Wednesday, December 5, 2018
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The deadline for Shamrock and bulletin submissions is  Monday at 1pm . Send your submission to Cowen at 

Newness Is On Its Way

Malachi's Toy Collection Drive

Malachi's is hosting its annual toy party on Saturday, December 15, 2018 and we need your support. You may donate new, unwrapped toys and place them in the box in the narthex. Malachi's will also accept gift cards, gift wrap, tags, and tape. Cash donations are accepted. 

Please click here to sign up to volunteer.

Foyers Gathering
Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 4:00 pm
A Festival of Nine Lessons & Carols

Thanks to all who have signed up to go to the Emory University Nine Lessons & Carols at 4pm this coming Saturday the 8th of December at the Glenn Memorial Church on the Emory Campus.  We plan to convene at St. Pat's at 3pm and carpool over. For those of you who wish to drive direct, we will be holding some seats on the first two rows center of the balcony. 

The concert is projected as a sell-out. Anyone who can help me by getting there early and helping to save seats is appreciated! Please coordinate with me by calling my cell at 440-702-8928. As of this time, the first block of tickets purchased at the Emory Box Office (open weekdays 12pm to 6pm) has been sold out. If you have not paid, you can pay for your ticket on Saturday.  If you really want to go to this Foyers outing, please contact me at If there is enough demand, I may be able to purchase some additional tickets depending on availability. 

It's the most wonderful time of the year...unless it isn't. For many, this season is not a joyful one, but a time that highlights loneliness, depression or loss. This year we are holding a Blue Christmas service, a liturgy that creates space to hold the places of our sorrow, pain, burdens, fears, worries, and losses. A candle-lit service with music, poetry, prayers, silence and scripture. All are welcome.

Yoga Is Being Moved

Yoga on Monday, December 10, 2018 is being moved from 12 noon to 7:00 pm.

Stewardship 2019: If you have not already done so, it is not too late to submit a pledge card. You can find them in the pew racks or in the church office.

Ministry Announcements Schedule

We will be taking a bit of time each Sunday during the services to share with you information about our ministries here at St. Patrick's. During this time, you may expect to learn about the purpose of the ministry, upcoming events, and how you can become involved. Below is the schedule of announcements for the next four Sundays:

December 9: Endowment Board
December 16: Brotherhood of St. Andrew
January 6: Centering Prayer
January 13: Shine A Light

I wish to share with you some news.  It is news that, while not immediate in its impact in my walk with you at St. Patrick's, I desire to share with you now, as I value transparency in our walk together.
Dan (my husband) has accepted a wonderful new job offer to be director of the Nuclear Medicine department at Oschner Medical Center in New Orleans.  I am so delighted for him, as it is an absolutely fantastic opportunity for Dan in his work.  But I am also a bit saddened, as it means some changes ahead for Dan, Andrew (our son), and myself.
What does this mean for us as a family?  Well, to be honest, we don't really know!  We know some pieces, but it is a discernment in process.  We know that Dan will head down to New Orleans sometime near the end of January.  We know that we are committed to my staying in Atlanta for the remainder of Andrew's senior year, as well as getting Andrew grounded in his Gap year before college. We also know that eventually I will make my way down to New Orleans to join Dan.  But as regards to the time table of this, we really have no idea!
To be honest, it is a bit of a struggle for me.  Not a bad struggle, but a struggle.  As a person who likes to have all her ducks in a row and  at least  a five year plan (though I'd really love at least a twenty year plan!), I have to return again and again to celebrating the gift and unfolding of each day of the mystery that is my life with God, with my family, and with you, my beloved community of St. Patrick's.
At the foremost of my prayers is a brief, and holy unfinished poem of John O'Donohue:
I would like to live
like a river flows,
Carried by the surprise 
of its own unfolding.
It really says it all, does it not?
I so deeply cherish my life and my work with you, my brothers and sisters of St. Patrick's, and that too is why I am taking my time in this transition.  There is much great and joyous Kin-dom work we have to do before I begin my journey in New Orleans!  There is no rush.  There is only the fulness of each moment.  And I am grateful.
And so I ask your prayers for my family.  For each of us--- Dan, Andrew, and myself.  We are deeply grateful for the love and support you share with us in so many ways.
As always, I see the light in you, and you are  radiant!   I am so deeply grateful for our community together, our kin-dom.
Much love and many prayers,

A Message From St. Patrick's Endowment Fund Board

The Mission of St. Patrick's Endowment Fund is to provide parishioners
with the opportunity to create a legacy by giving St. Patrick's church
an enhanced financial capacity for long term ministry.
We are so grateful for the tithes and offerings to our operating budget. These feed and water our day-to-day operations, defraying the costs of such things as outreach, programs, staffing and utilities. But how to build for the future.
We are stewards of God's generosity, tending, harvesting and enjoying the  fruit of seeds that others have sown, many of whom are now beloved  memories. Their generosity began over fifty years ago with the planting of St.  Patrick's as a seed parish of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, and continued through the
building of our beautiful nave and the elimination of our mortgage debt.
The genesis of the Endowment Fund was a bequest in 2014 by John Williams, a longstanding member of our flock. The Vestry at that time decided to use half of that gift to fund new staff positions, which has inspired great growth in the current ministries of the Parish, and the other half to create our Endowment Fund.
The Endowment Fund will enable health and growth for the future through necessary capital expenditures, the seeding of new ministries and increased outreach. Importantly, and except in extreme circumstances and with the approval of the vestry and the congregation, the Endowment Fund may not be used for regular operations. Rather, the fund looks beyond today by building and maintaining financial trusts through which benefactors can provide for longer-term financial security and development of the ministries of St. Patrick's.
A Board of Trustees, appointed by but separate from the Vestry, applies strict procedures to endeavor to maintain the value of all gifts, while distributing income earned. Current members of the Board are Lander Stoddard (Chair), Cowen Harter (Treasurer), Joan Reddicks, John Watson, David White, Julian Williams, Bruce Wilson, Fr. Dick Game (ex officio-Rector) and Alison Forbes (ex officio-Senior Warden). Anyone of them would be pleased to answer questions you may have about contributing to the Endowment Fund in your estate planning.

