October 2017
Learn more in this issue about the role of the Shaker Heights School Board. Shaker Heights School Board members (l-r): Bill Clawson, President Alex Liston Dykema, Vice President Jeff Isaacs, Annette Tucker Sutherland and Todd Davidson.
The Shaker Schools Connection

A Message from the Superintendent
By now, most Shaker Heights residents have received a mailed copy of our recent edition of Measuring What Matters, the District's annual report to the community. I encourage all families to review Measuring What Matters because it explains our new metrics on student progress, provides insights into our continued fiscal stewardship and describes our PreK-12 International Baccalaureate Programme. This year, Measuring What Matters also shares the powerful narrative of the Shaker Schools experience through testimonials from students, parents and teachers.

I have been and remain adamant that the progress of the District and our students will not be defined by a static data point on a single day or by an isolated set of test scores. Indeed, we have opportunities to grow and we are well aware of these specific areas; however, we also have so many more areas of success and achievements. It is my expectation that we will continue to uphold the tradition of excellence that Shaker keeps as the hallmark of our efforts, as well as continue to demonstrate vision, integrity and passion to ensure that 100% of our students are engaged in the Shaker experience.

As an International Baccalaureate school district, I see evidence that the IB learner attributes and the Shaker Schools mission---to educate students who are civic-minded and creative, global thinkers---are present in our young people every day. I see it in students like Onaway fourth-grader Zara Jackson, who is well on her way to raising $5,000 for cancer programs at The Gathering Place. I see it in Blake Glatley, a junior who followed his curiosity into the world of woodworking. I see it in Thomas Schinabeck, a freshman saxophone player who used his passion for jazz music to help raise money for Parkinson's Disease. And I saw it last week at the City Club of Cleveland, when I introduced 2008 Shaker Heights High School graduate, author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Wesley Lowery, who spoke to a sold-out crowd about the struggle between law enforcement, race and justice. (You can read more about our current students in the new section below, IB in Action.)  

Each of these young people demonstrate so clearly that Shaker's holistic approach to education prepares them to contribute to our global society. They understand that they are a part of a community and world that goes beyond what they see and experience every day. Of course, their excellent work outside the classroom may not necessarily translate into As on their report cards, but it will go a long way to teaching them how to make a difference in our world.

And that, for sure, is something that matters the most for a Shaker graduate.
Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings, Jr.
Superintendent of Schools

schoolboardElection Day is Tuesday, November 7: Understand the Role of the Shaker Heights School Board of Education
On Tuesday, November 7, registered voters in Shaker have the opportunity to cast their votes for three available seats on the Shaker Heights School Board. There's no better time than now to get to know the role of the board, its duties and its members.

Read Shaker Heights School Board 101 to brush up on your own understanding of the board's governance, where to find board documents (including agendas and minutes) and to learn more about our current board members.
Learn about Shaker's First Class
Join us Tuesday, October 3, at 7 p.m. at Mercer Elementary School to learn about enrolling your three-year-old in our two-year program.

Shaker Heights Schools will offer our second cohort of Shaker's First Class beginning Fall 2018. The program offers two full-day Pre-K classes for children beginning at age 3. The classes are based at Mercer and Onaway but serve students District-wide and incorporate the IB Primary Years Programme philosophy. The program is supported by community partners, and participating families will experience family field trips such as outings to University Circle museums and nature centers. The program is tuition-based and financial need scholarships are available.

Children must be age 3 by September 30, 2018 and toilet-trained. Learn more about  Shaker's First Class requirements  online. If you are interested and cannot attend, please call (216) 295-4263 for more information.
Save the Date: Tour Your Schools is November 1
Shaker Heights Schools will host Tour Your Schools from 10-11 a.m. for all PreK-8 buildings and from 1-2 p.m. at the High School on Wednesday, November 1. All community members are invited to attend. The program will include comments from the building principal and a tour by student ambassadors. Please  register to attend . Can't make it? The District will host an additional Tour Your Schools event in the spring. Watch for details!
Shaker Schools Hosts Live Q&A with Astronauts Aboard the International Space Station
Source: NASA
The stars have aligned: NASA has selected Shaker Heights Schools to host a live 20-minute downlink with astronauts aboard the International Space Station on Wednesday, November 1! 

