Highlights from The Shape of Water Exhibition and Cocktail Reception

Thank you to everyone that made it out to our cocktail reception in Water Mill on August 17th. Debuting Cuco's second US collection in such a beautiful and natural setting was the highlight of our summer. The pieces are back in New York City now and available for private viewing for those of you that were unable to attend. You can view the entire collection on our website here .
Installation at Guild Hall
The week before our Hamptons show, we were honored to install pieces from The Shape of Water collection in the Green Room at Guild Hall for the Purist Ideas Connect 4 Festival in East Hampton. The three artworks selected included "Still Movements", "Lurking in the Deep" and "Mystic River".
Behind the Scenes with Cuco
The relationship between a photographer and his equipment is a very personal one. In many ways, the camera becomes an extension of the photographer's self and they are reliant on the equipment to help capture in microseconds what their keen eye is observing.

Cuco has remained loyal to the Nikon brand, slowly graduating from his first classic film F4 to his current digital D850. He is persuaded by the latest mirrorless Nikon Z7 and will likely give into temptation, sooner rather than later, and add this new technologically advanced camera to his repertoire.
Imagination Comes to Life in "Lurking in the Deep"

Like many of Cuco's works, "Lurking in the Deep" plays on the observer's imagination, twisting the perception of ordinary objects into extraordinary forms that tell a story. The surrealism of this image connects nature to man. Bending our perspective, we see something much more humanistic and dark. Predator and prey, the silent suspense before an attack. Just as these branches turn into creatures of our imagination, so do we as we interact with the world. Often pretending we are something we are not but in a constant state of transformation.
More updates to come next month with dates for upcoming showings. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested in learning more about Cuco or seeing his work in person. We would love to share them with you.

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