Looking forward to Water Communion, Quest Hike, and Womensphere Fall Retreat

The Sloop's Log
     September 2017

Newsletter of the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church of Scituate
Our Vision
We aspire to be a beacon of liberal faith, strong community and transformative service, rooted in love. 

Our Mission
Liberal Faith: We commit to participate side-by-side across generations  in worship, religious education, social activities, environmental protection,
and social justice work—learning, sharing, and growing together. 

Strong Community : We commit to care for one another, nurture the light that shines within each of us, and support each other’s individual search for truth and meaning.
Transformative Service: We commit to pursue diversity, justice, equality, reason, and discourse;
provide inspiration through music, creativity, and the arts;
and work cooperatively to affect positive change in our community and beyond.
Worship Celebrations

All services begin at 10:30 a.m. in the sanctuary.
Children and youth begin in the sanctuary with the adults to share in the opening of worship, and then leave with their teachers for Religious Education. Nursery care is available upstairs for children over
18 months, but children are welcome to remain with parents.

S unday September 10           A Sea Change
Pamela Barz and members of the Religious Services Committee will lead our annual multigenerational ingathering celebration of water communion, looking at the ways water both changes and sustains us. Please do not bring water to church; drinking water will be provided.  The Choir will sing Let the River Run by Carly Simon .  We are in need of people to host coffee hour, bring flowers, and greet. 
Sunday September 17          Our Heroes!
As a new year of our Religious Education program begins, we will recognize the children, youth, and adults who will learn and explore together this year. Pamela Barz will reflect on how the heroes we choose for ourselves shape our lives. The Choir will sing So We Go by Pat DeSimio .  We are in need of people to host coffee hour, bring flowers, and greet.
Sunday September 24          Repentance Amongst the Awe
Johannah Murphy preaching
We welcome Jo Murphy back to our pulpit. Jo writes about her sermon: Between the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur there are ten days. These ten days are called the days of repentance or penitence. These days are also “Days of Awe.” Awe is not something many automatically link to expressing regret or remorse. Sunday we will explore what does it mean to feel reverence and wonder about expressing our regret? How does our relationship with repentance change when we see it occur in a context of awe? Finally, we will think about how we as Unitarian Universalists relate to repentance, regret, and awe.
Jo Murphy is a candidate for UU ministry and just finished her chaplaincy residency at Brigham and Women's Hospital. Jo graduated from Harvard Divinity School in May 2015, then worked in a development office at a school in Concord while organizing a short trip to Malawi, Africa, to evaluate and work on a project she began while in Peace Corps. She currently is preparing to meet with the UUA’s Ministerial Fellowship Committee in December. The Choir will sing Return Again- Hashiveinu .    Beth Monaco will provide the flowers. We are in need of people to host coffee hour and greet.
Ministries of Hospitality
There are many opportunities for ministry each Sunday as we greet, create space for conversation, and add color to our worship. Please sign up to serve on the signup sheet in the Sloop Room, or online at the following: Help drive someone to church: contact the church office at 781-545-3324 or firstparishscituate@verizon.net

Sign up to bring flowers for the communion table:  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b094baea92e5-sunday/
From the Minister 

