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Lectionary for the Third Sunday of Advent

The Second Sunday of Advent Bulletin: Download Here
Advent extends an invitation. The invitation: don't just do something – stand, watch, prepare.  Stand . Choose to believe that ours is a safe universe – a universe God chose to enter as an infant.  Watch . Look for a coming that has already come and will come again. Prepare . Snatch moments from our busyness. Watching for wisps of awe and wonder to show up.
Rediscover that God has chosen to dwell in us and we are invited to dwell in God.
What if – just what if – Jesus is already right here, standing silently with us, walking ahead of us, showing us we don't have to do it all? Could it be that we are called to be still, notice, listen – and then follow?
Interfaith Communities in Action and Holy Apostles invite all to the Blue Christmas service. Reception will follow.
Reminders and Announcements:

Mahalo Nui Loa for the pledges received. It is not too late. Your timely pledge will help the Vestry to plan the 2019 budget.
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In December, 7:30 Eucharist will include music.

Prayer Lists will be refreshed the first Sunday of every month. Please call the church office or speak with our pastor if you have a prayer request.

Parish Clean Up will be held on December 15th
-All are invited to help.
Please find below an outline of  pertinent events at the parish for the next month.

Monday, December 10
1:00PM Staff Meeting
4:30PM Centering Prayer- A weekly evening hour of prayer, putting one’s self in God’s presence in silence and by reading the Scriptures.

Tuesday, December 11
7:00AM Faith Leaders Meeting at Prosecutorʻs Office
8:30AM Kīlauea Hui - A response to disaster recovery. 

Wednesday, Dec. 12
1 2Noon - Noon Day Prayer
4:00PM Bible Study – Gospel of Matthew
5:30PM Holy Eucharist
6:15PM Choir Practice

Saturday, December 15
9:00AM Parish Clean-up Day

Sunday, December 16
Third Sunday of Advent
Guest Preacher: The Rev. Cn. Kate Cullinane
7:30AM Holy Eucharist with Music 
10:00AM Holy Eucharist with Music
11:30AM Vestry Meeting

Monday, December 17
1:00PM Staff Meeting
4:30PM Centering Prayer- A weekly evening hour of prayer, putting one’s self in God’s presence in silence and by reading the Scriptures.

Tuesday, December 18
8:30AM Kīlauea Hui - A response to disaster recovery. 

Wednesday, Dec. 19
1 2Noon - Noon Day Prayer
4:00PM Bible Study – Gospel of Matthew
5:30PM Holy Eucharist
6:15PM Choir Practice

Thursday, December 20
2:00PM Peanut Butter Ministry – Food Prep Team  
Hilo Methodist Church - 374 Waianuenue Avenue
4:00PM Peanut Butter Ministry – Serving Team
Hilo Methodist Church -374 Waianuenue Avenue

Friday, December 21
6:30PM Blue Christmas   -
This is a healing service designed for people who are feeling any kind of loss or longing for connection during the Christmas season.   Reception to follow

Sunday, December 23
Fourth Sunday of Advent 
Father David Glaser to celebrate and preach
7:30AM Holy Eucharist with Music 
10:00AM Holy Eucharist with Music

Monday, December 24
Christmas Eve- Bring an ornament to decorate the tree!  
Office closed 12/24 thru 1/1/19
9:00AM Altar Guild Sanctuary prep
4:00PM Family Mass with Childrenʻs Program ; joined by Full Gospel Marshallese Church; RECEPTION to follow.
10:30PM Christmas Sing-Along
11:00PM Midnight Mass

Tuesday, December 25
Christmas Mass- Bring an ornament to decorate the tree!  
Office Closed
8:00AM Holy Eucharist with Music

Wednesday, Dec. 26
Christmas observed: Office Closed. Pastor Out thru Jan. 4
All Day Fire Alarm update to begin in Preschool building.
6:15PM Choir Practice

Sunday, December 30
The First Sunday After Christmas; Father Hau’oli Tomoso to celebrate and preach  
7:30AM Holy Eucharist-Quiet Service
10:00AM Holy Eucharist with Music with Sunday School

Monday, December 31
Office Closed 

Tuesday, January 1
Office Closed

Wednesday, January 2
6:15PM Choir Practice

Sunday, January 6
The Epiphany of our Lord Jesus Chr
7:30AM Holy Eucharist -Quiet Service 
10:00AM Holy Eucharist with Music and Sunday School
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News and Events
Come and worship Noon Day Prayer on December 12th and 19th.

