The Significant Benefits of Our Services
A Client Testimonial
This month I wanted to share with you the benefits of our services as described by one of our clients in her testimonial:

"Izabela has helped me tremendously with my fibromyalgia pain and disabilities resulting from that diagnosis. When I met her, I was not able to work. I was socially isolated and my life, in general, was a mess because of constant pain. My body was weak, and I was fatigued just thinking about participating in any activity. Izabela was the first person who understood how to treat me without aggravating my symptoms. Within three months, I was able to start doing gentle exercises and my pain was significantly reduced. I was also able to return to work full-time.

After the state closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I was afraid to continue in person therapy, due to my weakened immune system. When Izabela suggested Mind-Body Clinic as an alternative, I was skeptical that online treatment could serve as an alternative to the hands-on treatment. However, after I suffered from a flare-up, I was willing to try anything to ensure that I did not relapse in my treatment. I have been pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Izabela was not only able to help with the flare up, but we have continued our weekly sessions. During this time, I’ve seen a tremendous improvement in my functionality, and for the first time years I’m now able to work out (3x a week) and complete daily activities without pain.
During our Mind-Body Clinic sessions, Izabela conducts a thorough evaluation and provides a diagnosis via a video call. Her ability to locate the pain/tightness and provide instructions on how to alleviate the pain is amazing. She also developed a custom treatment plan for me to complete alone.

Experiencing Mind-Body Clinic treatment for an injury or pain can seem intimidating at first, but Izabela has taken every possible step to ensure that she provides the same clinical expertise and commitment to my health that I would experience face to face.

During my Mind-Body Clinic visit, Izabela walked me through a step-by-step evaluation to accurately diagnose my pain and identify the source of my pain. Then she educated me on the specifics of my issue and prescribed a personalized recovery plan with home-care instructions. This recovery plan included specific, customized exercises designed to improve my body’s mobility, stability, and strength. Combined, these active rehab exercises have addressed the root of my pain. I have not felt this good in years!"

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We are here to serve you and help you to meet your goals and intentions. 

In love and health 

Izabela Adamus, PT