• Jan 6, 6:30 - Havdalah Movie Night (see ad below)
  • Jan 9, 11:30-1:00 - Arthur Goldberg Memorial Lecture and lunch (see more info below)
  • Jan 15, 8:45 -12:30 - Bring a Friend to School Day/Mitzvah Day
Good things happen everyday at The Silver Academy!
Mrs. Debra Freeburn, Head of School

Happy New Year…
and other reasons to go to The Silver Academy!!!!!

At the Silver Academy we pride ourselves in being unique and preparing our students to engage with diversity. Our students establish a strong individual identity thus enabling them to have relationships with all people whose views and backgrounds differ.

Values-based education provides our students with a dynamic compass at school and throughout the rest of their lives, strengthening their resilience and well-being. It nurtures the development of good character, deep thinking and altruistic behavior ( Dr. Neil Hawkes). The outcome of a Silver Academy education is the positive transformation of individuals and institutions...exactly what our world needs. This values based education and culture of ‘menschlichkeit’ is a vital component of 2018.  

My wish for all our families and friends of The Silver Academy and the Harrisburg Jewish community, in the upcoming year, may have been best stated by Rabbi Rebecca W. Sirbu: Director, Rabbi Without Borders when she said, “In Jewish tradition, the number 18 means “chai,” life. May the 18th year of the new century bring us the strength and resilience we need to face all of life’s challenges. May we be blessed with courage to stand up for our convictions and compassion for others. May we be surrounded by love and support from those who are closest to us.”  

Happy and Healthy 2018!!
Shabbat Shalom,

D'VAR TORAH for Parshat Shmot

(a favorite from last year)
by Talya Klapper

to read this week's D'var Torah
Good News!
to our General Studies teacher, Mrs. Jessica Wenzelberger, and her husband Erik on the birth of their daughter, Lucy Mae, born December 26th! Everyone here at The Silver Academy wishes Mrs. Wenzelberger's family much happiness!

A Peek Inside Our Classrooms

It's all about Toast in 1st Grade!
Mrs. Alla Fligelman (Morah Alla)

I just want to share a Hebrew activity that students really enjoyed! We always find fun ways to learn each new Hebrew letter, and a favorite one was for the letter "Tet". Students were treated to a yummy lesson, where they all became chefs (tabach) while making toast (tost) ! Students read a story in Hebrew about a chef who was distracted all the time, so his toast was burnt! Our students learned a valuable lesson about concentration, and their toast turned out perfect!

Kindergarten Judaics
Morah Yasminah (Mrs. Yasminah Huberman)

This week, Kindergarten merged science and Judaics! After reading the story of baby Moses floating on the Nile river, students made and decorated their own "baskets" out of popsicle sticks and styrofoam plates. They then tested their baskets to see if they would float! Wow...students had fun with this activity and also learned that wood and styrofoam floats!

Mark Your Calendar for these Events!

Silver Academy
Havdalah Movie Night

Saturday, January 6th at 6:30 pm 
JCC Mary Sachs Auditorium

  • Havdallah followed by pizza, snacks and a movie
  • Screening of "Honey I Shrunk the Kids"
  • Register by Jan. 3 - $5 per person/$20 max per family
  • Registeration after January 3 or at the door - $7 per person/$25 family max

  • Please join The Silver Academy on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day for a morning of fun, mitzvot, and community service. Guests will experience a taste of what our school has to offer and enjoy a delicious kosher lunch provided by our school.
  • We will also host our fourth annual hair-donating ceremony for Pantene Pro V Beautiful Lengths. Please consider donating your hair if you have 8 inches to spare!
  • RSVP by Wednesday, January 10, 2018, to Jackie Rubin at or 717-238-8775.

Arthur Goldberg Memorial Lecture

A presentation to middle school students about
First Amendment Rights
Presented by Attorney Devon Jacob

Tuesday, January 9th at 11:30 - JCC Spector Lounge
Lunch will follow, 12:15-1:00

Everyone is invited!
or by calling the office at 717-238-8775

Development Office News
Save the Date - May 31, 2018
Coming to the Harrisburg Scottish Rite Temple


Watch this NEW video and be amazed!
Important News About Taxes and Jewish Day Schools

Within the passage of the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” by the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, there are several key issues that will impact our Jewish community day schools and the families that choose them for their children's education. The Silver Academy would like to thank the Orthodox Union for keeping us updated and aware of how these changes can affect our parents. OU DIrector of Public Policy Nathan Diament wrote,

“While the OU is deeply disappointed that a provision that would have made a portion of tuition payments tax deductible was stricken from the Senate bill just hours before the Senate vote, the OU appreciates that the final bill expands the use of 529 Education Savings Plan to pay for K-12 education expenses, including those at non-public schools."

Please click on this link to see the FAQ from OU and discuss these changes with your tax adviser:

(Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program)

Watch this video to learn how...
Order Your Challah Here!
Challah With a Twist 

Offers Weekly Challah Order and Delivery To Students and Teachers

  • Order your challah by Thursday night at this website: It will be delivered to school on Friday.
  • Send check to school, payable to Challah with a Twist, or use Paypal or Venmo .

"Challah With a Twist", (a.k.a. Varda Challah), has been providing home baked challah for the Harrisburg community for over 20 years.
Varda Gewirtz,  717-919-1358  
Favorite Silver Snapshots
Parachute Fun in Phys Ed Class!
Learning About Whales and Mapping their Migrations