The Shift from Money to Value
Dear Friends, 

Long before I moved to Sedona, I traveled to the area to lead a spiritual retreat at a local retreat center.
Through a powerful synchronicity I found myself at an event with a very talented dream interpreter and specialist.
While the subject matter and presentation was fascinating, I started to zone out.

I felt transported to another room entirely, where I was receiving a deeper understanding and teaching from Spirit about symbolism, dreams, and the lucid dream we call life.

I understood that in this "dream" of life, we manifest every experience as a symbol.

Much like one could decipher a deeper meaning through interpreting symbols in a night-dream, one can determine a Soul message through taking a look at the symbolism present in your here and now.

Years later, I am applying what I learned that evening, in a whole different way.

In the last year, I have been applying this concept to the idea of money.
This began by exploring, what if I substituted the idea of $ as a currency for the word value, or values?

Values are the magnet that guides one's inner compass through life.

As I was considering the manifestation of value in its many forms - from demonstration of values to monetary value, I wondered, if someone looked at my bank statements would they be able to discern what I consider my inner values?

Was what I was investing in financially, really equivalent to my own inner values?

As I poured over bank statements, looking for clues to what I could discern about "Christina" from only my investments, I was struck by one particular glaring omission. Travel!

I have always considered travel to be an important part of my value system, but when I reviewed this - I saw that I was out of harmony with a core value.

I needed to create the bridge between my inner value and my investment in this.

I immediately got rid of excuses and barriers and booked a trip.
This alignment and incredible experience led me to more travels, opportunities, and trips this year than in years before. In fact, I would consider it a breakthrough that opened up many other positive experiences and areas of life.

As we begin to wind down the year and the natural energy of review comes in, I realize what an amazing and powerful revelation this was and how profoundly it transformed my experiences this year.

In this quest of exploring values while reviewing expenses, I also found values that I wasn't fully aware of! It has been wonderful to integrate this now to new levels.

I share this with you, today, to invite you to explore the symbolism the Soul is creating in your life.
Perhaps this is in an insight similar to mine, or in your own way.

Grab a dream dictionary and take a look at prominent themes and see what discoveries are lying in the unconscious.

Some places to start, may be:

Spend a lot of time in your car during a day? What does car mean in dream symbolism?

Feeling the need for schedule or structure? What does dreaming about a schedule mean?
Does this have possible relevance in your life now?

Do you have recurrent health issues? What might that represent symbolically?

There are so many ways to explore ~ Anything is possible in our life when we shift from the observer to lucid dreaming.

Many Blessings, Love & Light, 
Christina Wooten
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