• February 15, 5:30-7:00 pm - Open House for Current and Prospective Families; Student Gallery
  • February 16, 1:50 - Shabbat Showcase
  • February 21, 8:30-9:30 am - Open house for Prospective Families
  • February 25, 11:00 am -1:00 pm - Community Purim Carnival
  • February 26, 8:30-9:30 am - Open House for Current Families
  • March 1, 11:40 - Early Dismissal, Purim Celebration
  • March 6, 6:00-8:00 pm - Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • March 7, 11:40 - Early Dismissal
  • March 7, 1:00-4:00 - Parent/Teacher Conferences

Lunch Menu - February
Good things happen everyday at The Silver Academy!
Mrs. Lindsay Hameroff, Lead Teacher
The Miss Koplovitz Reading Club is off to a great start! This year, it is being headed by Mrs. Hameroff and Mrs. Hurley. Our first book of the year is Pinocchio , by Carlo Collodi. The Reading Club meets during lower school lunch on Monday and Wednesday afternoons.

Each week, Mrs. Hameroff and Mrs. Hurley read 3-4 chapters of Pinocchio to the children, depending upon the length of each chapter. They begin each session by briefly summarizing what was read during the previous club meeting. Then, they present a “jump-off” discussion point for the day’s read, which helps club members to consider upcoming themes of the story and make text-to-self connections. After the day’s read-aloud, Mrs. Hameroff or Mrs. Hurley present students with a “sign-off” discussion point, which is focused on content and literary components, such as plot, character, author’s purpose, parts of a book, etc.

At the conclusion of Pinocchio , we will be celebrating with a creative project and party, before voting on the next book to read. Stay tuned to hear more about the Miss Koplovitz Reading Club!

Shabbat Shalom,


D'var Torah for Parshat Yitro

by Ethan Schmidt

to read this week's D'var Torah
A Peek Inside Our Classrooms
1st and 2nd Grade Judaics
Mrs. Alla Fligelman (Morah Alla)

The Month of Sh’vat is here, and although we had snow this week, in First and Second Grade we were busy learning about trees and nature in Hebrew class.

First Grade learned about the parts of the trees and why they are important to us. Each student wrote a short book about why they love trees. Of course, there were songs, books and drama to reinforce the new vocabulary.

Second Grade took the study of trees further through the iTaLAM program. We began with a guided exploration of all types of trees. After researching trees, students wrote their own "Tree Research Book" in Hebrew, which was very exciting! Students not only learned about the steps of conducting a research project, but they also expanded their Hebrew vocabulary, practiced reading and developed their listening comprehension. This was all accomplished through reading books, playing games, (some online and some in the classroom), role playing activities and singing. Be sure to stop by and see the students' projects on the bulletin board outside of our classroom.

This week was especially exciting for students in both First and Second Grade, as they enjoyed a yummy Tu B'shvat Celebration (the New Year for trees in Israel)! There were songs and fruits of shiv'at haminim - seven kinds of fruits of Israel! While this celebration was fun for everyone, more importantly, we have all strengthened our learning and connection to the land of Israel.
Middle School Science Fair
Mrs. Susan Gaughan

The Silver Academy’s annual school Science Fair was held on Wednesday, January 24th, in the Henry Miller Auditorium. Our budding scientists did a wonderful job in preparing and presenting their projects. Family, friends, and teachers whom came out to support them were “wowed” by the topics they researched and the results of their experiments.

Congratulations to all the first and second place winners! Our first place winners were Elez Bell and Brian Dym, and second place winners were Isaac First, Mikel Garner, and Joshua Jackson. Here are the topical questions the students chose to investigate: Elez - “Do antibiotics affect the growth of plants?”; Brian - “Does the amount of air in a football affect the distance in which it is kicked?”; Isaac - “Does wifi affect the germination and growth of plants?”; Mikel - “If a coaster train is launched at three different lengths, then which will have the shortest duration?”; Joshua - “Does hand dominance affect your leg and eye dominance?”. If you are curious about the answers to these questions, talk with our young scientists. They will be happy to tell you what they discovered.

We commend all the students for their excellent work! They will now go on to compete in the Capital Area Science and Engineering Fair in March.
Mark Your Calendar for these Events!
Opportunities for Current and Prospective Parents to
Visit The Silver Academy

Evening Open House--Current and Prospective Families
Thursday, February 15th from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.  
  • Meet with Silver Academy teachers and parents
  • Tour our gallery of student work  
  • Sample classes taught by Silver teachers

Daytime Open House--Prospective Families
Wednesday, February 21st, 2018, 8:30--9:30 am.
  • For Prospective parents (Kindergarten thru 8th Grade)
  • Have breakfast with the Head of School, Debra Freeburn, meet other current Silver Academy parents, Tour the School, Sit in on classes
  • If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Jackie Rubin at

Daytime Open House--Current Families
Monday. February 26th, 8:30--9:30 am.
  • "Move-up Day"
  • Have breakfast with the Head of School, Debra Freeburn; Get a Curriculum Preview; Sit in on your student's future class 
  • If you plan to attend, please RSVP to Jackie Rubin at
Community Purim Carnival
Sunday, February 25 - 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Jewish Community Center
  • Exciting carnival games for all ages, arts & craft projects, prizes & inflatable fun.
  • Free for the entire community
  • Lunch is available at a nominal fee.
Development Office News

What does a Development Director Do?

Believe it or not, it does have
something to do with chocolate chip cookies!

Hero Award Presentation

Our own Shari Dym, Development Director, was honored to present the Heroes Award to the Honorable Mike Turzai, Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The award was presented on January 25, during National School Choice Week, in Lancaster, on behalf of PA Council of American Private Education for Mr. Turzai's work on Education Improvement Tax Credits.

Mark your calendar now!

Watch this video for a sneak preview of OZ!
Ongoing Fundraisers

יום לימוד or “Day of Learning”

Dedicate a Day of Learning to honor your grandchild, to remember a loved one,
or to celebrate an important day!

CLICK HERE to learn about this meaningful donation.

(Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program)

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Order Your Challah Here!
Challah With a Twist 

Offers Weekly Challah Order and Delivery To Students and Teachers

  • Order your challah by Thursday night at this website: It will be delivered to school on Friday.
  • Send check to school, payable to Challah with a Twist, or use Paypal or Venmo .

"Challah With a Twist", (a.k.a. Varda Challah), has been providing home baked challah for the Harrisburg community for over 20 years.
Varda Gewirtz,  717-919-1358  
Super Silver Snapshots!
Sharing the Joy of Reading
Team Building Activity in Phys Ed Class