The Secret to Reusing Content

Have you ever wondered how some people create content on a regular basis always having something to say or share on social media? There are a couple thoughts to creating content, one side says don’t create but curate by sharing other people’s content onto your profiles. The other side says create your own content and share that with your audience. Both sides are correct but really it comes down to your audience and the platform you are on. I like to use a mix of both on my profiles. Platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter are good for curating content as there are many experts and information on the platform with good information that can be passed on freely. Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are platforms that perform better when you produce your own content to post. So what type of content should you post?

As far as specific content type that will depend on your audience and the reason you are engaging on the platform. When creating content I like to create evergreen content that can be shared many times but share it timely on social media. Many people do the opposite and create content on a specific situation but then it can only be used once. “Evergreen” content is content that does not revolve around a specific date. It can be applied at any time by the reader and is always timely.

Timely content as I call it is content for a specific issue and may not be relevant at a later date. If all of your content is time specific you will be forced to create a lot of content and it may not be relevant long enough to get you the traction you need.

For example:

How to ride a bicycle - This article could apply at anytime for anyone wanting to learn to ride a bicycle. Good evergreen content

How to ride a bicycle in 2020 during Covid-19 - Timely content that may not be relevant to be shared after 2020. Good timely content.
I explain it more in the video below.


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How to Make Your Evergreen Content Timely
App of The Day
I don’t use anything special for creating content. Pages (Mac) or Word (PC) for writing articles, graphic programs for images like Photoshop and video apps or your camera for visual content. What I do is write my articles in my writing editor and then copy and paste that content into social media. This allows you to use the original work again for something else.
Writing Apps
Pages - Apple (CA)

From the start, Pages places you in the perfect creative environment. It puts all the right tools in all the right places, so it's easy to choose a look, customize fonts, personalize text styles and add beautiful graphics. And everyone...

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Microsoft Word with a Microsoft 365 subscription is the latest version of Word. Previous versions include Word 2016, Word 2013, Word 2010 , Word 2007 , and Word 2003. iTunes, iPhone, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in ...

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So I hope that helps you create content that can be shared after the day it was created allowing you to build your audience by sharing it over and over again.

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