This Sunday’s Gospel • Matthew 13:1-9,18-23
Jesus went out of the house and sat beside the sea. Such great crowds gathered around him that he got into a boat and sat there, while the whole crowd stood on the beach...[ continue reading ]. Lectionary scriptures are from the New Revised Standard Version Bible.  Note: We will continue with virtual worship this Sunday, July 12.
Please use clergy cell phones during this time of COVID for emergencies. 
While we do check our voicemail in the office there are certainly delays with that kind of communication. 
Accessing Online Worship Services
Each week the church posts a complete worship service on YouTube , which is accessible both from the home page of the website or any tablet or smartphone. Internet access an issue? Contact church staff so you can be added to a list for weekly sermon mailings. If you subscribe to the GHTC YouTube channel you can automatically receive an update when a new service is available. To stay up-to-date, be sure to like and follow the church on Facebook .
Online Services Feedback
When do you worship? Some people prefer tuning in on Sunday morning; others on Sunday evening or even Monday or Tuesday. Since the coronavirus has impacted our in-person worship we have been creating online worship services, complete with hymns, prayers, a children’s homily and more. We want your feedback! Drop an email to Bill Queen or Kim Reinholz .
When Will We Regather for Worship?
As churches around the country and those locally of other denominations are regathering for worship, we are continuing to see that church services are one of the largest vectors for the spread of Covid-19. Following our diocesan guidelines, which aim to protect the most vulnerable among us, Richmond has not yet met the required safety metrics of sustained reduction in infections and deaths, so we do not have a date for regathering for worship or other activities. Staff are only allowed in our building for necessary functions. When it will be possible to regather, strict safety restrictions will result in worship that will not look or feel like what we have been used to. Your staff and Vestry are reviewing the guidelines and are assessing, thoughtfully and prayerfully, how and when it will be safe for us to regather. We will keep you updated.
Funeral for Brooks Zerkel
In the announcement last week regarding Brooks' death we indicated that a memorial service would be held at a future date; only the private family service will be held. He will be interred in the Chapel of the Resurrection Columbarium on Thursday July 9, 2020. 
GHTC Summer Music Camp! 
Julia Terhune who is studying music education at VCU has started an awesome project for our youngest parishioners. Beginning this week she will show us how to make instruments at home. This week we will be making tambourines. All that you need are: 2 paper plates; 1 big bag of jingle bells or 2 small bags; markers or crayons; a hole puncher, ribbon; stickers and scissors. You can watch her video here .
In scripture, we learn about Miriam dancing with a tambourine after she walked across the sea on dry ground. Miriam was Moses and Aaron’s sister. Do you remember her? She was the one who made sure that Moses was safe when he was left in the river in the basket. She was there throughout his life at a distance. She celebrated the independence of the Israelites from Pharoah with dance and music. Just like you- Share your videos of you dancing with your tambourines on our social media pages! Next week we are making watercolor xylophones!
Did you know?
When you want to be interred at GHTC you need to have the warden’s signature? It is helpful to have your paperwork in order incase of sudden death or illness, so that you don’t have to find the wardens while you are deep in grief. Remember to make your arrangements, it may seem morbid, but it is an essential act of faith. Call Kim or Bill if you need help with these decisions. 
Summer Bible Study Begins Today!
Mark's gospel is the topic of the next online Bible study group. Our approach is both informational and devotional. The group will meet on Wednesdays from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m., via Zoom, starting today, July 8, and lasting for eight weeks. Space is limited. Contact  Mary Ann Blankenship if you are interested in participating.
Prayer Tips
If you are seeking to strengthen your prayer life during the pandemic, check out these prayer tips . You can find your church friends through the website's member center , complete with photos, phone numbers and contact information.
Young Artists Brighten Long Days
Recently some talented children of the church contributed their artwork for a special project connecting kids with older members. Thanks to Aaron Davis for coordinating this fun activity. You can see the artwork on our website …be sure to let the young artists know how much we appreciate their participation! 
What Does GHTC Mean to You?
During the pandemic our parishioners have been spreading positivity through video updates on our website and YouTube . These short videos are real-life vignettes and help us stay connected. If you are interested in learning more, contact Barb Dodd about your story--and we are happy to include your thoughts in print if you would rather not be on video! 
Leaving a Legacy 
Members of Grace and Holy may want to leave a legacy to the church. If you are updating your estate plans, consider supporting the ministries of GHTC by naming the church a beneficiary of your life insurance or retirement plan. Details are available online for you to discuss with your family, financial advisor or attorney.
Planning Funeral Services
During the pandemic, the church has received several requests for help in funeral planning. You can find helpful documents online to guide you, which includes scripture references. There is also information on the Columbarium
Red Door T-Shirt Sales Continue
You may think you don’t need another T-shirt but this one comes with a purpose: to promote the feeding ministry of Grace & Holy Trinity! According to Kim Reinholz the minimum order is 100 shirts; we’ve sold 35, so please consider ordering some today. This handy online form has sizing, price and color combos…don’t delay!