And the first inning is in the history books!

First and foremost, the entire Last at Bat, the Movie/Search for Dylan Michael Team would like to express our sincere appreciation and deepest thanks to all of the players, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and friends who participated in our first Baseball Tryouts last weekend.

The weather was perfect, the field was green, the players at the top of their game, who can ask for anything more?

We had a lot of fun (and it seemed everyone else did too), learned a lot, and met so many great people, it was a weekend we will not soon forget.   

While there will be more tryouts around the country over the next several months, it will hard to top the thrill of this first 'inning', and we are proud to have launched The Search right here in Dayton.

Once we have held all the tryouts in the Dayton area, we will announce the three local finalists (one in each age group) who will then go on to compete against those selected from other Ohio cities, who will then go on to regional competitions.

Remember--even if you are not chosen as a "Dylan" we will still be casting many of the participants as teammates and opponents.  
You all will still have a good chance to appear in the movie. 

And gearing up for the 2nd inning...
Chicagoland Tryouts
Saturday and Sunday
May 23 and 24, 2015
Redmond Sports Complex
Memorial Stadium

We are heading west to the Windy City in less than three weeks!
Tryouts at 10 and 2 
Registration 9 and 1
(Both Days)

Players, Coaches and Umpires
Sign Up, Suit Up, and Take the Field!

Go to to donate and get your pass to participate. 

As we need to make sure all those hoping to be cast as Dylan, or in teammate, opponent, coach and umpire (on-field) roles have ample time to show their best stuff, time restraints are precluding auditions for others than on-field roles at this venue.  Keep watching the website, Facebook, and this newsletter for those casting call dates and times.  

For more information, please contact our Midwest Regional Manager, Max Reising.

...and then, onto Cincinnati
Wednesday and Thursday
June 10 and 11, 2015

  Champions Baseball Academy
5994 Linneman Street
Cincinnati, OH  45230
(Formerly Riverstar Park)

As with Chicago, baseball tryout times will be 10 and 2, both days, with registration one hour beforehand.

As we are expecting a large turnout, again, auditions for those other than on-field roles will be held at another date and time, TBA.  

Our Dayton Donors and Participants
Austin and John M., Dale O., Katherine and Eric M., Teresa, Noah and Markus H., William H., Daniel C., Robbie and Mieke B., Michelle and Olivia B., Jeffrey B., Andrew and James A., Scott and Jack L., Lester, Jeremy and Justin C., Jason and Lucas L., David, Theresa, Jack and Max D., Dave G., Scott and Landen M., Jessica M., Clayton M., Janet and Kiel P., William and Justin H., Carla H., Raheem H., Deeirow H., Ed, Eddie and Cami Staudt, Kathryn and Zachary M., Jonathon and Tyler H., Robert B., Ryan and Brandon G., Chris K., Mayra F., and Erik G.

Thanks guys for making the day special--you all rocked!
And one last thing....

You can always tell who knows

baseball, and who just talks about baseball.  Listen to a portion of Mark's interview Baseball and Movies on Viewpoints here.  


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Synopsis: There are movies about a lot of sports and athletic competitions, but for some reason baseball outnumbers them all. Why is that? And what are the hallmarks of a good baseball movie? We talk to an author and professor of communications, and to a baseball novelist, player and screenwriter about these issues. We'll also hear about a novel way one guest is seeking to "crowdfund" and cast his upcoming baseball film.


Host: Gary Price. Guests: Brother Gerry Molyneaux, author of John Sayles: An unauthorized biography and Mark Donahue, author of the novel, Last At Bat, screenwriter and life-long baseball player.


Keep in Touch and Stay in the Game!
See you in Chicago!

Last at Bat, the Movie
The Search for Dylan Michael