Volume 7 / Issue 9 | September 2020
The Apologetics Newsletter
of the Missouri Baptist Convention
In this issue: New book casts doubt on Joseph Smith's alleged visions ... What it means to be regenerated ... Meet Missouri Baptist defenders of the faith ... and more!
New book casts doubt on Joseph Smith's alleged visions
If Christians believe the risen Jesus appeared to the apostle Paul on the road to Damascus, why shouldn't they accept Joseph Smith's claim that this same Jesus appeared to him in New England in 1820? Robert M. Bowman tackles this question in his new book, Jesus' Resurrection and Joseph's Visions: Examining the Foundations of Christianity and Mormonism.

The Father is God
If we fail to properly understand the teachings of Scripture about God the Father and His relationship with the other members of the Trinity, then the biblical doctrines of creation, redemption, and restoration suffer as well.

What does it mean to be regenerated?
Regeneration is the work of the Holy Spirit that brings a sinner from spiritual death into spiritual life. While Christians may disagree about such issues as the relationship between regeneration and baptism, or whether regeneration precedes faith, it is biblically faithful for a follower of Jesus to say, “I am regenerated.”

Meet Missouri Baptist defenders of the faith
Did you know there are nearly two dozen Missouri Baptist pastors and lay leaders available to help you and your church be better equipped to defend the Christian faith? The Missouri Baptist Apologetics Network is organized for just that purpose.

Seven promises in Revelation 22 - part 2
There are at least seven promises given to us in Revelation 22 that confirm Jesus’ victory over Satan, sin, and death. These promises also assure us that all the effects of the Fall are reversed in Christ’s finished work and the salvation He has provided for us by grace through faith. Excerpted from The Searcher's Guide to the Apocalypse.

Jesus Before Bethlehem
High Street Press, the publishing imprint of the Missouri Baptist Convention, offers a new resource for personal or group study: Jesus Before Bethlehem: What Every Christian Should Know About the Angel of the LORD. This 335-page resource explores dozens of Old Testament Christophanies, or appearances of the preincarnate Christ. Written for pastors and laypersons, the study is designed to show how the eternal Son of God has always taken a personal interest in those He created to be His imagers on earth.

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