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The Singing Activist Investor Returns!

Several years ago, activist investor Eric Rosenfeld, CEO of Crescendo Partners, released a self-produced CD of songs he wrote and performed about activist investing. Seriously.

We enjoyed it immensely, and wrote a glowing blog post reviewing his oeuvre. Then, we explained how we relished his performing talents at dull investing conferences.

As both CDs and blog posts became obsolete, we remembered it fondly but thought nothing further about it until last week. Eric let us know he added to his collection.

We were elated. His new collection of nine songs expresses beautifully the joys and hardships of activist investing. Following Crescendo strategy, he has a couple about SPACs. His website has a free playlist. He'll send you a CD if you like.

Even better, he produced music videos of a few of these tunes. He hired performers and a crew, in addition to studio work on the music and cover art (above). Quite the undertaking.

We eagerly await the music video of "If I Were The Chairman", adapted from the similar song from "Fiddler on the Roof", and easily among his best work.

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