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The Sloop's Log
    October 2017

Newsletter of the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church of Scituate
Our Vision
We aspire to be a beacon of liberal faith, strong community and transformative service, rooted in love. 

Our Mission
Liberal Faith: We commit to participate side-by-side across generations  in worship, religious education, social activities, environmental protection,
and social justice work—learning, sharing, and growing together. 

Strong Community : We commit to care for one another, nurture the light that shines within each of us, and support each other’s individual search for truth and meaning.
Transformative Service: We commit to pursue diversity, justice, equality, reason, and discourse;
provide inspiration through music, creativity, and the arts;
and work cooperatively to affect positive change in our community and beyond.
Worship Celebrations

All services begin at 10:30 a.m. in the sanctuary.
Children and youth begin in the sanctuary with the adults to share in the opening of worship, and then leave with their teachers for Religious Education. Nursery care is available upstairs for children over
18 months, but children are welcome to remain with parents.
S unday October 1         From Stone to Fruit
 Pamela Barz preaching on taking a perspective that extends beyond our own lives and times across generations.

The Choir will sing How Can I Keep from Singing arr. by Ginger Littleton.

Billy and Claire Timmins are the greeters. Alma Morrison and Ray Des Roches will host the coffee hour.

Sunday October 8        Seed Stars: Multigenerational Apple Communion
Children, youth, and adults are invited to participate in our annual Autumn Apple Communion, celebrating the harvests we have sowed and the harvests we have reaped.

Nancy and Howard Mathews are the greeters. Mark and Jane McGuinness will provide the flowers for the communion table, and also host the coffee hour.
Sunday October 15 Blessed or Lucky?
When something good happens to you, do you consider yourself blessed or lucky? Your answer reflects your theological understanding. Pamela Barz will explore this question in today's sermon.

The Choir will sing Jazz Alleluia .

William Clark is the greeter. Mary Beaulieu and Charlie Ruddy will provide the flowers for the communion table. We are in need of someone to host coffee hour.

Sunday October 22 "Protestants of the Protestants"
Henry Whitney Bellows, 19th century Unitarian minister and organizer of the American Unitarian Association, used those words to describe our Unitarian tradition and mission. As the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation approaches on October 31, Pamela Barz will reflect on the importance of Martin Luther and his reformation for us today.

The Choir will sing Where Gentle Tides Go Rolling By.

Jen McGonagle will host the coffee hour. We are in need of greeters and flowers.

Sunday October 29      Flowers in the Crypt - Halloween Sunday
No, this is not the title of a horror movie but of Pamela Barz's reflection on the "art" in the Capuchin Crypt in Rome. The "art" is formed from the skeletal remains of monks buried there over the centuries. Is it horrible or hopeful? What does it say to us about death and life?

The Choir will sing Szkeley Blessing.

We are in need of greeters, flowers, and someone to host coffee hour.
Ministries of Hospitality
There are many opportunities for ministry each Sunday as we greet, create space for conversation, and add color to our worship. Please sign up to serve in the Sloop Room or online at the following:

Sign up to bring flowers for the communion table:
From the Minister 
The husband shot as he shields his wife, the mother of two, the newlywed, the recent college graduate - the stories of ordinary men and women have come into the public arena once again because of the tragic ending of their stories. But "tragedy," that over-used word in these all-too-comon circumstances, is not the proper word. By definition, tragedy happens when a fatal flaw, over-weening pride, or inability to cope with the world brings an individual to grief and suffering. The victims of the shooting in Las Vegas did not bring about their own deaths and injuries except by the innocent act of going to enjoy music in a public place and so being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But our grief as a nation could be said to be tragic since our value on individual freedom and our consequent unwillingness to control the availability of guns could be said to be the fatal flaw which led to the violence of Sunday October 1.

