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  • January 24 - Silver Academy Science Fair
  • March 1, 11:40 - Early Dismissal, Purim Celebration
  • March 6, 6:00-8:00 pm - Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • March 7, 11:40 - Early Dismissal
  • March 7, 1:00-4:00 - Parent/Teacher Conferences
Good things happen everyday at The Silver Academy!
Mrs. Debra Freeburn, Principal
I think we all would agree that the students at The Silver Academy are the emerging Jewish leaders and they are the investment we have made in the the future of Harrisburg’s Jewish community.  As the emerging Jewish leaders, our students are learning that they will be called to service, they are learning to utilize their school lessons and experiences to help give others a voice.  Our students are learning that they are to whom the world will rely on for hope and action.  

This learning begins in kindergarten at The Silver Academy.  To quote Ms. Carpenter, our kindergarten general studies teacher, “ My job is to put things in context and frame the story in a way that makes sense and gives students a sense of admiration and hope.  I weave the historical concepts (of discrimination, slavery, and segregation) into a month long unit called, “With Liberty and Justice Toward ALL.”  Using children’s books and songs, the kindergarten class explores the concept of being treated unfairly and the strength and courage of people who work to make the world a better place.

The rigor of the curriculum at The Silver Academy prepares students for the best Universities and the workload that they will encounter.  Our dual language curriculum and small class size prepare the kids to think critically and be successful. But let’s not forget that it’s our responsibility to teach our students to be inclusive, to include all people and to be the vehicle of change.  Oprah Winfrey used the platform of the Golden Globe Awards to challenge us to stand up for our rights and the rights of others, to approach tough challenges with strength and courage, and to work to make the world a better place.  

There is no job more important than raising a child and certainly parents have many choices along the way.  But one choice that I don’t think anyone will regret is raising a child with values, compassion, and who helps to make the world a better place.

Shabbat Shalom,

D'VAR TORAH for Parshat Bo

by Mikel Garner

to read this week's D'var Torah
A Peek Inside Our Classrooms
Kindergarten Judaics
Mrs. Yasminah Huberman

One thing that is certain about the students in Kita Gan, is that they are actively learning every day! Through daily practice, students have mastered the Hebrew letters, Alef through Mem, (16 letters), as well as many words, prayers and songs. Another certainty about our classroom is that learning is hands-on and students have fun! Kita Gan uses paint, beads, play dough and other manipulatives to practice making each new Hebrew letter.

It is hard to believe with the wintry weather this week that in our Judaic studies we are thinking about spring! Students are learning about the planting of trees and growing of fruit in preparation of Tu B'shevat. Their first project in this chapter was drawing and decorating an almond tree with pink tissue paper buds.
4th Grade Math
Mrs. Mindy Lock

Our fourth graders have been immersed in data and graphs. We recently completed a unit on collecting and organizing data, and then graphing it. Students created four types of graphs, found the mean, mode and median of given data, created Venn diagrams, and applied these skills to solve word problems. Whew...that's a lot of data!

We have moved on to multiplication, focusing on estimating, evaluating reasonableness in problem solving, using mental math, and solving higher level multiplication problems. Although the work is challenging, students do have fun honing their skills by playing Math 24 and Number Jumbler.

Mitzvah Day/ Bring a Friend to School Day
Students brought friends to our school for a half day of Mitzvah projects and fun!
The whole school watched as seven students and a parent had eight inches of hair cut to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths! Besides being an exciting event for everyone, this was a great mitzvah, as the donated hair will be used to make wigs for people who have hair loss due to illness. The beautician who volunteered to cut the hair was Nicole Spitz, a Silver Aacademy alumni! She is a stylist at Too Divine Spa and Hair Studio. Thanks Nicole!
Martin Luther King, Jr., was also a main topic of the day. Students researched his life and created a project telling what they can do to make the world a better place.
Students were treated to a meaningful presentation...
Kids on the Block - Disability Awareness Program.
Students performed another mitzvah by making cards for members of the IDF!
Thank you soldiers!
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Super Silver Snapshots!
Learning Hebrew color names and color theory.
If you mix LAVAN (white) and SHACHOR (black) you get AFORE (grey)!