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Thank you for your continued support of the 1st Marines Division Desert Cities Mitchell Paige Chapter.  Your support is appreciated. Semper Fi!

Tun Tavern Team
Thank you to this team of individuals who annually provide an additional $100 of financial support to the 1st Marines Division Desert Cities MPMOH Chapter - it is greatly appreciated.

Mike Bales | Carl Brooks | Joe Daily | Dave Franklin | Charlie Garbarini | Sam Huttenhower  

Jim Larsh | Howard Lehman | Gene McClendon | George Moffatt | Jim Olson | Marilyn Paige    Richard Partee | Bill Ross | Sandy Sandoval | Ray Schum | Bob Shepard | Buddy Sklar 

George Stettler | Jim Sullivan | Dale Turner | Quint Villanueva | Col Mike Walker | Michael Walker   Myrl Wallace | Linn Wiley | Franz Jevne | Charlie Knickerbocker | Frank Gillette

WWII Vets Honored at August Luncheon 


Five Marine Veterans who served in the Pacific during World War II were honored for their service by the 1st Marine Division Association and were recognized by the California State Senate on the 70th Anniversary of V-J Day, August 17, 1945.  Glenn Miller, Senator Jeff Stone's office and President George Stettler made the presentations at the Chapter August luncheon.

Executive Board
George Stettler
Vice President 
Richard Partee
James E. Sullivan
Sergeant At Arms  
Bruce Takacs
Michael Holquin
Robert Shepard
Quint Villanueva
Past Presidents
Bill Ping, 1998-2002
Joseph A. Daily, 2002-2006
James E. Sullivan, 2006-2009
Quintin Villanueva, 2009-2012
Richard Partee. 2012-2014


Freedom is not free,
but the U.S. 
Marine Corps will pay most of your share.



Martin Alfaro joined the chapter in August.  He is a Riverside Country Sheriff Detective.  He served with the 3 / 7 was a Sgt when he separated August, 2001.
Quint Villanueva recruited Martin aboard who lives with his wife in Indio.
We need to recruit new members to maintain our healthy membership.  Keep your ears and eyes open for a FEW GOOD MARINES  to join the Chapter.  We have a lot to be proud of with our various projects to support the Marines and families of the 7th Marine Regiment and the Marine Corps JROTC Cadets at Desert Hot Springs High School.

We will have Riverside County Sheriff Stanley Sniff as the Guest of Honor for our Annual Christmas Luncheon.  This will be another fun luncheon with the probability of Santa dropping by to lead us in Christmas music.  Mark December 17th as a great luncheon for you and your spouse to join us. 

There are only two kinds of people that understand Marines: 
Marines and the Enemy!
Everyone else has a second hand opinion.
General William Thornson US Army
REPORT from Col Bargeron
This month your Marines and Sailors have continued their superb performance throughout the Central Command theater of operations.

In Iraq, in addition to reinforcing the Baghdad Embassy Complex, our Advise and Assist teams continue to work with their Iraqi partners during the ongoing counterattack of Ramadi. Recently the Iraqi Security Forces have made significant gains in the fight to liberate the city, and the coalition support, made possible by the Marines on the deck, has been a major contributor to that success. Even with the ongoing fight, the Marines and coalition are creating considerable improvements to the base and its infrastructure, making Al Taqaddum, once again, a key piece of the Ramadi-Fallujah corridor.

Our Marines at Al Asad also continue to train with their Iraqi counterparts. Recently, hundreds of Iraqi Security Forces and Tribal Fighters graduated from the coalition's Building Partner Capacity course and some received new, modern equipment sets. These Iraqi patriots are working hard to secure the ir nation, and soon will be tested against our common enemy.

As a key piece of the Operation Inherent Resolve air campaign, VMFA-232 continues the high tempo sortie schedule, providing close air support to the Iraqi soldier on the ground and allowing them to maneuver on the battlefield and making deliberate strikes that degrade and destroy key pieces of Daesh's capacity to fight.

Towards the end of August, our SPMAGTF began our third Marine Readiness Exercise.  This exercise will involve not only our unit, but the 15th MEU, 5th MEB and two Jordanian units that have spent the last year training with the Marines. The exercise will showcase how the Marine Corps can integrate and work together to respond to our Nation's needs. 

The 14th of August was the 98th Birthday of the 7th Marine Regiment, and we took time to reflect and rededicate ourselves during a brief Battle Colors Rededication Ceremony. The Sergeant Major and I took great pride in knowing that the Marines and Sailors of the SPMAGTF continue to uphold the high standards of the Regiment.   

Each day, our 2,300 Marines and Sailors put everything they have into their work: providing security, aviation support, logistics, training expertise, and crisis response capabilities. 

The   Team is always ready for the unexpected. This kind of attitude is what makes the SPMAGTF unique and valuable to this theater and to our Nation.

Semper Fidelis,
Col Jay Bargeron  & Sergeant Major Rodney Lane


In lieu of a monthly luncheon at the Classic Club, we will be heading up to the Combat Center for the Activation Ceremonies for the 3 / 4  THUNDERING THIRD at 1000 at the parade deck.  Special seating will be reserved for those members who RSVP to the 3 / 4. 


We will car pool so it's important that you let Jim Sullivan know whether you can drive or need a ride.  We also will need everyone's drivers license # for the Provost Marshall Office beforehand.  Send this info to Jim also.


We are invited to a reception immediately following the ceremony at the O'Club.  Please wear your white chapter shirt and a blazer since we will be there with dignitaries and general's.  The City Council and Mayor will also be there from Palm Desert.


Most of us haven't been to a battalion activation ceremony, so this should be an interesting experience.


This will the 51st Annual Golf Cart Parade.  We will have the pleasure of having the 1st Marine Division Band coming up from Camp Pendleton for the parade.  We expect to once again to lead the parade with the Marine Corps JROTC Color Guard, the Division Band and our carts.  The Mayor of Palm Desert and their entry will follow us in the parade.  There is a good chance that Colonel Jay Bargeron will be home from Kuwait in time for him to join us again.


We will have VIP seating available for our wives in a shaded area at Larkspur & El Paseo.  Reservations are required.  Cost is $25 which includes a box lunch and beverages.


Members held another dinner at the Villagio Restaurant in Palm Desert on August 13th.  Despite the month of August being a vacation month, the hardy desert dwellers showed up for another fun evening:  Wes Ahlgren,Les & Deeno Carlyle, Charlie Garbarini, Howard Lehmnan, Gene McClendon, Dick Partee, Bill Ross, Jim Sullivan, George Stettler, Quint Villanueva and Linn Wiley.


Great food and beverage prevailed.  As things wound down the entire group stood up and did an impromptu MARINES' HYMN  for the benefit of the other customers there.  We must have been pretty good since there was some applause and no boos.


The evening concluded with a surprise when the server announced that the tab had been paid by a mysterious benefactor.


Next dinner will be in the fourth quarter.  If you are interested in becoming  member, dues are only $100 annually.  The extra money enables the Chapter to provide more support for the 7th Marines and the Marine JROTC cadets.





Thank You, hope you enjoyed this month's E-Scuttlebutt Newsletter.  

James E. Sullivan, Editor