Malachi's Storehouse is pleased to share that we have recently been awarded two grants from the Episcopal Community Foundation (ECF). The sum of these grants is $22,563, which is held for use on a kitchen renovation. We are so appreciative of the support that the ECF gives to St. Patrick's and Malachi's!

                                               Blessing Our Christmas Trees
During Advent, we sing,  O come, O come Emmanuel,  knowing that Emmanuel, God with Us is  already  here.  We feel a sense of joyful anticipation that God may become ever more present to us. 

You will find burlap bags in the narthex that contain blessings to read before, during, and after you decorate your Christmas tree!  Feel free to take one to share with someone else to help them remember and experience God's presence during the holidays, too!

Advent I, Little Lambs, and Wreath Making & Chili Cook-Off

Kelli taught that prophets are people who come so close to God, and God comes so close to them, that they know what is in God's heart.

Christmas Poinsettias
Sign-Up Deadline is December 16, 2018

The sign-up sheet is in the narthex. Please sign up now. 


Diaconal Ordinations

Congratulations to John Ray and Victoria Jarvis as they are to be ordained as Deacons!

Join Fr. Dick and Mo. Julia for an "at home" formation opportunity, as we read Walter Brueggemann's book,  Celebrating Abundance: Devotion's for Advent.  You are invited to join us in the parlor for a time to discuss our Advent journeys as related to our reading of Brueggemann's book.

Church Office Closure

The church office will be closed on Thursday, December 20, 2018 at 10:30 am through Tuesday, January 1, 2019. The office will re-open on Wednesday, January 2, 2019 at 9:00 am.

One Service on Christmas Eve
4:30 pm Choral Prelude
5:00 pm Christmas Eucharist and Nativity Pageant 

We are thrilled about our entire Parish joining in one glorious service this Christmas Eve!  Come at 4:30 pm for our choir's choral prelude. Our Christmas Eucharist and Nativity Pageant will follow at 5:00 pm.  We will also offer Christmas Eucharist, with hymnody, in the nave on Christmas Day at 10:30 am. O Come, let us adore Him!

There will be no 8:00 am service on December 30, 2018. 

CHILDREN - Contact Kelli Jones,,  
with questions.

YOUTH - C ontact Liz Beal Kidd, 
with questions.


 - Click here for registration form.

Children's classes run from 9:00-10:15am. 
  • Nursery - Room 6: Care for infants and children up to age four is provided on Sunday mornings in Room 6, 8:30am-noon, with the wonderful Marias.
  • Little Lambs - Room 6: Ages 3 and 4 begin in the Nursery, and then move next door to an adjoining room for a half hour of story, craft, and music, after which they return to the nursery for additional play time.
  • Agape - Room 4: Kindergarten through Fourth Graders meet and use the curriculum "Living the Good News" and building community.
  • Club 5/6 - Room 7: Fifth and Sixth graders meet and use the curriculum "Living the Good News," building community, and preparing to move into St. Pat's youth program the following year.  Teachers design fun "field trips" around the church as part of the lesson.
  • Music - 9:00-9:10am  Kindergarten through fourth grade in their Sunday School room
  • Music - 9:25-9:45am  Club 5/6 in the Youth Music Room (Room 10)
  YOUTH CHRISTIAN FORMATION OFFERINGS - Click here for registration form.

Youth classes run from 9:00-10:15am.
  • The Rites of Passage Class (Rite 13: 6th-7th Grades) - Room 12: A major component of J2A is the way it is structured around Rites of Passage that mark the transition of young people from childhood to adulthood. 
  • J2A Class (8th-9th Grades) - Room 3: This class begins a two-year preparation for a Holy Pilgrimage. This sacred journey has the potential to transform not just the young pilgrims who travel, but also the congregation who has sent them forth. 
  • YEA (10th-12th Grades) - Room 14: The YEA class has learned to pray, to share their faith with each other and they have traveled to sacred places where others have found God. This last piece of the journey into adulthood seeks to actively equip and enable them to be a part of God's healing presence in the world. Confirmation is offered in this class.
  • Music8:45-9:00am  J2A and YEA in the Adult Choir Room
  • Music9:10-9:25am  Rite-13, playing the bells in the Youth Music Room (Room 10)

Adult classes run from 9:15-10:15am.
  • The Forum - Parlor: A book discussion group.
  • Scripture Study - Room 8: The Constitution of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. 
  • Art Community - Room 15: Doing Art Looking Up. 
  • Dreams - Library: Listening to God.

The Forum

Join us in the parlor on Sunday at 9:15 am for the Advent series Journeying the Way of Love. For more information, click here

Advent On e: The Annunciation: Saying "Yes" to the Journey

Advent Two: Mary and Elizabeth: Journeying with Family and Friends

Advent Three: The Birth of John the Baptist: Journeying with Community

Advent Four: The Birth of Jesus: Journeying with the World

As of Sunday, November 18, 2018