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Dear EE client, 

Can you feel it? Fall is definitely in the air! In celebration of this new season we've renewed and revamped our newsletter, which will now be brought to you in an expanded version each quarter. 

That's four newsletters each year jam-packed with information, new services, and new deals just for you!

We hope you'll enjoy our tips on breaking in some new routines for this season, as well as some exciting new services. 

We're also doing a bit of housecleaning in the spa, and have some fantastic deals, with many products now offered at 25% off.

Be on the look out for our new website that should be launched shortly! It will include information from our newsletters, vendors and artists, events, services, blogs, and shopping cart!!

Happy Fall! Enjoy settling into the new season and letting go all that doesn't serve you...just like the trees, letting go of the leaves to prepare for their next stage in life. Blessings!

What are you Doing with the New You?

Fall is a new season, and there is a new you in town. Whether the differences are subtle or dramatic, you are different than you were before the long days of summer, and certainly different than last year at this time. This is a time of change, both outside and in. What are you doing with this new you?  

In this season's newsletter we'll be exploring the idea of recreating your fall rituals and adding new ones, both at home and at the spa.

Enjoy this season of renewal!
Spa Membership

Essential Elements Membership Program

What better way to take care of yourself than by ge tting a monthly massage or facial or aromatouch at reduced prices?
When you become an Essential Elements member you are making  a 12-month commitment to yourself. 
The benefits far outweigh the costs, and include 
  • Your choice of a monthly service (Massage, Facial or AromaTouch)
  • 25% off of your second service that month;
  • Complimentary monthly spa add-ons, 
  • Loyalty reward points;
  • A  annual award good towards another service, products, or as a gift to a loved one;, and
  • Exclusive discounts for members only.


Member Spotlight: Shannon Maciel

 Shannon Maciel, Essential Spa Member

Shannon Maciel is a busy woman. A mom of two (both boys, ages 12 and 13) she works full time as a manager at Redwood Capital Bank. She has been married to her husband for 16 years, and volunteers as a Board Member for the McKinleyville Chamber of Commerce, Shannon spends as much time as she can with her sons, one of whom is autistic.

Shannon became a member this summer, after a grueling nine months fighting (and winning) her own personal war against her thyroid cancer.

"The first time I met with Stephanie her thoroughness struck me right away," Shannon said. "I really think she is interested in my health and well being. And she is hands-down the best masseuse I have ever experienced."

Shannon is hooked on Stephanie's hot stone massages, and has one at least once a month. She also takes advantage of the specials promoted for members, like with this month's Product of the Month. 

"All of the staff is genuinely friendly and helpful," she said. "I'm glad I found the spa. I'm at a point in my life where i need to focus on getting healthier, and the spa and the people who work there are helping me do just that." 
 The Ritual of Setting Intention

Create your Life with Intention:
What are your Goals for Today?

One ritual you can add this fall is to set your daily intention.

 Many spiritual disciplines believe that everything that happens begins with intention, whether its deciding what to wear, writing an essay, or changing something significant about your life.  Meditation is often the best way to get very clear about intention.  But you can also just take a few moments to breathe deeply  and clearly state your goals for the day. 

You'll have the most success if you can:

Be clear and positive. Instead of saying "I won't get angry today," say something like: "I will use my breath to stay calm if someone tailgates me today;" and
Be gentle with yourself.  If you fail to act like you wanted to, set an intention to succeed and try again. 
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The Ritual of Quiet Time
Take Some Time to just Be.

It's easy to be distracted and think of everything but one very important person - yourself. 

Take 15-20 minutes each day and just spend time with yourself, without distractions.
Tobacco Cessation Course
This is a 6 week course taught by Amelia Mosher, BA, Health Educator Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TSS) to help support people who want to commit to their wellness and stop smoking. 

$150 includes:
-Guidance according to CDC Clinical Practice Guidelines for Best Practice
-Introduction & samples of CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) Essential Oils for    managing symptoms of withdrawal
-Full Spectrum Sauna session upon enrollment (a $35 value)
-Register and enter for a chance to win an Aromatouch Therapy Session

This class is every Wednesday from 5pm to 6pm 10/12/16 through 11/23/16

Space is limited! Please contact Essential Elements to sign up or Amelia Mosher for questions, (707) 672-2909.
The Ritual of Mindful Meditation
There is a difference between Transcend ental Meditation (the kind many of us are familiar with) and Mindful Meditation. 

Mindful Meditation is a focus on the present moment. 
Transcendental Mediation is the practice of trying to transcend this moment. 

