Teen and Young Adult Group Programs
are LIVE at Insight Counseling!

If you are seeking a more effective and structured program for your child we have two programs designed to treat anxiety, depression, mood disorders, and all types of compulsive behaviors (i.e. alcohol and other drug use, gambling, overuse of screens, and gaming, etc.) You and your child will receive personalized care, continuous support, and communication until your teen's functioning is restored.

We can coordinate the clinical work in our group programs with referring therapists to ensure a 'team' approach. Our therapists are gifted at engaging teens and young adults who are resistant and angry about receiving care.

"We are so grateful to the team at Insight for helping our son after he was hospitalized for depression. We were cared for as a family and given the tools we needed to be there for him. He has hope now, thank you again."

"After a long trip through the treatment system with our 21 year old daughter we were so grateful to come to Insight. Imagine a therapist who calls and texts back right away in a crisis! We have grown as a family as well, learning to "Let go" and focus on our own issues and needs as well as our daughter's illness. Thank you all!"