Friends of the Library Book Sale

 Join the Friends of the Somerville Public Library for our massive 5-day marathon of a book sale! Whether you're after chemistry or children's books, fiction or foreign languages, romance or recipes (plus DVDs, CDs, and audiobooks!), we've got you covered. 
Alterspace at SPL 

April 17 through May 17, Central Library

Alterspace is a prototype created by two groups at Harvard (metaLAB and Library Innovation Lab) that was built to give library patrons more control over their environment. Not everyone studies, reads, or relaxes in the same way, and Alterspace is an attempt to allow people to create their ideal environment.The app available in the quiet study room is a work-in-progress, and we need your feedback! 
Upcoming Programs and Announcements

Wednesday, May 15 at 6:30 PM, Central Library Auditorium

 Preservation Planner Kristi Chase and Reference Librarian Kevin O'Kelly will discuss the different resources that can help you research the histories of your house and family. Limited space available!  To reserve a seat, please email Kristi at

If you have any questions or want to learn more about ESL, please contact Brigid at or 617-623-5000 ex 2935.
Tuesday, May 21, Somerville Media Center at 90 Union Square

Somerville Local History Librarian Kevin O'Kelly will teach a gentle introduction to genealogical research, focusing on essential resources, common pitfalls and the revealing glimpses historical records provide of past societies.
May Book Recommendations
Adult Recommendations 

Here are the newest and most popular books that we're excited to read this spring! Special thanks to Alison from West and Heidi, Lilly, and Melinda from Central.

This novel follows several generations of a family and their candlepin bowling alley and is set in a fictional town based on Somerville.
Recommended by Alison
 Beautifully written about Michelle's childhood in the South-side of Chicago and her early years. 

Recommended by Heidi

Spooky, absurd, yet hyper-realistic, these short stories will stay with you long past the last pages. Fans of Black Mirror will especially enjoy.
Recommended by Melinda
Seemingly unconnected storylines weave themselves together in this atmospheric ghost story. Fans of old houses, the Victorian Era and unsolved mysteries will enjoy Morton's latest novel! 
Recommended by Lilly 

Still looking for more? See the Staff Picks page! 
YA (Young Adult) Recommendations

This issue's YA recommendations come from Karen and Melinda of Central Library.

Every Friday night, best friends Josie and Delia have hosted their own cable access horror movie show, Midnite Matinee, as their alter egos Rayne Ravenscroft and Delilah Darkwood. But senior year brings tough decisions to make about their dreams and their futures.
Recommended by Karen

An important #ownvoices narrative about teenager Martin searching for and uncovering the truth about his twin's disappearance. 

Recommended by Melinda

Children's Recommendations

This issue's recommendations come courtesy of Alison at West Branch and Karen and AnnaMarie of Central.
An instant Storytime classic, this picture  book  suggests ways to feel better when you just feel MAD (spoiler: maybe Bear just needs a nap and a snack).

Recommended by Alison
Little Women in graphic form, adapted for the 21st century.

Recommended by Alison
Starting a new school is hard. For Jordan Banks, starting as one of the few kids of color in seventh grade at an exclusive -- and predominately white -- private school is complicated by privilege and microaggression. Highly recommended graphic novel.
Recommended by Karen 

When Sunny St James receives a new heart, she decides to set off on a new life plan. 
1. Do some awesome amazing things she could never do before. 2. Find a new best friend. 3. Find a boy and kiss him. 
When Sunny meets her new best friend Quinn, she questions where she really wants to kiss a boy or not. 

Recommended by AnnaMarie
 What's Happening at Assembly Square?!
An Interview with Erica Jones of Somerville Media Center
 Okay, so  what's happening down at Assembly Row?

The Somerville Media Center is excited to launch a pop up community arts and media space at Assembly Row from May 9 to August 31. We're excited to be given the opportunity from the manager, FRIT (Federal Realty Investment Trust). This came out of a collaboration of the past two years. SMC saw the opportunity to activate Assembly Row, to have a community energy and presence for creative, communal, and performance events to take place. We have curated a whole selection of programming.

This location is in a space with a lot of really cool history about Somerville. How do you think VOX Pop will make its mark in history?

SMC is the main organizer but we're really excited to invite community members and partners for meaningful events. We hope the engagement impact for Assembly Row is that people will learn more about these partners in the community. I see it as an engagement and educational opportunity. Especially with partnering with the Somerville Public Library, there's going to be a whole new market of people to learn about library resources, storytime events that will be happening, etc. It's going to be the whole new energy for people living at Assembly Row, and this will hopefully ignite a longer term collaboration.

How do you see Somervillians using this space?

There are multiple ways that people can come and take advantage of what's happening or even be a part of the show. Storytime, movie nights, live podcasts, author talks, art galleries! People can really be a part of the production process, whether it's participating in a comedy or podcast. We hope that Somerville can come by and see the space and feel inspired and energized. It will be open four days a week with limited hours.

Lastly, what are you most excited about with this space?

SMC is most excited about all the good stuff over the last 40 years that we've done is coming together to create this nice component of the work we've been doing for the community. I'm excited to think outside the box with how to use the VOX Pop space given its interior and design. We are happy to expand on our great existing relationship with the library, and especially excited about the Somerville Public Library Pajama Storytime.

Hours of Operation for Vox Pop:
Mondays : 4 to 7 pm
Wednesdays: 5 to 8 pm
Thursdays: 6 to 9 pm
Saturdays: 10 am to 1 pm
Additional events to be held outside those hours

The Library's first event at Vox Pop will be on Wednesday, May 8 at 6:30 pm. Bring your little ones in their jammies for Pajama Storytime!
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