OCTOBER NEWS: The Secret Sauce of Nonprofit Sustainability Revealed!
A Big Announcement
From Our Founder :

As many of you know, Iโ€™ve been pounding the pavement for the last few years looking for conferences willing to lend me a soapbox so that we can bring responsible financial stewardship into the national nonprofit conversation. Found one!

Iโ€™m excited to announce that I have been invited to be a keynote speaker next year at Cause Camp , hosted by Nonprofit Hub . Cause Camp was named by Forbes as a must-attend nonprofit conference, so we are stoked to participate!

My presentation is called Count Less - Measure More. I'm on a mission to disrupt the dynamic that nonprofit leaders spend 90% of their time chasing funding and only 10% off their time analyzing how they leverage those hard-fought dollars. What you do after the money comes in is the true secret sauce in sustainability.

The conference is April 20-21 in Lincoln, Nebraska. If you can't make it to the cornhusker state, they also offer a live stream on the website. Early registration is now open .

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