March 25th, 2022 ~ 22 Adar II, 5782
A message from The Head of School
Purim is probably my very favorite day at school! I love celebrating the holiday with our school community!

This year’s Purim celebration was particularly special. Two years ago, Purim was the last time our school community was able to fully come together - just a few days after, we switched to remote learning due to COVID. A key theme of Purim is that everything is twisted, turned and flipped upside down. Our lives certainly were flipped upside down during the Pandemic! While they are not back to normal yet, this year we were able to return to celebrating the holiday as a school community. We were able to join together in one room to hear the Megillah read. We were able to have a seudah (festive meal) together. We were able to have our Student Council organize and run a fun Purim Carnival for the whole school. We were able to watch classes perform plays. We were even able to have some parents join us to help with all of these wonderful events.  

I am extremely grateful that so many members of our school community were able to come together to make Purim a special, memorable day. Our faculty did an amazing job preparing our students for their Purim plays and holiday celebrations. Our parent volunteers were extremely helpful. The leadership our Student Council members showed with the carnival was outstanding. Last, but certainly not least, the whole student body brought beautiful ruach (spirit and energy) to school with them and really made it a memorable day.  

I hope you enjoy the pictures from the day that are featured below!

Shabbat Shalom,
Inside the Classrooms
Pi Day
Last Monday, March 14th, in honor of Pi Day , The Silver Academy was alive with learning about the circle. Morah Sara's math classes enjoyed their very own Pi-esta's! They calculated surface area, volume and used fractions. They measured ingredients for guacamole and made "tacos". Morah Tamara's art classes also became culinary arts as they celebrated the circle and older classes got ready for Purim by making hamantaschen for the school Purim carnival. Mr. Woodland pointed out to our students how Hashem is never ending like a circle. His name is never mentioned in Megillah Esther, G_d kept himself hidden in the story, just like our circles are hidden in the triangle of the cookie. A student added that Hashem is full of sweet, wonderful things just like our hamantaschen. To quote Morah Tamara, "I love working at a school where art, math and Torah come together to seamlessly enhance our lives".
Susan Gaughan
Capital Area Science and Engineering Fair
Recently our eighth grade students participated in the annual Capital Area Science and Engineering Fair held at the Colonial Park Mall. Everyone was so happy to be back in person this year! What a wonderful showing our students made! They presented their science fair projects and answered questions from a panel of judges. Meital Pavolotzky and Yaakov Reid received first place awards for their projects. Abie Schertz, Ariella Jackson, Michael Peiffer, and Nadav Sofian received second place awards for their projects.

In addition to his first place award, Yaakov received a special award. His special award was the Dr. Love Award for an excellent presentation and outstanding communication skills during the interview. Nadav also received a special award. He received a first place award from the American Association of Highway Engineers - Harrisburg Section.

We are so proud of all the students’ accomplishments!! Way to go to our eighth grade scientists!!
Mazel Tov
  • Mazel Tov to our 8th graders on their science fair awards!
Todah Rabah
  • Thank you to Morah Sara and Morah Tamara for some great lessons and activities to celebrate Pi day!
  • Thank you to Emily Halper, Ravit Peiffer, Bryan Reid, Jackie Rubin, Myrna and Bert Rubin and Orit Schul for volunteering during the Purim festivities last Thursday.
  • Thank you to the student council for organizing a great Purim Carnival.
  • Thank you to the Feig, Halper and Sofian families for providing Music Club snacks, thank you to Cynthia Graeff, Ortal Klein, Kimberlea Konowitch and Tammy Reid for volunteering during rehearsals and thank you to Tammy Reid for working on the costumes for the performance.
  • Thank you to our lunch volunteers: Kate Carpenter, Marcy Flicker, Ricki Gold, Cynthia Graeff, Emily Halper, Kimberlea Konowitch, Ravit Peiffer, Jackie Rubin, Myrna and Bert Rubin, Reva Schertz, Orit Schul and Eva Siegel. It is wonderful to have volunteers back in the school!
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