This Sunday’s Gospel • Matthew 13:24-30,36-43
Jesus put before the crowd another parable: “The kingdom of heaven may be compared to someone who sowed good seed in his field...[ continue reading ]. Lectionary scriptures are from the New Revised Standard Version Bible.  Note: We will continue with virtual worship this Sunday, July 19.
Please use clergy cell phones during this time of COVID for emergencies. 
While we do check our voicemail in the office there are certainly delays with that kind of communication. 
Online Worship Services - Update from Discernment Committee
Each week the church posts a complete worship service on YouTube , which is accessible both from the home page of the website or any tablet or smartphone. Internet access an issue? Contact church staff so you can be added to a list for weekly sermon mailings. If you subscribe to the GHTC YouTube channel you can automatically receive an update when a new service is available. To stay up-to-date, be sure to like and follow the church on Facebook .

This past Sunday, July 12, we received an update from the discernment committee. You can watch their video here .
Online Services Feedback
When do you worship? Some people prefer tuning in on Sunday morning; others on Sunday evening or even Monday or Tuesday. Since the coronavirus has impacted our in-person worship we have been creating online worship services, complete with hymns, prayers, a children’s homily and more. We want your feedback! Drop an email to Bill Queen or Kim Reinholz .
When Will We Regather for Worship?
As churches around the country and those locally of other denominations are regathering for worship, we are continuing to see that church services are one of the largest vectors for the spread of Covid-19. Following our diocesan guidelines, which aim to protect the most vulnerable among us, Richmond has not yet met the required safety metrics of sustained reduction in infections and deaths, so we do not have a date for regathering for worship or other activities. Staff are only allowed in our building for necessary functions. When it will be possible to regather, strict safety restrictions will result in worship that will not look or feel like what we have been used to. Your staff and Vestry are reviewing the guidelines and are assessing, thoughtfully and prayerfully, how and when it will be safe for us to regather. We will keep you updated.
Hello Spirited Sisters!
The next Zoom call will be held on Monday, July 20 at 5:30 p.m. Let Cathy Saunders know if you plan to join! Mary Ann Blankenship will host the meeting.
Prelude for GHTC July 19, 2020 Service of Healing
Many Thousand Gone , Op. 59, No. 17
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (1875-1912), Composer
Hope Armstrong Erb, Pianist

"Samuel Coleridge-Taylor was an English composer and conductor whose music reflects and combines the influences of the musical family of his English mother and the African American heritage of his father who was a prominent medical doctor in West Africa. Coleridge-Taylor studied composition at the Royal College of Music with Charles Villiers Stanford, a noted composer of Anglican choral music. The collection of Twenty-four Negro Melodies for solo piano composed in 1905 are shining examples of the merging of these cultural influences.

Many Thousand Gone (No More Auction Block) is a traditional African American Spiritual which gives voice to the hope for freedom and the relief in being freed from the bondage of slavery. I chose this as a prelude for this Sunday's service as a requiem to the many thousand gone , particularly those who have died now during this time of sweeping global disease, social injustice, and political discord. It is offered as a prayer that we all be freed from whatever personal slavery we experience that separates us from the love of God and from each other. Finally, this melody is similar to another traditional spiritual 'We Shall Overcome' which expresses the hope and determination that we will someday walk hand in hand to live in peace." – Hope Armstrong Erb
GHTC Summer Music Camp - Week 2
This week we are making watercolor xylophones . Consider the multicolored coat of Joseph. In scripture we hear the story of how Joseph was the youngest son of his father, was born when his father was old, and how his father loves him very much. For this reason his father made him a beautiful, many-colored coat as a gift, but his brothers were jealous of him. They took his coat and treated him very badly, even selling him into slavery. But through all of this God never abandoned Joseph. God never abandons us either, and even if that can be hard to remember the many colors of the world (including in our xylophones!) can remind us of God’s beautiful love for us. Just like the coat was a reminder of Joseph’s father’s love for him.
Christian Agape Meal Liturgy
Longstanding Jewish traditions involve families worshipping together in their homes weekly, every Sabbath evening. An Episcopal church has made available a similar option for a Christian Agape Meal liturgy that you may wish to try in your home. Check it out here . Contact Bill , Kim , or Aaron is you want to talk through the theology or practical application of such a meal.
Thank You to our Generous Book Donors!
We have been able to provide some escape to our guests at Red Door with the great books. If you are still going through your library, get in touch with Aisha Huertas to arrange a pick up.
VCU Common Book
The VCU All University book this year is One Person, One Vote.  If you would like to be part of a book discussion or zoom call about the book contact Kim .
Prayer Tips
If you are seeking to strengthen your prayer life during the pandemic, check out these prayer tips . You can find your church friends through the website's member center , complete with photos, phone numbers and contact information.
Planning Ahead During the Pandemic
Over the last few months, the church has received several requests for help in funeral planning. You can find helpful documents  online  to guide you, which includes scripture references. There is also information on the  Columbarium . In case of sudden illness or death it is helpful to have your paperwork in order for this essential act of faith. You can contact the clergy if you need help. If you would like to leave legacy to the church then you can use our online resources to start the process.
Red Door T-Shirt Sales Continue
We only have 2 weeks left to order your Red Door Shirts.  You know that with being at home you are wearing more t-shirts wouldn’t a new one with a meaning behind it be nice?  $10.00 per shirt goes towards 5 meals!  Its an amazing price with a purpose.