A Note from Scott and Marsha
December 8, 2022
Who woke up and pulled out shorts and t-shirts for today's ridiculous weather? COME ON!!! I moved out of Florida to have wonderfully crisp and cold holidays with the possibility of tiny little snowflakes on my daily weather app. I do not want to look ahead on Sunday evenings, which I did this week, to see two days in the 70's. SMH. So rude.
If you travel our way in the evening, you'll see we decorated the Garden Center with lots of lights. This year, we even added a few things we haven't had before; I love the lighted deer and John, Doug, and I had a great time cutting and painting the large ornaments and gingerbread men dancing on the front lawn.

But my best idea? The very bright lights strung from the tall pine that resembles a colorful Christmas tree! It went about like this:

I had an idea. I texted Dylan, our Lawn Maintenance Division Manager. "Hey, it's me. Do you still have your tree climbing gear?"

He answered, "Yes. Why?"

I explained I needed him to climb a pine tree to the tippy, tippy top and attatch a hook or bracket so we could string lights. He proceeded to ask how high "tippy, tippy top" is and then told me I'm nuts.

So I compromised and said, "I'm totally fine with however high you are comfortable. And if it isn't high enough, I'll just use the skid steer bucket and raise it as high as it will go and use one of the extension ladders in the bucket to get higher."

See, the funny part of this whole conversation is he (or anyone else) never really knows when I'm kidding or when I'm serious. And in that moment, I know Dylan was thinking to himself, "That woman is crazy enough to actually do it."

Fast forward a few weeks, I received a text from Scott as he was returning to the Garden Center after lunch. He was sitting at the light on O'Kelly Chapel. He said, "Marsha, why is Dylan hanging by ropes really high in one of the pine trees? You know what? Never mind. I don't even want to know." Following that was a picture of Dylan in the pine tree I had picked!

To be honest, it ended up not being very high; Dylan said he could have gone up another 20 feet but I didn't have enough lights to extend that far. There is always next year ;) No trees, animals, or humans were injured during the making of this Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree! How lovely are your branches. Kudos to Dylan and John for making all my dreams come true. Seriously though, it wasn't that high and Dylan is the best at entertaining all my ideas while John brings in the reality factor for me. It's a dream team, I tell ya!

If you haven't picked your perfect and dreamy Christmas tree, you better hurry before they're all gone. I feel like December is already jingling by, so if you are feeling the same way, I have another idea: I think we should all stop in the garden, take a deep breath, smell the pine, and sip hot cocoa. Everything else can wait for just a few minutes. Then we can resume loading your tree for you.

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The hardier cousin of the Peace Lily, Anthurium are flowering houseplants that provide bright blooms all year-round. They are also referred to as Flamingo Lilies! As epiphytes, they love a lot of airflow around their roots, so make sure not to cram soil in their pot, and always use a free-draining soil mixture like cactus or orchid mix. They prefer bright, indirect light and it's best to let them dry out in between waterings.

This perennial that offers a wide range of colors all year long. The foliage comes in nearly every color with a varitiy of leaf patterns and textures, and sports pink flowers in early summer.

Pollinators (especially butterflies and hummingbirds) love Heuchera and they are deer-resistant. They tolerate a wide range of lighting conditions and do best in well-draining soil. Heuchera are gorgeous in containers and planters, but make sure to select pottery with drainage holes.

Magnolia trees are a classic Southern beauty that make an excellent addition to any landscape. The Bracken's Brown Beauty variety grows up to 30 feet tall and is condered a smaller variety, but one of the fastest growing (up to 2ft per year). Plant this Magnolia in a well-draining spot with full sun.

Bracken's Brown Beauty grow large, fragrant white blooms in the spring and their leaves are a gorgeous combination of glossy green tops and soft leathery underside. It is popular, especially this time of year, to use the foliage in decor accents - we use them on our wreaths!


A new hybrid on the market, the Philodendron Summer Glory is a cross between P. gloriosum and P. McColley's Finale. It has the gorgeous color of P. McColley's Finale and the bright veining of P. gloriosum! Place in bright, indirect/filtered light. The heart-shaped leaves unfurl with a reddish color and that turns to green as it matures. Philodendron Summer Glory is relatively easy to propagate and is a great addition to any plant collection.
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Saturday, January 14, 10AM-11AM
Location: The Robin's Nest

You won’t see your backyard the same way again. Discover the colorful, diverse, and fascinating species of bees that live in the Triangle. By the end of the class, you’ll be able to identify the most common bees in your neighborhood; understand why, where, and how the different species nest in your area; know the difference between bees, wasps, and flies; and gather tips for attracting bees and other pollinators to your yard!

Fee is $25/person; includes a honey-sweetened, lavender-lemonade mimosa

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Instructors: Alfredo Salkeld and Jackson Brinkley, Buddha Bee Apiary

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