We Love Our Donors

We are so lucky--we have the best donors ever.

We can't write anything that matches our participants' enthusiasm, and are humbled by their kind remarks.

The below excerpts are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of 'fan mail' we have received. 

We dedicate this edition of the LAB/SfDM newsletter to our supporters--we can't do it without you--your unsolicited and unexpected 'atta boys' are inspiring.

From Lester C. in Carlisle, Ohio:

I was at the first tryouts in Dayton what an experience...the baseball tryout part was super, I shagged balls for coach Max and man did I get a workout...when it came time to read lines...I could see the fun going on.

One thing Mark stressed was to be yourself....after reading the book....I don't want to see a good baseball movie I want to see a great baseball movie...What a great time the boys and I had. (See entire quote here)

From one of our 8--12 age group players:

[Dear Mr. Donahue]  I am the kid that you met this morning at Action Sports. .... It was so great meeting you, you are one of the best authors that I have ever met. Thank you for writing Last At Bat. It has inspired me in so many ways that I cannot thank you enough. That book has so many life lessons in it that it is amazing. I hope you keep writing superior books like Last At Bat. If I do not get the part I hope someone that understands Dylan Michael (aka Matt Wolf) [does] so that he can be a great actor for the part of Dylan.  

From the mom of two of our players from Wapakoneta: 

[Dear Mr. Donahue] We hope things are going well.  I wanted to share a critic's report.  My father, retired Navy, former school teacher and Bobby socks softball coach all over the country;  read the book.  He loved it and said that he could hardly put it down.  I thought that was worth  sharing! 

As we said, you are the best!

Website Update Part 2!!

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A link to Cincinnati.com--coverage regarding the upcoming 
June 10 and 11 Tryouts  


Article from  The Cincinnati Enquirer , featuring the 

Dayton May 2 & 3 Event

 Cincinnati Tryouts June 10 and 11

  Champions Baseball Academy
5994 Linneman Street
Cincinnati, OH  45230
(Formerly Riverstar Park)

10:00 and 2:00 both days
Registration:  9:00 and 1:00

Bellbrook Tryouts June 15 and 16
Monday and Tuesday  --   June 15 and 16, 2015

Bellbrook High School
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10:00 and 2:00 both days
Registration:  9:00 and 1:00

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