Here are two examples of Mindful Meditation:

1. Breathing into the moment. Use this practice if you are stressed or anxious. Use slow measured breaths (for about three minutes) to really be aware of your feelings. The breath will keep you calm, and the practice is likely to help you get a better handle on the way you feel about the situation.  

2. Movement meditation. This can be yoga, tai chi, or another mind-body exercise. It can also be employed when you're walking. The practice is to be aware of your bodily sensations, your breathing, and your thoughts. 
New Skin Care Service - Refresh Your Neck and Decolletage
Neck and Decolletage Peel 
 Aging doesn't stop at the face so why should your treatments?

This treatment combines the most innovative treatments to erase wrinkles, pigmentation, and tighten loose skin.

This new service is 60 minutes priced at $90.
New Skin Care Services for the Face and Body
We are excited to add products from Farmhouse Fresh, a women-owned company, to our skincare services. FarmHouse fresh products are paraben and sulfate free.
 We think you'll enjoy the following two specials chosen especially for Humboldt County in this season of renewal. 
Honey Wine Resveratrol Recovery Facial  
This invigorating treatment begins with a rinse including a green tea and coconut milk wash and an exfoliating shea butter scrub. Then, your freshly cleansed complexion is treated to a raw honey, yogurt and oats face mask designed to soothe and clarify. 
Our esthetician then washes your face with a peak antioxidant, wine-infused serum proven t reduce pore size and fine lines. Then three milk ageless moisturizer provides the perfect hydration, backed with wrinkle performance peptides that feel instantly firming. And we top it off with an application of advanced peptide Crow Catcher eye serum that smoothes fine lines.
Coming in September...
Seasonal Facial $100, 60 minutes 
  Wine-Poached Pear Stress Reduction 
Body Treatment

Delight in this rejuvenating treatment that includes fruit, brandy, and wine! 

Feel your worries drift away with a refreshing Citrus Cilantro Oil soak that awakens and refreshes your senses with the scent of fresh snipped cilantro. 
Next, a sea salt and pear-infused brandy body polish takes skin from gloomy to glorious, leaving you awash in ripe pear notes and glistening softness. 
A potent antioxidant Wine Down Serum is painted over you-it's loaded with resveratrol from winery grapes, rich with restorative fruit and vegetable compounds that help skin reverse free radical damage. 
Finally, you'll rediscover your spice for life with a Ginger Sorbet Body Milk application, with all-natural ginger and grapefruit notes for an uplifting finish.

Body Treatment $90, 60 minutes 
The Ritual of Affirmations

Cultivate a Positive Point of View with 
Daily Affirmations

The way we talk to ourselves has a profound influence on how we see our world, how we feel, and how our lives unfold. Affirmations can empower you and fill you with a sense of well being. 
Daily affirmations can help refocus you throughout the day, especially whenever you notice that you are rushing or having anxious thoughts. Here are some examples: 
I have all the time in the world. I always have plenty of time.
This moment is exactly as it should be.
I follow my own rhythm and my mind is at peace.  
Creating a Spa-like Experience at Home
Three ways you can create your 
own spa-like experience at home: 

1. Treat your face with a hot towel
Your morning and night time facial care routines will get a wonderful boost with this simple idea: Prepare washcloths or hand cloths by soaking them in hot water and wringing them out until just slightly damp. Soak the towels in hot water, then wring them out until they're just slightly damp. When you are finished rinsing off, apply the now-warm, clean towel and slowly breathe. 
2. Change the temperature.

Even those few minutes you spend under the shower spray every day can become more like a full-body treatment, simply by changing the temperature of the water. "Experiment by switching from hot to cold. This is good for the skin and helps improve blood flow" 
3. Set the atmosphere

Light some candles. Choose a scent you love. Play soft instrumental music. Bring in your softest towels. Make a cool cucumber water drink. 
Boutique Deals:
   Our Boutique is bursting with awesome products!
Six Product Lines - each 25% off!
We're making room for new product and have deals for you on many of our boutique goods:
Hay House Books
All Exercise Gear
Mattole Valley Naturals Greens & Proteins 
Inspiration Ware Mugs and Journals
Shebobo Totes and Hats
Diane's Sweet Heat Jams
I hope you can take advantage of some of our specials this month. Also, remember to check out our boutique, and let us know of any new local artists whose wares we might offer for sale!


Stephanie Pearlston
Essential Elements Wellness Spa & Sauna