Poinsettia, with love:
As in the past, you will have an opportunity to remember loved ones with poinsettia. While donations are not required, they are appreciated. Cards will be available this Sunday.

Use this  Advent Calendar , for daily suggestions in engaging the seven practices that encompass the  Way of Love: Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, and Rest.

The calendar can also be used as a standalone resource-- keep at your desk or on your fridge and refer to it every day!
Bring an ornament to help decorate the tree on Christmas Eve and day.
A spotlight on service:
Update: Hale Iki Garden Ministry

Hope Services came to Keaʻau High School to conduct training with the Blue Zones Club so the high school students can work with the children at Hale Iki garden (regarding confidentiality, etc.). The club worked over the Veteran's Day holiday and the a few of the young residents worked with the high school students. They had a nice time and it was nice to see the Blue Zones Club and Hale Iki residents working together. 

Catherine is also asking her high school aged 4-H Club to donate pots, decorate them, and donate a plant to put in the pot for the residents to have at their unit and take with them when they are able to move out. She took one yesterday and the little boys at the shelter loved it so much they carried it around with them and accidentally dropped it. They were so sad when the pot cracked, so Catherine is asking her 4-H club to donate it in a plastic pot. 
Operation Christmas Child Ministry
Ninety-eight boxes were prepared to share love and aloha to children across the world. This work is representative of the sacramental love that CHA has to offer. Thank you to those who gave generously to fill these boxes.
Meals on Wheels Ministry:
Another example of CHA's commitment to serve the community, goodie bags for Seniors ages 60 or over who are home bound due to illness or disability.

We recently got a call from a recipient...

" Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the tea and snacks from Meals on Wheels. You know, Iʻm not used to it but it is very nice of did it last year too and I really wanted to thank you...this is Yamamoto...Thank you."
Kupuna Korner:

Get the most current edition of the Hawaiʻi County Office of Aging monthly report here:

December, 2018
Diocesan Bible Study to Prepare for the Presiding Bishop's Visit to the Diocese in March 2019

The Most Reverend Michael Curry, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, will be with us in the Diocese of Hawaiʻi on March 22-24, 2019. Please mark your calendars particularly for Friday (March 22), Saturday (March 23) and Sunday (March 24). More information about the visit will be forthcoming.

To prepare for the Presiding Bishop's visit, Bishop Bob invites all members of the Diocese to prepare for a time of prayer and study of Scripture.  Bishop Bob specifically want us to study and pray through the Gospel of Matthew from Monday, October 15, 2018, through Thursday, March 21, 2019. 

Centering Prayer Every Monday at 4:30pm

Be still and know that He is God

Practice Stillness (even if you don’t like silence) by Kathryn Shirey

Is the busyness of life wearing you thin? Try practicing stillness and reconnect to God with contemplative prayer, listening prayer and more.

Is your life full of noise, activity, and chaos? Do you find your schedule packed and hectic? Are you struggling to find peace, quiet, and tranquility in your life? Do you long to hear God’s voice more clearly in your life?

Most of us are living busy, hectic lives. Too often we push aside stillness and quiet, replacing them with more activity and tasks. I know there’s not much quiet in my house and at work. Yet, when I don’t take time for stillness, I begin to feel rundown, exhausted and stretched thin. I feel myself walking off in my own path, rather than walking in lock-step with God.

Stillness is essential to keep our busy lives focused on God
One of the best ways I stay connected with God is to spend time in stillness. Spending time in the Bible and in prayer are great ways to stay spiritually connected, but all too often these become tasks to complete and I fill the space with my words instead of listening for God’s. When I take time for stillness, though, I focus on not doing, not speaking, not rushing ahead. I sit still and listen. I spend time just ‘being’ with God and He renews me.

Stillness is where we step away from the busy of life and connect with God. It’s where we slow down for a few minutes and listen, truly listen for God’s voice. Stillness is how we stay focused on God’s vision for our lives and listen for His direction and guidance. Stillness is how we allow God to calm our restless hearts.
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