Our Unitarian Universalist belief in the inherent worth and dignity of each and every person - including those who cause such harm to others - and in the on-going movement of the Universe toward greater Love and Justice for all, does not allow us to write off some people as irredeemably evil or say that there's nothing we could do to prevent such tragedies from happening in the future. Our faith calls us not to give in to the hopelessness which I think we all felt this week, but to continue to work on all levels to change ourselves and our world. Whether this means creating more space for peace within yourself, finding connections and understanding among people of different views, or advocating for changes in our laws and culture around guns, all are acts of faith which the world needs today. I am glad that we are in this together.

If you would like to talk about how world events are affecting you, please remember that I am here and happy to listen. Or come share your thoughts at my community office hours on Monday October 16 at 11 a.m. at the Lucky Finn Cafe. If you have ideas for action, please share them with Social Justice Committee Co-Chairs Carol Sullivan-Hanley and Billy Timmins

Minister’s Schedule
Pamela Barz is available for appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Tuesday is her day off.  You can reach her at or 781-412-4233.

Religious Education (RE News)

Our world religions year is off to a great start with 40 children divided among grades N-8 and a dozen participating in our high school youth group.

This month the Nursery/Kindergarten group is learning about the holy days of Yom Kippur (Judaism) and Diwali (Hinduism) through their Picture Book Religion. Jen Bokavich and Jenn Mackey are the teachers for this first session.

The 1st-3rd grade and 4th-5th grade groups will learn about Hinduism and Earth-based religions as they meet Ravi and Tiva in the World of New Friends curriculum. This session Suzanne Oliver and Tracey Timmins are teaching the lower grades group and Ann Corbo and Jim Nidositko the upper grades.

The Junior High group is also exploring Hinduism this month in their Building Bridges curriculum and planning to attend a Diwali celebration at a local temple. Brian and Patty Sutton, who are teaching that group, could use assistance in coordinating trips to visit other religious places. Please let them know if you could help with that piece.

On Sunday October 29 all the groups will prepare for the November 5 All Souls Day service by talking about how different religions deal with death and grieving at levels appropriate for each age.

The Youth Group will meet in Norwell on October 15 and in Rockland on October 29. Please speak with Billy Timmins, our youth advisor, if you have any questions. We are still looking for a second advisor to join Billy; please let Patty or Brian Sutton or Pamela Barz know if you might be interested.
Please turn in RE registration forms
Children and youth of all ages must be registered to participate in the program.  Registration forms are available at church on Sundays or you may fill them out on-line ( ) and email them to Stephanie Stewart, our parish administrator, .  Parents are also asked to take part in the program in some way - please indicate on your form how you would like to be involved.
Church Matters

Notes from Beth Dubuisson

Our first choir session ends Sunday October 1st.
We will sing How Can I Keep from Singing arranged by Ginger Littleton. October 8th the choir gets a week off.  

If you’d like to try singing with us, join us for our next session!

Choir session Two : October 15th - November 19th
October 15th- Jazz Alleluia b y Thomas Benjamin.
October 22nd- Where Gentle Tides Go Rolling By arranged by Jay Althouse  This is a Southern Harmony tune with the original title My Shepherd will supply my need.
October 29th- Szkeley Blessing ( a Transylvanian song)
November 5th- No anthem this day since I will be away. We will have the special gift of music offered by Caroline Hine on cello and Donna Culley on violin.
November 12th- Along the Road of Peace  by Wally Kleuker This is a new song that I learned when I went to the Unitarian Universalist musician’s conference in July.
November 19th- Circle of Life  by Marty Haugen
- Beth Dubuisson

October Social Program - Join us for a "Spirited" Hike

Quest Walks are fun for all ages and our next one, Ghosts of Hingham, gets great reviews. Join us as we tromp through some historical sights near Hingham Center on October 28 at 4PM. Kids and kids at heart, you are invited to come in costume as we get in the mood for celebrations around All Souls' Day and Halloween. We will provide a copy of the Quest Walk clues on location. Participants need only come prepared for an easy walkabout. Meet in front of Old Ship Church at 4PM. -Jen McGonagle

We are hosting a triple treat as we near Halloween on Sunday evening, October 22: concert-quality music, two favorite Hollywood silent films, and the pleasure of hearing the peal of the church’s unique, antique pipe organ. The event will be held from 7:00 to 9:00 pm., and is by cash admission of $10 per person. Tickets will be available at the church door that night,
Award-winning organ musician Peter Krasinski will accompany and interpret the two silent movies, performing on the church’s historic and newly-renovated 1906 Hook & Hastings organ.
The  Phantom Of The Opera , a 1925 classic silent film starring Lon Chaney, and second feature short film  Haunted House  with Buster Keaton will have an extra thrill from Krasinski’s brilliant rendition of plots and characters.

