Document Data Solutions customers are raving about our FS-1200 print head, now with optional Auto-Clean. The print bar is available in widths from 1.7 inches to 27 inches, but the most popular choice is the 17 inch model. It’s easy to see why printers are so enamored with this particular print width–it’s perfect for imaging 2-up 8 ½ by 11 or A4 pages.

With no stitching, the iDataPrint™ FS-1200 featuring FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc. SAMBA® technology creates flawless, no hassle images at a reasonable cost. Low running costs, and near instant start/stop are popular features for this print head, capable of running at up to 1000 feet per minute.
Cost Savings
Low ownership cost is a recurring theme among FS-1200 buyers. Print companies save money by adding these units because they leverage their investments in existing web presses and finishing equipment. Buyers of the print module don’t pay click charges and they love the flexibility in choosing their ink formulation, based on their substrate, from several available from DDS. Selectable ink drop size, resulting in low running costs compared to other inkjet modules on the market, is also a popular feature. Unlike competing print heads, the iDataPrint™ FS-1200 never needs refurbishing, saving even more money over time.

Some FS-1200 buyers retrofit their existing inkjet towers. DDS helps them repurpose their existing components, saving them time and money. When companies prefer to perform the modifications themselves, we provide technical recommendations and an FS-1200 Web Tower Print Module Rail Assembly that clients customize to fit their applications.
New Feature – Auto-Clean!
As everyone knows, cleaning print heads is necessary to maintain efficiency and print quality. Cleaning them by hand can be risky. Wiping the print heads can cause accidental damage that will disable the unit. Until now, operators had no other way to perform this necessary maintenance task.

DDS is proud to announce an optional automatic cleaning function for the FS-1200. With this feature, print operators just press a button. The FS-1200 will automatically raise the unit, moisten the bottom of the print head, vacuum debris to a waste container, and return the equipment to print-ready condition. It couldn’t be easier