It is the season of gratitude, and in Weld RE-5J, we have much to be thankful for.

Parents who value the Weld RE-5J experience
At our first ever Parent Advisory Committee meeting in October, parents from across the district shared what they value about our schools. They mentioned our amazing teachers and welcoming staff, the character-building experiences we provide, and the positive and caring relationships between staff and students. In addition, they shared their appreciation of the diverse range of activities we offer, including college-level courses and clubs.

Their Roughrider pride was clear! Those who participated in the first Parent Advisory Committee not only represented their own families but also countless others in our community who care deeply about their children’s educational experiences. We are grateful for the trust you put in us every day.

On November 13 at 7pm at the Admi nistration Building ( 110 Centennial Dr A, Milliken), I will be hosting another Parent Advisory Committee meeting for parents whose students are on an IEP and/or involved with a 504 process (now or in the past). I hope to gain insights into their experiences in obtaining services for their children. If you are interested in joining this group, please complete this form.

Teachers who are invested in continuous improvement 
The education field is often criticized for failing to provide teachers with the feedback, support, and coaching they deserve. Since starting in my role this summer, I have seen a tremendous appetite for growth opportunities among our teachers. In response, the district’s administrative team is training on how to recognize effective teaching traits such as instructional learning formats, content understanding, and analysis and inquiry. As a team, we are currently conducting practice observations in classrooms across the district. We know that if we can better (and more quickly) observe teachers, they will receive more direct coaching and feedback, which will foster their continuous improvement. 

We will have conducted observations in every school (including Knowledge Quest Academy) by mid-February 2019. We are grateful for the unique, positive, and engaging student-focused environments we have seen in classrooms thus far. These experiences are teaching us, in real time, how to provide better coaching and support to our teachers.

A community that welcomes a new vision for Weld RE-5J 
Throughout the school year, we will embark on an inclusive process to define an instructional vision for each school and for our district as a whole. I am excited about engaging our students, families, employees, and community in this process. Together, we will answer the following questions: 
  • How do our students learn best?
  • What instructional techniques align with how our students learn best?
  • What types of support do our students need to achieve their potential?

The process of defining an instructional vision will be rooted in the belief that we must keep the bar high for our students. It is also critical that every employee in Weld RE-5J shares the belief that we can positively influence outcomes for all our students.

I am grateful, in advance, for all the work that I know will go into defining new visions for our schools and the district. The vision will make us all—students, families, teachers and staff, and the community—a stronger team in our efforts to ensure that wonderful things happen for our students each and every day!

On behalf of the school district, I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

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