Please share the event with friends: Halloween Silent Movie at First Parish Scituate
For more information, speak with Elizabeth Dubuisson.
We Look Forward to:

Sunday November 12 Minister Emeritus Rich Stower will preach
Saturday November 18 Blue Boat Coffeehouse
Sunday November 19 Soup Sunday Lunch
Saturday December 2 Snowflake Fair
Opportunities for Spiritual Deepening

Come to Community Office Hours with the Minister
Monday October 16th, at 11:00 am
at the Lucky Finn Café in the Harbor
Stop by to talk about what’s going on in your life and in the world.
Bring a friend who might like to share in the conversation.

Monday Night Meditation
Would you like to incorporate meditation into your spiritual practice? Would you like to learn how to meditate? Would you like to add the energy of others to your already existing practice? You are invited to come to First Parish’s bi-monthly meditation sessions on the 2 nd and 4 th Monday nights from 7-8:30 p.m. October sessions are Mondays 10/9 and 10/23. Email Brian or Patty Sutton with any questions at or
Introducing the New Testament   
This is the third in a series exploring the Bible which Pamela Barz has been leading over the past year. Participants have learned a lot and laughed a lot as they talked about the history, archeology, theology, and world views of the people who wrote and read these ancient scriptures. For the final session, which will meet on the third Monday of each month, October – March, we will explore the figure of Jesus in three distinct ways: A man like other men, a Jewish rabbi, and the Christ of Christian faith. Then it's on to the cantankerous Paul, the other New Testament authors, and the wild and baffling book called Revelation. Learn what Nazareth was like in the first century, see what scholars know and don't know about Jesus as a historical figure, and decide for yourself whether Paul deserves either the stature or the censure that he so often receives. And who is the Antichrist anyway? The text for the course is What Is the Bible by Anne Robertson and is available through Amazon (  Since the book is not needed for the first session, you are welcome to come to the first class to check it out.

Community Book Discussion - "Salvage the Bones: by Jesmyn Ward
Our next Community Book Discussions on issues of race, class, and privilege will use as a basis for conversation Jesmyn Ward's 2011 novel about a family in Mississippi surviving Hurricane Katrina. Salvage the Bones won the National Book Award for Fiction in 2011. Copies are available through the OCLN system. The discussion will take place on Tuesday November 7 at 6:30 p.m. in the Library's Book Group room and will again be facilitated by John Scopelleti, a Scituate resident and teacher at the South Shore Vocational Technical High School. Speak with Pamela Barz if you have questions or would like more information.

Plan Advent and Christmas Worship
Are there themes and images which say "Christmas" to you? Where do you find meaning as darkness deepens at the Winter Solstice? Consider sharing these images and metaphors with the Religious Services Committee at their Advent/Christmas/Solstice brainstorming meeting on Thursday October 26 at 7 p.m. at the church. All ages are welcome to participate. Please let Jenn Mackey, Chair of the Religious Services Committee, know if you have questions or if you can't attend but have ideas to share.

"Being Mortal" Movie in Norwell
Two years ago, as a congregation, we read "Being Mortal," Atul Gawande's exploration of end of life care in our country. If you missed that discussion or would like to review it, the United Church of Christ in Norwell (460 Main St.) invites the community to a screening of the movie version of Being Mortal on Sunday, Oct. 22, 2-4pm. Following the screening, audience members can participate in a guided expert panel conversation on how to take concrete steps to identify and communicate wishes about end-of-life goals and preferences. There is no fee, but since space is limited, registration is encouraged; contact Gwen Morgan at; 781-210-2045.

