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November 2020 eNews
Three Extraordinary Gifts
Breton Island - Whitridge Reserve

This 12.6 acre island is located near the east coast of Quadra Island. The property contains three sensitive ecosystems: mature coniferous forest, herbaceous rocky shoreline, and shallow marine area. All three ecosystems are in a relatively natural state.

This is a bird lover’s paradise. The shallow marine area provides important habitat for sea ducks, shorebirds, seabirds, and other waterbirds.
Marsden Face – Rixen Creek

Ten families have come together to gift 80 acres in the West Kootenay, north of Nelson, to The Nature Trust of BC. Walking the property you will find an intact riparian corridor along Rixen Creek surrounded by mature Western Redcedar and Western Hemlock.

The property supports a diversity of wildlife habitats.Rainbow Trout have been seen in the creek and the land is used by a variety of wildlife species including Cougar, Bobcat, American Black Bear, Mule Deer.
Cowichan River - Gibbins Road

The Nature Trust is delighted to be receiving a donation of 36 acres of forest and riparian corridor along the Cowichan River near Duncan, on Vancouver Island.

The Cowichan River is designated as a Canadian Heritage River System because of its significant abundance and variety of fish. The shores around the Cowichan River abound with biodiversity and contain rare and endangered birds and other animals including the Vancouver Island Ermine, Roosevelt Elk, Peregrine Falcon, Band-tailed Pigeon, Barn Swallow, and Common Nighthawk.
A Choice Sunrise with the Yellow-breasted Chat
Field Notes from Conservation Youth Crew Member Alex Thomson

As a Conservation Youth Crew member with The Nature Trust of BC, I had the opportunity to join the Vaseux Lake Bird Observatory and their scientists for a day of bird banding. The Nature Trust of BC has conserved 1195 acres of habitat on the shores and bluffs surrounding Vaseux Lake, which is a haven for migratory birds, and an important breeding area for Bighorn Sheep.
An Update on our 2020 Priority Projects
We are in the final stages of closing two of our 2020 priority projects: the Salmon River Estuary–Tidal Slough, and the PrincetonGrasslands–Phase II.

 The 35-acre Salmon River Estuary – Tidal Slough will be added to the Salmon River Estuary Complex on Vancouver Island, providing vital habitat for Pacific Salmon, migratory birds, and iconic wildlife.

 The 963-acre Princeton Grasslands Phase II is the second acquisition of our three-phase grassland project in the Similkameen Valley, providing critical habitat to many vulnerable bird species and winter range for Mule Deer.

 We will have a full report on these projects in Spring 2021.
In the meantime, click the project links above for virtual tours of these amazing properties.
Thank you to everyone who is helping with this important work. 
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