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May 11,  2018
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SVTC Luncheon | Annual Meeting | Featuring Raincrow Studios (5/18)
Staunton Innovation Hub is Open!
Call for Proposals: Virginia Cybersecurity Education Conference (deadline 5/11)
LGBT Tech: A Night Out (5/12)
Satellite Bootcamp for Students (application deadline 5/12)
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Businesses Open House (5/22)
Code and Coffee Study Group (5/23)
SAVE THE DATE: Valley TechCon (9/28)
Welcome New SVTC Individual Member: Philip Langeberg
Job Opening | Software Engineer, Jenzabar in Harrisonburg
Job Opening | Director of Information Technology, Lexington City Schools
Job Opening | Application Developer, Shen Valley Electric Coop

May 18, 2018 | 11:30 am - 1:00 | Wood Grill Buffet, Harrisonburg

SVTC members who did not participate in the electronic Board of Directors election process have the opportunity to vote for the class II of candidates with a paper ballot. ( SVTC class II elections and candidates)

Featured speakers | Raincrow Studios
Raincrow Studios will discuss competing with giants in the world of augmented reality and their commitment to creating a world-class entertainment brand in the Shenandoah Valley. Their mobile game, Covens, is a unique player on the growing augmented reality landscape as it shares the same real-world map as Google Maps. and their commitment to creating a world-class entertainment brand. "The first time I saw a Google map on a smartphone, I saw a field-of-play for a world of gamers," said Travis Fox, Co-founder of Raincrow Studios. Covens, a location-based augmented reality game of magic and witchcraft, is the realization of that vision, taking full advantage of device-mobility and real-world awareness. "We wanted to build a game that was in rhythm with nature; the phases of the moon, the change of seasons, even weather affect the player and the behavior of NPCs in the game. We really challenged ourselves to reach beyond elder-game concepts and design something that changes with every launch, something beautiful, social and perpetual."

Covens is a unique player on the growing augmented reality landscape as it shares the same real-world map with several forthcoming titles from Raincrow. The original narrative is interwoven among the games, and the witches of Covens will soon find themselves confronting vampires of Vampire Tribunals and Van Helsing-types in Sons of Enoch.

About Raincrow
Raincrow Studios have been in the augmented reality sandbox since 2011 and are a team of 6 full-timers. They are an interactive digital media and tech company that produces augmented and virtual reality mobile games, apps and content. 

Add'l reading: Travis Fox, for VentureBeat.  ( Pokemon Go shows it's time for real-world games)

[They also just won the  SVTC's Innovation in Emerging Business award on May 2]

Open to SVTC members and the public. Registration is encouraged to receive a pre-printed nametag. Dutch treat.

Thank you to our luncheon sponsor!


The Staunton Innovation Hub is t he place for entrepreneurs, makers, table flippers, and wonks to come together to build on the creativity and ingenuity of Staunton. They believe that Staunton has the resources and people to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem. The IHub provides a place for people to work together to bring the possibilities of Staunton to life.

The Staunton Innovation Hub is becoming the catalyst to establish and grow leading-edge businesses in the Valley. They provide a home for the growing number of telecommuters and freelance workers, incubate a culture of innovation, and redefine the workforce to match the needs of future enterprise. The IHub is in the heart of Staunton's Historic District and  provides a modern home to many existing and successful organizations that already support the growing business community.

Here is just some of what the IHub offers:
  • Flexible coworking space for telecommuters and freelance workers for as little as $50
  • Month-to-month leases
  • Private office space 
  • Shared facilities such as conference room, break room and common areas
  • Gig WIFI (that means wicked fast)
  • Internal and external community space that will be used to create a supportive and collaborative entrepreneurial culture
  • Forward-thinking educational environments for all facets of life
  • Coffee...lots and lots of coffee (and beer)
The IHub will create an entrepreneur ecosystem in a rural area. The essence of an entrepreneur ecosystem is its people and a culture of trust and collaboration that allows them to interact successfully. This ecosystem allows for the fast flow of talent, information, and resources so that entrepreneurs can quickly find what they need at each stage of growth. As a result, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. These principles are baked into everything they do to enhance the elements of their ecosystems. 

**Reminder, if you were at the IHub Ribbon Cutting on April 25 and you received a free day of coworking, contact Chris Cain at to redeem it. 

Follow the Staunton Innovation Hub on Facebook and Instagram.

Submit proposal information by May 11, 2018

The Virginia Cyber Range is calling for proposals for the  1st Annual Virginia Cybersecurity Education Conference to be held at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA on August 14-15, 2018. Please submit your proposal information below no later than May 11, 2018.


Virginia Cyber Range is specifically seeking proposals that address innovative and practical ways (tips, tools, approaches, or best practices) to increase classroom effectiveness and improve student outcomes in cybersecurity education in high schools, colleges, and universities.