Gatherings for Craft and Conversation 

Drop in at the church any Wednesday between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. to participate in crafting and conversation.

Writing for Fun
Writing for Fun, for First Parish members, will meet on Thursdays from 10 -11 am in the Sloop Room. With no critique or judgment, we'll allow our creative minds to share poems, memoirs, essays, book beginnings and whatever you've always wanted to write. For information, Call Carey Eyerly (781-536-8227)  - Carey Eyerly
Unity Club Meeting - October 11th
Welcome Ladies! Please come join us for food, friendship and fun! Our first Unity Club meeting will be held on Wednesday October 11th, at 6:30 (gathering), and 7:00 (dinner).All women of the church are invited. The dinner committee will prepare a full meal; everyone else is asked to pay $5 to cover the costs of the meal.
-Karen Frey , Donna Brindley, Dawn Brindley, Jean Shilneck, Brigita Lindbloom, October Dinner Committee
Opportunities for Ministry
Men's Ministry
On Saturday October 7, men and boys of First Parish are invited to gather at Alan Donaldson's home (24 Satuit Trail in Scituate) for breakfast followed by two service projects. One group will assist a member of the community with home repairs and yard work; the other will work on pruning and other yard work at the church. Please bring work gloves and garden tools. The Men’s Ministry meets monthly on the first Saturday at 8 a.m. for breakfast followed by a service project for Scituate residents. Please let me know if you’d like to be on the mailing list or if you have ideas for future projects. – Chuck Jones,

Greeters Needed
Greetings First Parish Members and Friends.
It feels like a new year, even though it isn't. Back to school, back to Sunday services at Church, and back to a more regular routine. It is also a time of year, when we have new friends visit First Parish to see if it could fit as their religious home, to join in our many social programs, religious programs and, if they have children, have them join our religious education program. It is important that we make these newcomers feel welcome to our community. One of the things that keeps our family connected and participating in all that First Parish has to offer is the wonderful, loving and caring people who make up our community.
You can help make First Parish welcoming in a few easy ways.

You and your family can sign up to be a greeters on Sunday. To sign up just click here. Or sign up on the sign up sheet in the Old Sloop room after Sunday service. 
  • To be a greater, simply arrive at church by 10:10 and stand in the entryway and greet everyone who comes in.  
  • If someone is unfamiliar to you, introduce yourself and ask if they are visiting for the first time, ask them to fill out a name tag so we can greet them by name.
  • Ask them to fill out a welcome card with their names and email address so we can send them notices about events and goings on.
  • Ask if they have children who would like to participate in religious education, if so introduce them to the Patty or Brian Sutton. 
  • Invite them to stay for coffee hour.
  • At coffee hour, make sure new visitors are speaking to someone so they feel welcome.
  • If you have a chance make sure Pam meets new visitors and Sarah Murdock is introduced to them as well.
Even if you are not a greeter or on the Membership Committee, remember we can all do our part to make newcomers feel welcome. Make a point each week to introduce yourself to someone you don't know. If someone is standing alone and not speaking to anyone, make a point of greeting them and engaging them in conversation. Even for people who have been coming to church for a while, it is always nice to make sure everyone continues to feel welcome into our community and connected to others at our Church.

Thank you and I look forward to catching up with everyone in the weeks to come.
Best, Sarah Murdock ( , Dir. Membership 
Our annual service trip to Cradles to Crayons will be on Saturday October 14, 1:30-3:30 p.m. at their Giving Factory in Brighton. Together we will sort clothes, put together a week's worth of clothing, or clean toys which will be given to children birth to age 12 in need in Massachusetts. We will meet at the church at 12:15 p.m. to carpool.

Please sign up at and indicate in the comments whether you can drive others to the event.

To prepare for our visit to Cradles to Crayons, we will be collecting new or gently used children’s clothes at the church. Please note that used underwear, socks, and pajamas cannot be accepted.