We are not the first to feel the tyranny of tide.
From India to Nepal, Niger to Mumbai,
we have watched the water's chest swell with power.
Houston's poet laureate, Deborah D.E.E.P Mouton wrote A Poem for Houston (http://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-us-canada-41140999/a-poem-for-houston-by-the-city-s-poet-laureate-deborah-deep-mouton) while the flood waters were still ebbing. The poem begins in the devastation of her city, the people left homeless and overwhelmed, trees, houses and cars uprooted, but ends in the good that emerged unscathed from the flooding: 
In Houston we have decided we will not be a lost city. …
Today Houston is not destitute..
If we have learned anything …
it is that a miracle can manifest itself as canned goods and a smile…. 
The waters can flatten us down to a puddle of tears
but even that means we haven’t lost anything. 
We just have it all to gain again.
Though the waters of Harvey and likely as I write the waters of Irma will not flood our streets, other storms this summer have washed over us, flooding hope and optimism, leaving fear and anxiety behind. News stories crashed down on us, so many that I’m sure I’ll leave something out: the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate accord; terrorist attacks in Africa, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East; the shooting of Republican Congress members playing baseball; the possible role of Russian in our election; the President’s speech at the Boy Scouts’ Jamboree; Charlottesville; Boston’s free speech rally; the pardoning of Sherriff Joe Arpaio; a nuclear North Korea; the ending of DACA; the continuing plight of refugees; Hurricane Harvey and immediately after it, the even bigger Hurricane Irma.  We didn’t need a total eclipse to make us feel sometimes the light had been extinguished. 
But like the people of Houston, we also had miracles manifesting around us: the miracles of our fellow church members every Wednesday this summer reflecting of where they find meaning and how the meaning they find – in nature, in music, in fantasy, in bird-watching, even in The Great British Baking Show – sustains them; the miracle of a congregation supporting one another in times of death and in celebrating new life; the miracle of our children, as they blessed their backpacks, naming the qualities they wished to carry into the new school year – curiosity, kindness, compassion, fun, friends, happiness, and music. 
A thread that runs through the miracles of Scituate and through the miracles of Houston is that they can only happen where two or three or more are gathered. Miracles don’t fly solo. We need one another to experience them. What miracles will rise up among us and give us hope in this new year? What miracle will you bring to our community? What miracle will come to you? I look forward to finding out!
See you in Church,   
Minister’s Schedule
Pamela Barz will be in Italy for a family wedding September 18-29.  If you would like to talk with a minister while she is away, Stephanie Shute Kelsch, minister of the Second Parish in Hingham, will be available. Stephanie can be reached at: 781-749-7177(cell) or skskhing4@comcast.net. In addition, our Caring Coordinators, Julianna Dunn and Tracey Timmons are available with support for food and visits. 
At other times, Pamela Barz is available for appointments on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Tuesday is her day off.  You can reach her at pamela.merrill.barz@gmail.com or 781-412-4233.

Religious Education (RE News)

This is the RE year for "World Religions." We will introduce Hinduisms & Beliefs of India, Nature Based Faiths (Native American, Aboriginal Australia, Pagan), Sikhism, Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism & Beliefs in China.  
We are pleased to welcome Billy Timmins in the role as our new advisor for SciCohRockWell. Advisors have had their first meetings and a schedule will be out soon.
We will have as many outings, social events and movies as we can get additional members, committees and parents to support! 
First up, we are looking to have a Dwali outing to the Holbrook Hindu Temple, possibly on October 15th or 22nd. 

Please visit our websites Religious Education page for more information and to register your children now. Parents, when registering please let us know as much as possible about your children and their learning styles. It will help our teachers. - http://firstparishscituate.org/religious-education.htm .
– Brian and Patty Sutton, Co-Chairs, Religious Education Committee
Church Matters

Notes from Beth Dubuisson

It’s that time of year again! Back to school and the routine of a schedule. I thrive on routine, but have really enjoyed the relaxing summer too.
It was great to see some of you at the service I lead on the meaning of singing.

I attended the Unitarian Universalist Musicians’ Conference in Arlington, VA., and came away enthused about singing. Be ready to learn some great new songs!

Speaking of choir: anyone in 7th grade or older is invited to sing in the choir. We rehearse Sunday mornings at 9:00. We will sing an anthem most Sundays.

Our “No commitment choir” continues this year. If you can’t commit to singing every week, try joining us for a short 5-6 week cycle. Some easy anthems are learned and sung that very day. Other longer more complicated anthems will need 3 or 4 rehearsals before they are ready. We sing a variety of music, like songs by Carly Simon, the Beatles, John Rutter or Handel.
Here is our September /October Schedule :
9/10- Let the River Run by Carly Simon.      https://youtu.be/2hhg1U09kKo
9/17- So We Go   by Pat DeSimio.  This song celebrates the turning of the year from summer to fall.
9/24- Return Again- Hashiveinu.    https://youtu.be/mQUcIRdZ4Is    

We will sing an arrangement of the 2 songs by Elizabeth Norton.
10/1- How Can I Keep from Singing by Ginger Littleton  https://youtu.be/m5y_RVlYyl4
We now have a djembe to use with our music! It is a really nice sounding drum. Who has a great sense of rhythm and has always wanted to play the drum?
Looking ahead: I invite student musicians 6th grade and older to share your talents with us! Contact me if you would like to play at a church service.        
Hope to see you Sunday September 10th at 9:00 ready to warm up and sing! - Beth Dubuisson