All community members are welcomed to watch the event, which will be streamed live online on NASA TV. The exact time of the downlink is still to be determined by NASA, so stay tuned to  Shaker Heights Schools for more information.
City News
The Shaker Heights Recreation Department is launching a free after-school program for Shaker Heights High School students called The Getaway. Based at Heights Christian Church, 17300 Van Aken Blvd., The Getaway will offer students in grades 9-12 a supervised space to hang out after school, while enjoying amenities like video games, TV, and Wi-Fi. Opening day is Monday,  October 9. Hours:  Monday to  Friday from  3-7 p.m. A Shaker Schools ID is required for admittance. For more information, call 491-1295 or email  The Getaway.
IBinActionIB in Action: Students Living the IB Learner Attributes
Zara Jackson, 
Grade 4, Onaway

Service has been a part of Onaway fourth grader Zara Jackson's life since she joined her first Daisy troop in Washington, DC. 

When her family moved to Shaker Heights two years ago, Zara  continued to make helping others a priority. This past June, Zara's Girl Scout troop visited The Gathering
Place, a nonprofit organization that provides free services to individuals and families coping with cancer. 

Ever since the visit, Zara has been on a mission to raise $5,000 for The Gathering Place, which would earn her a spot on the center's wall of donors. Her donation would also make her the youngest $5,000 donor to support The Gathering Place. 

Read our IB in Action Q&A with Zara Jackson.
Blake Glatley, 
SHHS Junior

Blake Glatley has an uncommon hobby: he makes handcrafted wood pens. But what's just as interesting as the pens he creates is everything that led him to choose woodworking as a hobby, including his capacity for compassion and curiosity.

Since he was a Mercer student, Blake has taken an interest in getting to know his peers with disabilities as friends. 

That interest has led him to consider a career in special education or psychology, which led him to take College Credit Plus Classes this year, which led him to re-evaluate how he was spending his time outside the classroom, which led him to woodworking.

Read our IB in Action Q&A with Blake Glatley.
Thomas Schinabeck, SHHS Freshman

The lessons that Shaker Heights High School freshman Thomas Schinabeck has learned from his passion for jazz music extend far beyond music theory, the notes on the page, or the importance of practice. 

The jazz world also has shown him the value of mentoring, the fulfillment that comes with giving back and the importance of living a balanced life. On September 9, Thomas had the opportunity to play in a Parkinson's Disease research benefit concert called "Shaking With Laughter" at Playhouse Square, alongside world-famous jazz trumpeter (and Cleveland native) Dominick Farinacci. The experience and Thomas' growing relationship with Mr. Farinacci left a lasting impression. 

Read our IB in Action Q&A with Thomas Schinabeck.
School Spotlight: Middle School Staff Commits to Heart Health
Middle School PE teacher Rob Senor oversees the Heart Healthy Challenge
Last month, Middle School principal David Glasner kicked off the First Annual Heart Healthy Challenge, a program that encourages Middle School faculty and staff to get and stay fit and to build community. Mr. Glasner was inspired by the District's Shaker Has Heart campaign---a Districtwide initiative for the 2017-18 school year that's focused on physical, mental and emotional health for all staff and students. The campaign also includes a partnership with the American Heart Association.

"We're really happy to have the motivation to do something healthy," says Middle School PE teacher Rob Senor, who has taken the lead on managing the Challenge.

More than 50 Middle School staff members signed up for the Challenge, which began September 18 and will end on during the Middle School Professional Development days on November 20 and 21. The program includes a bingo sheet of 50 activities ranging from doing 15 jumping jacks with a class, dancing to a favorite song, sharing a favorite healthy recipe with a friend and joining a Middle School sports team practice for a day. Staff are encouraged to take pictures of themselves doing each activity and sharing those pictures in a Google Slides document to encourage other participants.

