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Newsletter #2
September, 2013
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Spotlight on the Freedom Forum
You can find the Homeschoolers Supporting Each Other as well as other interest groups located in the Freedom Forum inside Christian Women Affiliate.
Did you know that I'm a homeschooling Mommy? I have four children and I recently started my eighth year of homeschooling! 
Teaching my children at home has been a wonderful experience for me, but I haven't done it alone. I've found groups all over the internet and locally to support me. 
The members of Homeschoolers Supporting Each Other want to invite you to join us. Lean on us. Share with us. Let's learn together.  Come join us.
Hover over the Freedom Forum Tab and select Groups. You will see 68 interest groups available. Find the one that meets your need and request to join. Fellowship is key in CWA. 
Come find your place!
Meet Author, Yolanda Shanks
Allow me to introduce Yolanda Shanks, author of

I had the honor of interviewing her. 

Since her last book was A Cause to Be Thankful, I began by asking what she believes is the biggest challenge to a thankful attitude.  
Yolanda: I believe the biggest challenge to a thankful attitude is self. We must first step out of the limelight.  It's all about being properly positioned. The position that I am speaking of is the position of humility before God. When we accept the fact that we do not dictate things such as waking up and breathing, we are on the right course of recognizing that it is because of God's great love and compassion that we are not utterly consumed. A Character of humility causes us to rightfully acknowledge Him as our Cause to Be Thankful! 
What were your goals while writing the books in the Deliberately Living Life Devotional and the Destined To Live, Despite Me Series?
Yolanda: My goal first and foremost is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who do not know Him, and secondly to encourage the Body of Christ to run this race deliberately with joy, which comes from applying God's Word into our everyday lives. 
How has writing helped you personally? 
Yolanda: Writing has always been an outlet for me, it allows me to purge my thoughts, goals, dreams, and desires in a literary format for my later review. Upon that review, I then search the Word of God, to determine if my thoughts are lining up with His Word in order that I may live in a pleasing manner before Him. It is upon this self inventory that God has allowed me to perform the inductive bible study method of Observation, Interpretation, and Application, which then is transformed into the "Not Just a Hearer, but A DOER" - 31 days devotionals books. I am truly humbled when I consider the grand privilege granted to me by God to share His Word in such a format!
What is the greatest take-away for your readers? Is there a scripture or a point that you hope really sticks with them? 
Yolanda: The greatest take-away I would like my readers to remember is that it is not merely enough to routinely hear the Word of God without deliberately applying it personally to their daily lives. 
Think of it this way: If you were diagnosed with a deadly illness, and then given the cure in a bottle; would you choose to walk around with the bottle in your hands to simply show others that you have it or would you follow the instructions on the label and administer the cure to yourself first, and then share it with others? Exactly, the latter! So I encourage my readers to choose today, to Deliberately Live Life for God!
James 1:22 says " but be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. " (NKJ)

Thank you Yolanda for visiting with us and sharing your thoughtful answers. 
Reviews of Not Just A Hearer But A Doer have been posted by members of The CWA Review Crew. You can read their reviews here.

Join the CWA Review Crew and find this and other great items available for review. Are you an author or creator? Submit your book, product, app or resource for review.


Meet Radio Host, Rita Schulte

Rita Schulte is a licensed professional board certified counselor with a private practice with offices in Fairfax and Manassas, Virginia. She specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, anxiety and depressive disorders as well as bereavement. Rita leads a monthly group for women of domestic violence with Luthern Social Services and is certified in Critical Incident Stress Management.

Rita also has a degree in interior design. She enjoys painting in watercolors and spent time showing her work in a local art gallery. 

Rita Schulte is a licensed professional counselor, author and host of Heartline podcast and a l min devotional, 
Her shows air on 90.5 FM in NC and 90.9 FM in Lynchburg, Va. Rita writes columns, blogs, and magazine articles.
 Follow her at

Rita's show, Heartline, airs on CWA Radio every Tuesday morning at 9AM EST.

Visit the CWA Radio Network to listen live or call in to chat with the host. Missed the show? Catch up on our archives site

Do you have a message to share?  Apply to host.


Break Out! by Evonne Mandella

Then shalt thou prosper, if thou takest heed to fulfill the statutes and judgments which the LORD charged Moses with concerning Israel: be strong, and of good courage; dread not, nor be dismayed. 

                               ~1 Chronicles 22:13 (KJV)
Do you want to prosper? Be of good courage? Dread not? Let's look into the Word of God to see how we can do just that!
The word for prosper in Hebrew is tsaw-lakh', which can mean break out. I love that! That means we can believe that we truly can break out of the binds that have been holding us down! We all seem to struggle with areas that can hold us back. The truth is that the enemy is a roaring lion threatening to attack us. Sometimes we just feel like prey waiting for the lion to come have us for dinner. But this verse is telling us that we can break out of the devil's trap! We will prosper! We will tsaw-lakh!
How do we do this? We do this by fulfilling God's law by becoming righteous through Jesus Christ. Through Him alone, we can be strong! The Hebrew word for strong here is
khaw-zak'. Interestingly khaw-zak' can mean fortify.
Have you ever seen old television shows of the early West of America? Do you remember what they would do if an enemy were to attack? If an adversary drew near, an alarm would sound. All the townsfolk would quickly gather at the fort. The women would load the rifles. The men would fortify themselves against the fort walls. Once the doors were closed, no one would dare to come close unless they were on the fort community's side.
They seemed to be made of some super tough stuff back then. Like all humankind, they would have had the temptation to worry, to dread, and to be dismayed. However, they knew that if they did not stand strong together, they would all fall apart. Their fort would be overrun by the enemy. This could not be! They were on a mission. They were forging new territory. Creating good homes. They had a call to be mothers, fathers, and soldiers in this new country.
You too have a call! This year-fortify! Fortify your home and your walls. Be strong, standing on the promises of God. Throw away the dread. Throw away the dismay. Believe God's Word. Trust in Christ for all your needs. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you! As the enemies ran from the protected fort, to avoid disaster you too will make a way through the enemy lines.
Fortified in the Lord, you can then open the doors to your heart and walk in freedom! You will tsaw-lakh, break out, of the enemy's flimsy binds. Like those fiery frontier ladies, you will soldier on to victory!
Thank you for reading Information Inspiration.  I pray you have a blessed September.

Heather Randall
Christian Women Affiliate LLC
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