Aug. 5, 2019

Dear Fellow Cruisers,

Please join us on The Secret Cruise with the world-famous Joe Vitale as we travel into a metaphysical/spiritual realm. It will be exciting, relaxing, intriguing and adventurous as we meet new friends and expand our horizons.
In order to register for
The Secret Cruise go to:
To find where to sign up on the website:
  • If viewing on a computer, all the tabs are at the top of the site, click on PRICING/BOOKING
  • If viewing on your phone, click on the 3 little lines at the top right of the site and then click on PRICING/BOOKING
Then fill out the Booking Form and at the very bottom in the comment section under "Please note special requests", type in that box that YOU ARE A PART OF ASHTARA'S GROUP.

And, if you have other comments, put them there as well.

After you do that, if you will also send me an email to or call my office at 512-278-0559 and let me know that you have registered I would appreciate it. There are so many people coming that if you don't let my office know, I am not sure I will find out who is going and who I am traveling with, so, thank you.

If you have questions regarding the cruise in general, flights, transportation, logistics etc., please call Cynthia at 832-298-9898. If unavailable, call Co-Producer Eric at 512-658-5163.
On the website, you can also, click on THE SHIP and watch the beautiful video of the entire ship which is known as the Rolls Royce of all ships!

You can also click on SCHEDULE and see the exciting things that we will be doing on the Cruise.

This is going to be a magnificent journey for all of us filled with enlightenment, transformation and new awakenings for everyone.

Looking forward to a magical, mystical & metaphysical adventure!

Let's Cruise Together,
Let us make this a momentous occasion that we will always remember.
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