The Simpson Center - Mogul
The Simpson Center is a 1960's circular building with a restaurant at the top.
The mid-size skyscraper is not as tall as some of the towering buildings in Titan City, but from the ground it is still an impressively tall building.
Tony's at the Simpson Center, the restaurant at the top of the building, was at one time a revolving restaurant until the rotating belts broke in the 1990's. There are plans to have it fixed at some point in the future but for now, the fancy restaurant is still one of the best spots to dine in the sky overseeing Downtown and the Old Bradford Theater District.
There is private access to a rooftop veranda from the restaurant, but the restaurant doesn't offer it as a public amenity due to insurance concerns. The railing, while fancy, probably hasn't been replaced since the 1960's. But if you ask nicely, they may let you have a look from the rooftop.
Simpson Center is a special building with loads of character and great dining options at Tony's. Make sure and give it a visit when exploring Downtown!