Read more about the Middle School Heart Healthy Challenge online.
Shaker Schools Family Spotlight: The Egzait Family
When Aisha Meteg and her husband, Salem Egzait moved to Shaker Heights two years ago, they spoke very little English. The couple came to the States so that Ms. Meteg, who had been a lawyer in their native Libya for 13 years, could study English and law.

Today, Ms. Meteg is not only fluent, but she's also taking classes at the Case Western Reserve University Law School. And the couple's children---sixth grade son Badreddin and their two daughters, third-grader Hend and Kindergartener Haya---speak English as though they were native citizens.

"We came to the United States to study because the people are friendly and they don't care about your religion," says Ms. Meteg. "The U.S. is the first in the world for education and I want to give my children everything I missed." What Ms. Meteg missed in Libya was the opportunity to learn English when she was a young student. Libyan revolutionary and politician Muammar Gaddafi was in power throughout her childhood and forbade that English was taught in Libya's public schools.

Employee Spotlight
Jevette Collier, Middle School Individuals & Societies Teacher

Jevette Collier had just earned her master's in public administration, city management and nonprofits and landed her first job in human resources and payroll. But it wasn't exactly the dynamic career she'd hoped for. "It was awful. No one talked to me for like six months," says the Middle School Individuals and Societies teacher.

Ms. Collier, a Shaker Heights High School graduate ('96), decided she needed a career change. Something that capitalized on her energy and her desire to help people and make a difference. So she came back to Shaker and began subbing at the Middle School. Then she went back to school to get teaching licensure at Notre Dame College.

"It felt good coming back because Shaker was a place that impacted me so much," Ms. Collier explains. "Shaker gave me a sense that I was enough. That I could compete. This education enabled me to articulate my feelings and to have the kinds of relationships I now have with my students."

Read more about Jevette Collier and how she builds trust and confidence in her students.
Louise Haffke, Fernway School Nurse

Shortly after Louise Haffke became the school nurse at Fernway School three years ago, she realized that the pace and acuity wouldn't be all that different than her days working as a hospital nurse.
"There is never a dull moment and no two things are the same," she says. "I love working with the kids and seeing them in the neighborhood." 

On average, Mrs. Haffke sees between 30-40 students a day, which includes everything from stomach aches to emotional support to managing care for children with chronic health conditions. In addition to treating illness, her days include administrative work to ensure the school meets Ohio Department of Health standards, verification of student immunizations, and providing vision and hearing screenings.

Mrs. Haffke is grateful that the District employs licensed school nurses. "We all love being a part of our school communities," she says. "We're trying to do more health promotion and planning more ways to provide care during the school day."

Read more online about Louise Haffke and her background in patient care and education.
Shaker.org News Roundup
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Community Engagement 
First Shaker CommUnity Market is a Success
Community members connect at the Shaker CommUnity Market.
The PTO Council CommUnity Builders held its first Shaker CommUnity Market on Thursday, September 28 in the Onaway parking lot and Woodbury field. The event was held in collaboration with Shaker Schools Family and Community Engagement Center, the City of Shaker Heights, the Shaker Heights Library and Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

The CommUnity Market offers families and neighbors access to school resources, community services, nutrition and health resources, exercise opportunities, and fresh produce from the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. At last Thursday's event, more than 560 community members representing nearly 160 households received fresh produce, danced to music, played games and sampled tasty bites. A second CommUnity Market is scheduled for Thursday, October 26, from 4-6 p.m.

"We were so pleased with the turnout of the first Shaker CommUnity Market," said Keith Langford, Family and Community Engagement Coordinator. "It was a terrific first step in our goal to build community engagement among among Shaker's diverse populations. We hope that the folks who came out to the first CommUnity Market share their experiences with friends and neighbors so that our October Market is an even bigger success."
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