September Social Program - Come on a Hike
The Social Programs Committee invites everyone to get to know other members of the congregation better while enjoying a fall afternoon on a Quest Hike at Wompatuck State Park on September 16, from 2-4 pm.  Quest walks are fun for all ages. You can learn more about the particulars of this one at
http://www.southshorequests.org/questing/try-a-quest/herp-hunt/ Copies of the quest will be available when you get to the walk. Participants need only come prepared for an easy hike.  Meet in the parking lot of the Wompatuck Visitor's Center - 204 Union St, Hingham, MA, to get organized before heading to the trailhead. Hope to see you there! - Jen McGonagle Dziedzic and Milena Davidova, Social Programs Co-Chairs

Hear Our Organ Like Never Before!

We are thrilled to announce an extraordinary event at First Parish Scituate on Sunday October 22nd!  

Bring your friends and see the double feature of Buster Keaton’s “Haunted House” and the original “Phantom of the Opera” with music performed on our organ by Peter Edwin Krasinski.  7:00-9:00 p.m. $10 admission.
Peter Krasinski is broadly recognized as a motivating consultant for the pipe organ community, and as a conductor, organist and music educator, whose imaginative and energetic performances elevate and inform audiences. Along with regular concert appearances he specializes in the art of live improvised silent film accompaniment, worldwide. He is the recipient of a number of prizes including the First Prize in Improvisation from the American Guild of Organists National Competition. Mr. Krasinski, past Dean of the Boston chapter of the American Guild of Organists, currently serves as Organist at First Church of Christ, Scientist in Providence RI and is a faculty member of St Paul’s Choir School, Cambridge MA. He regularly presents master-classes in improvisation to the Harvard Organ Society. He holds both a Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Education and Organ Performance, and the Master of Sacred Music Degree from Boston University. – Beth Dubuisson
We Look Forward to:
October 1 Nature: A Walking Play
October 11 Unity/Alliance dinner
October 14 Service trip to Cradles to Crayons in Brighton
October 22 Silent Movie
December 2 Snowflake Fair
Opportunities for Spiritual Deepening

Monday Night Meditation
Would you like to incorporate meditation into your spiritual practice? Would you like to learn how to meditate? Would you like to add the energy of others to your already existing practice? You are invited to come to First Parish’s bi-monthly meditation sessions on the 2 nd and 4 th Monday nights from 7 -8:30 p.m. Please note that there will be no sitting on September 11; they will resume on   Monday 9/25. All are welcome.  Email Brian or Patty Sutton with any questions at brsutton@hotmail.com or pattysutton@gmail.com.
Introducing the New Testament   
This is the third in a series exploring the Bible which Pamela Barz has been leading over the past year. Participants have learned a lot and laughed a lot as they talked about the history, archeology, theology, and world views of the people who wrote and read these ancient scriptures. For the final session, which will meet on the third Monday of each month, October – March, we will explore the figure of Jesus in three distinct ways: A man like other men, a Jewish rabbi, and the Christ of Christian faith. Then it's on to the cantankerous Paul, the other New Testament authors, and the wild and baffling book called Revelation. Learn what Nazareth was like in the first century, see what scholars know and don't know about Jesus as a historical figure, and decide for yourself whether Paul deserves either the stature or the censure that he so often receives. And who is the Antichrist anyway?  The text for the course is What Is the Bible by Anne Robertson and is available through Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Introducing-New-Testament-Exploring-Bible/dp/0988248182/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1444413125&sr=8-1).  Class size is limited to 12; please email Pamela Barz to reserve your space.

Community Book Discussion at the Library
We had a stimulating discussion in August of Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin and to look at issues of privilege and power next through the eyes of a Native American. So the next  community discussion on Tuesday October 3 at 6:30 p.m. in the Library’s new Book Group Room will center on, a book of linked short stories by Sherman Alexie, The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven. Many copies are available through the OCLN library system as well as on-line:  http://kieferorigins.weebly.com/uploads/1/3/7/6/13762989/alexie_-_lone_ranger_and_tonto_fistfight_in_heaven.pdf  John Scopelleti will again lead the discussion   Please invite others who might be interested.   

Gatherings for Craft and Conversation 

Drop in at the church any Wednesday between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. to participate in crafting and conversation.

