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Thank you for reading our newsletter to all homeowners in Associations managed by Sharper Management. The goal of this newsletter is to touch on general ideas and helpful topics as they relate to living in a common interest community. We hope you find this information useful.
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Understanding Your Governing Documents
After joining a CIC, or Common Interest Community, each member receives governing documents they must follow in respect to how the community and individual units are operated and used. In most cases, governing documents include a declaration, bylaws, articles of incorporation, and rules and regulations. Those documents will describe important administration or financial info like the association's rights and responsibilities, the homeowner's rights and responsibilities,how the annual budget is created, and the procedure to follow when electing a board.
Most importantly, the governing documents will also outline the powers granted to that elected board, which exists to help operate and preserve the association. The board will typically have the power to create or amend rules and regulations in the CIC, create procedures and parameters for fining when owners are not compliant, adopt an operating budget (which sets "dues"), hire vendors to provide services to the association, etc.
Additionally, if damages or other issues occur on association property, the governing documents disclose the insurance coverage of the CIC and how the responsibility between the association and unit owner differ. In many cases, documents may define that anything outside an individual unit becomes a responsibility of the association, while maintaining and repairing damage inside the unit boundaries becomes a responsibility of the unit owner. It's important to understand that distinction while owning the unit, which the governing documents and board will uphold.
When a homeowner decides to sell their unit, the governing documents will most likely include regulations to follow during that process. In Minnesota, under the Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act, the seller of a unit must provide the governing documents to a prospective buyer to view before purchasing.  
In every step of the association member's ownership, the governing documents are necessary to read and learn in order to understand the operation of their Common Interest Community.
How Associations Work - Sharper Management's Role

While the elected board of a CIC, or Common Interest Community, operates on behalf of preserving their community, they will most likely hire a management company to aid them in the day-to-day duties.
The management company will act under the board's orders and takes direction from them on how to manage the association under their specific regulations. In some cases, the management company will also assist with the budget process, prepare board meetings, and serve as a consultant in the event of issues in the association's community. Essentially, management companies are there to make it easier for the board to uphold their community's standards and investment in their homes.
Our role as a management company to many association communities includes helping the board in their administrative, maintenance, and communication duties. Our high-quality service revolves around a culture of communication, teamwork, and growth; we show this through our typical services, which we further outline on our website. In general, our team helps the board manage the maintenance of the community, staffing a 24-hour emergency phone line and help facilitating emergency services, providing and maintaining a web portal that all homeowner and board members can utilize, taking care of all aspects of the financial management of the association, help facilitating various needs or questions from homeowners within the association, and so much more.

Our services may differ slightly by type of CIC we are managing, but we follow our overarching values as a locally-owned company dedicated to supporting our partnered associations. We help protect each association member's investment in a home by preserving the property and streamlining communication between unit owners and the board, the most important relationship in a Common Interest Community. We are proud to be managing the properties you call home, and look forward to continuing to support all members of the association.
Things to Do Around Town

We've highlighted some of the things we think will be fun to do this winter. We've also included a link to the City of Minneapolis for upcoming local events. Enjoy!

Walker Art Center
Come visit the Walker Art Center on the first Saturday of the month for FREE family day! Every month there are performances, art-making, games, and kids' films from 10 am to 3 pm at no cost for the entire family. They also have family friendly food options, or you could pack your own lunch to enjoy in the lounge!
If night life is more your scene, every Thursday night is FREE from 5pm to 9pm. During this time there are exhibition-related events in the galleries, art-making designed by local artists, lectures, film screenings, performances, and more! Bring anyone you want and immerse yourself into Minnesota's finest contemporary art center.
Address: 725 Vineland Place, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Sea Life at Mall of America
Escape the cold and go on an underwater adventure at Sea Life in the Mall of America. Between feeding sting rays, getting a behind-the-scenes look of how the aquarium runs, and snorkeling with the fish there is something to do for all ages! Looking for something even more exciting? Spend a night in the Ocean Tunnel underneath sharks, sea turtles, and more! It is a great experience for your child's birthday party, or your next friends night out.
Hours: Opens at 10 am every day; closes at 6 pm on Sundays, 7 pm on Thursdays, and 8 pm on Friday and Saturdays

Minnesota Twins Home Opener
The Twins will play their first game of the 2019 season a little earlier than usual this year, so be prepared for whatever mother nature brings to the ballpark. Either way, the Home Opener is one of our favorite signs of spring in Minneapolis.
When: March 28
Where: Target Field, 1 Twins Way, Minneapolis, MN 55403

Celebration 2019
Honor Minneapolis' most famous and favorite icon, Prince. Celebration 2019 takes place at the late musician's historic home, Paisley Park and will include numerous activities dedicated to the talent and influence Prince had over all our lives. Musical guest performances, panel discussions and special presentations are just a few of the things planned for this year's festivities.
When: April 25 - 28
Where: Paisley Park, Chanhassen, MN

Sunday Funday at Can Can Wonderland
Join in the fun on Sundays with 1/2 off arcade games and food & drink specials offered all day!
What in the world is Can Can Wonderland? It's a whimsical wonderland of entertaining entertainment perfectly located between Minneapolis and Saint Paul - because we can never play favorites. Step right up to an experience unlike any other. Artist-designed mini golf (indoors!). Vintage arcade games. Delicious eats. Boozy malts. Live performances. Art. Private events. It's all waiting to amaze.
Hours: 10am - 8pm Sunday, 4pm - 11pm Thursday, 11am - 1am Friday, 10am - 1am Saturday
Address: 755 Prior Ave N, St Paul, MN 55104
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