Mark your calendars for October14!  Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns at (781) 760-0257 Jen Bokavich

Scituate Food Pantry -Volunteers Needed for October
The month of October is our church's time to support the Scituate Food Pantry. We are called upon to provide one person on Tuesdays 9:30-12:30 and/or Thursdays 3:00-6:00 pm each week of October (3 rd , 5 th , 10 th , 12 th , 17 th , 19 th , 24 th , 26 th , and 31 st .)
The work is mainly dating donated goods and filling orders for clients. There is some lifting and bending required. On the month that we provide volunteers to the food pantry, we are requested to either have a fund raiser or a food drive. Our plan is to collect over 1000 items this month as we build a wall of food across the chancel, trying to beat last April's record of just under 1000 items.
The Food Pantry always needs: catsup, mayonnaise, jelly, juice, coffee, tea, cookies, crackers, cereal, xugar, canned fruit, pancake mix and syrup, spaghetti sauce, and canned meats. In addition, the Food Pantry has holiday needs: stuffing, gravy, brownie mix, fruit cocktail, chicken broth, mashed potatoes (16oz), and store bought “fancy” cookies.
Please sign up on the sheet in the Sloop room at church, and/or contact me at church or at 781-378-1562, if you have any questions. Thank you! - Alan Donaldson, Food Pantry Representative
Around the Parish

We offer our sympathies to Ann Lattinville and Allen, Al, and Patrick Hale on the death of Ann's father., and to Jackie and Richard Leach on the death of Jackie's brother.... Good wishes to Donna Brindley's son Adam and to Lauren Lee who are to be married on Friday October 6.
Thank UUs: 
To mulch-movers Alma Morrison, Mark Matthews, Mark McGuinness, Sarah, Bob, and Robbie Murdock, Alan Donaldson, Win Lawson, and Jean Shildneck and to waterers of new grass seed Alma Morrison, Billy Timmins, Kate Glennon, Zack Nidositko, Miles Jones, Mark McGuinness, and Jean Shildneck... to Julianna Dunn for serving as worship assistant to Johnannah Murphy on September 24... and to Frank Kilduff for painting and repairs around the church.
Happy Birthday!
Wendy Ballinger
Andy Culbert 
Lisa Bertola
Gil Wilder 
Mackenzi Boyle
Makayla Boyle
Burak Laciner 
Robbie Murdock 
Kate Glennon 
Pamela Barz
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 October Calendar
Sun. 1st
9:00 am Choir Practice
10:30 am Worship and RE
5:00 pm Youth Group -Scituate

Tues. 3rd
6:30 pm Community Book Discussion at the
Wed. 4th
10:30 am Fididdlers
7:00 pm Parish Committee Meeting

Thurs. 5th
10:00 am Writing for Fun

Sat. 7th
8:00 am Men's Ministry

Sun. 8th
10:30 Worship

Mon. 9th
7:00 pm Meditation

Wed. 11th
10:30 am Fididdlers
6:30 pm Unity Dinner

Sat. 14th
1:30 pm Cradles to Crayons (Brighton, MA)

Sun. 15th
9:00 am Choir
10:30 am Worship and RE
5:00 pm Youth Group - Norwell

Mon. 16th
11:00 am Minister's Community Office Hours
at Lucky Finn Cafe
7:00 pm New Testament Class
Wed. 18th
10:30 am Fididdlers

Thurs. 19th
10:00 am Writing for Fun

Fri. 20th
7:00 pm Scituate Ceilidhe

Sun. 22nd
9:00 am Choir Practice
10:30 am Worship and RE
7:00 pm Silent Film/Music Night

Mon. 23rd
7:00 pm Meditation

Wed. 25th
10:30 am Fididdlers

Thurs. 26th
10:00 am Writing for Fun
7:00 pm Religious Services
Advent/Christmas/Solstice meeting

Sat. 28th
4:00 pm "Spooky" Quest Hike - Hingham, MA

Sun. 29th
9:00 am Choir Practice
10:30 am Worship and RE
5:00 pm Youth Group -Rockland