This Sunday’s Gospel • John 17:1-11
Jesus looked up to heaven and said, “Father, the hour has come; glorify your Son so that the Son may glorify you, since you have given him authority over all people, to give eternal life to all whom you have given him...[ continue reading ]. Lectionary scriptures are from the New Revised Standard Version Bible. Note: We will continue with virtual worship this Sunday, May 24.
Worship Services
Did you miss a worship service? You can catch up online .  If you need to contact any member of the church staff or clergy, you can call or email .
Phishing Email Scams
Unfortunately, there are cyber criminals active during the pandemic. If you receive an email from Bill Queen, Kim Reinholz or other staff members asking you to purchase gift cards, be wary. All emails from the church will end in whereas fake emails will often end in or other account. If you receive an email request that seems suspicious, please contact the church. Do not respond to requests to purchase iTunes or other gift cards.
This week hear from parishioners Sandie and Mike Hale about how they are coping during the Covid pandemic. Interested in telling your story? Contact Barb Dodd on the church staff to learn more.
From Children, Youth, and Family Ministries: Book Fair Ends Today (5/20)
Today (5/20) is the last day to get in on our virtual book fair with Good News! Books . Using code “GRACE” you can buy faith-filled books, games, and more for all ages (including parents). And remember, any order over $25 gets free shipping but all orders of any size help support GHTC. Check out books like “Linspired: The Jeremy Lin Story” to read about this basketball star’s career and the role his faith in Christ plays in it. Items from Good News! Books can be bought for people in your household or sent as gifts to those you care about, so be sure to place your order today.
Pastoral Care, Pastoral Counseling, and Mental Healthcare
We have developed some resources for the congregation around issues like grief, depression, and anxiety. If you are struggling with your mental, emotional or spiritual well-being, both Bill and Kim are here for you and happy to support you in the way that is most appropriate. Clergy are not therapists or counselors but we can lend an ear and make professional recommendations where they are appropriate. You are not alone.
Psalm 23 and other Choices: Plan your Memorial Service
It may seem morbid, but in this time of the global pandemic, many of us are thinking of our own mortality. If you are considering what you would want your funeral to be like you can view materials on our website at your leisure. It is helpful if we know what you like, what you expect, and what you don’t expect for your funeral. Don’t assume that your family will know your favorite hymn or that you don’t want “that” reading. Contact the clergy for questions.
Ways to Pray : Prayer Project Ideas 
Starting on Monday, May 25, 2020, we are launching the Prayer Project connecting members of our community one to another. If you have any interest in being assigned a person to pray for, contact Nancy Trego today (or call 804-306-9204). If you are wondering what praying for your sibling may look like consider using the penny prayer. Put a penny in your shoe or sock, and whenever you become aware of it touching your skin, say the name of your person. Next week we will give you another “prayer practice” which might help you remember your sibling in Christ during this exciting connecting project.   
Masks for Youth and Adults
Parishioner Mary Williams [embed email behind name] still has enough fabric to create a few more masks. Read more about her mask project on our website .  
May 31 Coffee Hour via Zoom
Nick Sollog will lead a coffee hour from 9:30-10:30 a.m. on Sunday, May 31 via Zoom. This is a great opportunity to see some friends from church virtually. Mark your calendar and email Nick if you'd like to attend. Need to learn more about how to Zoom? Check out these tips and let us know how we can help you connect!
June 7, Trinity Sunday and Parish Feast Day
We are looking forward to this special day of annual observance when we will recognize our graduates, Kim will preach the children's homily, Paul Evans will preach a teen homily, and we will offer special video messages from some of our Vestry members.
Volunteering with Red Door Roadside
We are continuing our brown bag lunches at Red Door Ministry every Friday for the foreseeable future. To reduce risk and exposure, we ask that no more than 6-8 people are in the building over the course of the day. To volunteer, please contact our coordinator Isaiah King at 540.476.2325. Volunteers, please certify you are under the age of 65, in good physical health, and haven’t been exposed to anyone with COVID-19. At this point, we are keeping a social distance of 6 feet between volunteers and disinfecting food prep stations individually followed by a complete deep clean afterward by our sexton.