 6th at Miracle Springs Resort, Desert Hot Springs. Guest of Honor will be LtCol Jared Spurlock, XO, 7th Marine Regiment.


Tickets are $35 when purchased in advance.  $50 at the door.


The Chapter will have a table in a prime location.  If you are interested in sitting with fellow members, please send Jim Sullivan $35 to reserve your seat. 



The Birthday Ball will be held at the Paris Hotel, Las Vegas.  Tickets are $100 per person.  Special hotel rates for those going are available at the Paris Hotel (877) 603-4389.  

use code SB7MR5.

Our members will be seated at tables reserved for the chapter.  Dress is dark suites and cocktail dress for the ladies.  Dinner tickets may be purchased on line:



This will the 51st Annual Golf Cart Parade.  We will have the pleasure of having the 1st Marine Division Band coming up from Camp Pendleton for the parade.  We will once again to lead the parade with the Marine Corps JROTC Color Guard, the Marine Band and our 5 golf carts. 


We are expecting Colonel Jay Bargeron  to be home from Kuwait in time to join us again at the parade.


 VIP seating are available for our wives and family in a shaded area at Larkspur & El Paseo.  Reservations are required..  Cost is $25 which includes a gourmet box lunch and beverages.


After the parade we will gather near by at Las Casuela's Café, between San Luis Rey and Larkspur on Hwy 111 for refreshments and camaraderie.


Several events coming on November 11th:


City of Palm Desert will hold an annual ceremony at the Civic Center Park.  LtCol Middleton, Commanding Officer of the newly activated 3 / 4 will be the Guest of Honor.  Reserved seating will be available in the front row for members of the Chapter.  Wear you white shirt and blazer.


Palm Springs will hold their annual parade for all veterans.  The Chapter will be represented by our W W II Marines.   Jessup Auto Plaza  will provide three open convertibles for our Marines to ride in.  Details will be in the November Scuttlebutt Newsletter.





The Chapter supported this Battalion Reactivation Ceremony on September 17th at 29 Palms. Attending the ceremony were:  Mike Bales, Joe Daily, Bob Ferguson, Charlie Garbarini, Howard Lehman, Vince Mast, Bob Shepard, Jim Sullivan, SgtMaj Ray Wilburn and Harry Ziegler.  Two Councilmembers from Palm Desert attended:  Jan Harnik and Van Turner.


Major General Dan O'Donohue,1st Marine Division Commanding Officer over saw the ceremony.  LtCol Brian Middleton, 3/4 Commanding Officer was introduced.  The General  praised the Desert Cities Chapter and the City of Palm Desert for their support for the 7th Marine Regiment.  He also recognized SgtMaj Wilburn for his 31 years of service and his WW II, Korea and Vietnam service.


We hope you enjoyed the October newsletter.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions for future ones.

                                         SEMPER FIDELIS,