The Skokie Home Scoop - September 2, 2016

Dear Skokie Families,

This marks the first of our Skokie Home Scoop newsletters, which will be sent to you each Friday via email.  This week's edition is rather lengthy, as there is much information to share.  Our first week of school is always an exciting one, as well as one that comes with a few nerves.  Skokie appreciates the transition that our fifth graders make coming in from their elementary buildings, and the change it means for families' morning routines and after-school practices.  It is important to all of us at The Skokie School that parents and students feel a connection to the community that is alive and well here, and know the important partnership they share with the teachers and administrators.  

Our first opportunity to come together as a parent and teacher community will be next Wednesday, September 7th for Go To School Night.  This is an event for parents only, so please plan accordingly.  It is a great opportunity to get information from your child's Advisor and team teacher, tour the building, meet our Exploratory Teachers, and hear from our PTO and Foundation.  The evening begins at 6:30pm and goes until 8:00pm.  Please arrive promptly, as we will begin on time, and move through our schedule (see below).

As you head into this three day weekend, ask your 5th or 6th grader about three short phrases, and what they mean:  Look Up, Look Out and Look for the "S."  On our first day of school, we gathered in the auditorium to kick off the school year.  A wise person once shared with me that he always imparted the message "Look Up and Look Out" to his children, with the intention for his children to pay attention to the world around them, be an observer and a contributor by taking notice.  This is particularly relevant now at a time where digital access to a world of information is literally in the palm of our hands.  The screen of your phone can be such a draw on attention that one can miss so much going on around them (and do!).  So this year, in the midst of a Pokemon Go launch, I am asking our Skokie Students to look up and out, and then finally, look for the "S."  Skokie's motto is "Skokie Serves" and our tradition of service learning can be found throughout the school.  So as our students look up and out, they are challenged to look for opportunities to serve others.  That may be in the simple form of a friendly smile at someone you pass in the hall, or helping someone in need.  Our continued theme of "Choose Kind" lives on in the service we do for others, and the lasting impression of unsolicited kindness.

Welcome back to everyone at the start of this school year, and I look forward to seeing you all next Wednesday evening.  Enjoy the long weekend, and the time together with your family.

Most Sincerely,

Kelly Tess 


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Skokie Go-To-School Night, Wednesday, September 7th
Schedule for the evening:

6:30-7:00     5th Grade Families meet with Advisor/Team Teacher
                    6th Grade Families move through Exploratory Schedule

7:05-7:35     6th Grade Families meet with Advisor/Team Teacher 
                    5th Grade Families move through Exploratory Schedule

7:40-8:00     All Parents move to Auditorium for Principal Presentation 
Fall MAP Testing Starts Sept. 6
The Winnetka Public Schools is launching the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress)
assessment with students in grades three through eight. Winnetka students will participate in 
a language arts and math session during the fall testing window  (September 6-16, 2016).  

The Skokie School will participate in testing September 12-14.

Barry Rodgers, Director of Innovation, Teaching, shares more about this new 
assessment here

Information regarding MAP is available on the District website at .

Enrollment Balancing Project
The District will offer informational sessions for those interested in learning more about the Enrollment Balancing Project and possibly participating as a member of a Board Advisory Committee for the project on Tuesday, September 6 at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. in The Skokie School Community Room (second floor, east side of building), 520 Glendale Avenue. Interested parties are invited to attend either of these sessions. To apply for the Board Advisory Committee, please submit this form no later than noon on September 11, 2016:

Click here to apply for Board Advisory Committee

Parent Education Opportunity
The District will host What to Expect in D36: Kindergarten - 2nd Grade, its first Winnetka Parents Institute (WPI) event of the 2016-2017 school year, at 9:30 a.m. on September 7, 2016 in The Skokie School Community Room. The event, facilitated by the District's elementary school principals, will be an opportunity to connect with other parents and discuss what learning looks like in the early years. The session will focus on early literacy and math, social and emotional wellness, developmental practices and research.

Mobile Learning Initiative (MLI) Device Coverage for accidental damage or loss  
We encourage parents to purchase device coverage for student iPads $25/year. If you missed purchasing Device Coverage at registration, you may still purchase coverage through September 30th.  Cash/check payments can be dropped off with your school secretary or at the District Office.  

New Keyboarding Program  at The Skokie School
The Winnetka Public Schools District 36 subscribed to a new typing program, Typing Club . Our subscription is for students in grades K- 5.  Students can login  with their District email address and password via the Typing Clu b link  listed under "Students" on each school's website.  The Resource Center Directors will be introducing students to Typing Club and teaching students to login.  Typing Club is available at school and home. We are encouraging students to practice at home as keyboarding success requires regular practice.  Students can also access Typing Club via this link:

Skokie After School Activities 
We are pleased and excited to be offering, for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year, our After School Sports Club for fifth and sixth graders, Skokie Climbing Club, and participation on the Washburne Cross Country Team for 6th graders. 
Click here for more information and directions on
how to sign-up for these clubs.

Students Needing School Supplies - It's Not Too Late 
If your child needs to purchase school supplies there is still
time to order them at
The supplies will be shipped directly to your home.
Saturday, November 5th, 8:00am

This year, Skokie will be hosting its third annual 5K, The Skokie Shuffle.  We've moved it up from the Spring and into the Fall!  Click on the link below to register.  We welcome all walkers and runners for a fun event, and a great way to come together as a school community!

Click here to register for The Skokie Shuffle

Friendly Skokie Reminders...
  • Cell Phones are not allowed on campus during school hours.  A phone may be confiscated and placed in the office for parent pick-up if this rule is violated.  
  • Remember to use caution when driving on the surrounding streets before and after school hours.  Many 5th Grade Bikers and walkers are adjusting to the new route to Skokie.  Help us keep our students safe!
Skokie Calendar
September 5, Monday
Labor Day
September 7, Wednesday 
Go-To-School Night
6:30 p.m.
September 15, Thursday 
Picture Day  

Skokie Picture Day is Thursday -
Sept. 15th

Click here for Picture Order Form. 
No-Parking Request  
Please do not use the Oak Street (South) side of the building for parking and pick-up of your child after school.  This area is used for  school buses to pick-up our bus riders. 

Thank you!
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