Additionally, they welcome presentations or workshops on how to more effectively teach cybersecurity topics such as:
  • Cyber ethics & law
  • Cyber threat hunting
  • Cyber threat intelligence
  • Digital forensics
  • Experiential learning with Capture-The-Flag (CTF)
  • Mobile device protection
  • Introductory cybersecurity concepts
  • Computer networking 
  • Penetration testing
  • Secure programming 
  • Protecting critical infrastructure
  • Dealing with or preventing cyber bullying
  • Safe computing (cyber hygiene)
  • Social engineering awareness
Presentation formats include 2- or 3- hour interactive workshops or a 45-minute presentation. Rooms will include a screen and projector and wireless networking. Presenters may present from in-room computers connected to the A/V system, or from their own laptops or other devices. If presenting from in-room systems, presenters should provide their slides in PowerPoint format before the conference (details will be provided) and bring a backup copy on removable media. If presenting from their own devices, presenters will have access to HDMI and VGA inputs to the A/V systems. Presenters must provide their own adapters for systems without HDMI or VGA outputs.

Co-Presenter (if applicable): If more than one co-presenter is required for a workshop or presentation, please send an email to with details.

Submit a proposal for the Virginia Cybersecurity Education Conference (by May 11th)


May 12, 2018 | 6 pm | 32 N. Augusta St, Staunton

Come join this event presented by LGBT Tech as they officially open their global headquarters, discuss their work, and introduce the team. Drinks and light hors d'oeuvres will be served.

RSVP online at


Remote/Online Program | Application Deadline May 12 @ 11:59pm

Satellite Bootcamp is a 12-week remote + online program that takes students through the basics of digital marketing, design, data science, web design, and software engineering. After learning the basics, you'll apply what you learned in a 5-week internship or venture building experience.
The bootcamp is 100% remote and a 10hr/week commitment which allows students to take on another summer job or take summer classes while also learning valuable skills.

More information and registration about Satellite Bootcamp program

May 22, 2018 | 5 pm - 6 pm | Fauquier Campus, Warrenton

Could your business benefit from the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)? From construction and real estate to agriculture and transportation, UAVs are universal in all areas of business. Join us for an Open House to learn just what UAVs can do for you and your business.

May 23, 2018 | 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm | Shenandoah Joe, Harrisonburg

Join us for Code & Coffee Study Group! Whether you're looking to keep practicing what you learned in your last class or are in the midst of a project, your community is here to help!

This will be an informal event where members can meet each other and collaborate. TAs will be there to help troubleshoot and brainstorm ideas with you!

Have a project idea and some skills, but haven't attended a GDI event yet? Want to focus on helping others with their projects? You're welcome too!

This is also a great event for first time attendees who just want to socialize and learn more about GDI.

As a group, everyone will hold each other accountable for completing their projects, and provide on-going support and feedback.

Bring a laptop and something to work on. It's okay if you don't have a project! Feel free to come by for the whole thing or drop in when you have time.


Welcome New SVTC Individual Member!

Phillip Langeberg has worked in the technology field for 15 years. The majority of that time has been in the hospitality sector for Massanutten Resort where he is currently the IT Director. Massanutten has provided a wide breadth of experience as he is responsible for accounting systems, five point of sale systems, and multiple guest management systems including managing upgrades, combining multiple resource platforms, and ensuring compliance with PCI and other industry standards. In addition to his software responsibilities, he also is responsible for designing and maintaining the resorts networking, firewall, security and logging systems. In his current role he not only is responsible for Massanutten Resort but for all 6 of the companies locations through out Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Job Opening: Software Engineer

Jenzabar is looking for a talented and experienced Software Engineer to join our team of passionate people in designing and developing a high quality, end user focused administrative web application for higher education. This individual should be highly proficient with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery and have a passion for web development as well as a keen eye for well-designed UX and UI. The Software Engineer should have solid experience with Responsive Web Design techniques to build interfaces which will adapt to the many devices in which our end users will use to access our application. Solid experience with developing .Net MVC web applications and the .Net framework is highly preferred. If you enjoy working in a team environment to develop an application that will not just let users do their work but help them do their work, then please consider joining the Jenzabar team.

Job Opening: 
Director of Information Technology 

Lexington City Schools | Lexington

The Director of Information Technology is responsible for the design, implementation, and ongoing maintenance of all server, network, and computing technology for Lexington City Schools and the City of Lexington. This position also assists with networking and server support at the Rockbridge ECC. The position reports to the Superintendent of Lexington City Schools and the City Manager. Given oversight of the city's varied technology infrastructure, the Director of Information Technology must be self - driven, organized, and possess a keen attention to detail. As primary support for faculty, staff, and students, the Director of Information Technology must also be collaborative and committed to customer service. 

Job Opening: Application Developer
Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative | Mount Crawford

SVEC is looking for an Application Developer to design, develop, test, and implement software applications and interfaces to meet the needs of the Cooperative. Applicants should visit  (Your Cooperative > Employment) and print an application, which can then be mailed or delivered to an SVEC office (P.O. Box 236), or emailed to .  

View pdf for more information

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