Writing for Fun
Writing for Fun, for First Parish members, will meet on Thursdays from 10 -11 am in the Sloop Room, beginning in October. With no critique or judgment, we'll allow our creative minds to share poems, memoirs, essays, book beginnings and whatever you've always wanted to write. For information, Call Carey Eyerly (781-536-8227)  - Carey Eyerly
Unity Club Meeting - October 11th
Welcome Ladies! Please come join us for food, friendship and fun! Our first Unity Club meeting will be held on Wednesday October 11th, at 6:30 (gathering), and 7:00 (dinner).All women of the church are invited. The dinner committee will prepare a full meal; everyone else is asked to pay $5 to cover the costs of the meal.
-Roxanne Greim, Donna Brindley, Dawn Brindley, Jean Shilneck, Brigita Lindbloom, October Dinner Committee
Plan Halloween and All Souls Services
Religious Services invites you to join the Halloween and All Souls planning team! Do you love this season or these services? We want to hear your ideas and visions! We will gather  after church on Sept. 17th to discuss ideas. (This is a change from the originally scheduled date, Thurs, Sept. 14th, which is Back to School Night for elementary schools in Scituate). Please join us! - Jenn Mackey

FPUU Field Trip opportunity - Nature: A Walking Play, October 1 at 5:00 pm
The Trustees of Reservations and TigerLion Arts present Nature: a walking play, the mythic telling of Emerson and Thoreau’s mutual love affair with the natural world at The Old Manse in Concord, MA. 
Ralph Waldo Emerson lived there while writing his famous essay “Nature” and where he, Henry David Thoreau, and other leading Transcendentalists discussed and debated the issues of the day—provides the most fitting location for a stop on this nationwide touring production.
A professional ensemble of actors takes the audience on a journey through the natural environment as scenes unfold around them. Bagpipes, ancient flutes, drums and rich choral arrangements are intricately woven into the experience.
Important: This is an outdoor play, which involves walking to follow the action as it moves around the property. Performances are rain or shine, except in dangerous weather conditions.
Purchase your own tickets, but let me know if you are going so that we can carpool and picnic together!
 - Jean Shildneck (jean_shildneck@comcast.net. 857-719-6192)

Womensphere Fall Retreat "Watering Seeds of Joy & Beauty"
Friday Sept. 29- Sunday Oct. 1 at Senexet House in Woodstock, CT
This annual retreat for women of the Ballou-Channing District of the UUA invites participants this year to "Choose to cultivate happiness as an intentional way of living." Activities include but not limited to creating personal alters, rituals, and Yoni (prayer) flags. Explore meditation, dance, nature walks, singing, and writing. The cost is $190 for both nights or $150 for Sat-Sun. More information is posted on the bulletin board at church or https://www.facebook.com/events/1919942084932070/
Opportunities for Ministry

Men's Ministry
The Men’s Ministry meets monthly on the first Saturday at 8 a.m. for breakfast followed by a service project for Scituate residents. On Saturday, September 2nd, Howard Matthews, Chuck, Oliver, and Miles Jones, and Frank Kilduff enjoyed breakfast at Alan Donaldson's house, and then cleared brush and over growth at a Scituate home. The next meeting will be Saturday October 7th. Men and boys of all ages are welcome. Please let me know if you’d like to be on the mailing list or if you have ideas for future projects. – Chuck Jones, Charles_A_Jones@yahoo.com.

Greeters Needed
Do you look forward to arriving at Church on Sunday mornings and being greeted by one or two welcoming faces in the entry hall? In recent months there have been ongoing discussions as to what we like best about our church, and the importance of having Greeters is very frequently mentioned. Would you like to take a turn as one of the welcoming Sunday Greeters every now and then? It’s not hard, and we will train you in (or remind you of) the simple duties of the job. It’s fun and you will be warmly appreciated. If you can make time occasionally to be a Greeter on Sundays from 10:00 to 10:30 a.m. please sign up with Sign-Up-Genius   http://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b094baea92e5-greeters1 or on the sheets in the Old Sloop Room. Thank you. - Alma Morrison

Invitation to Host Coffee Hour
Coffee Hour is a uniquely popular activity at church. To make it work, we need one or two people to host it each week. The coffee, tea, juice, cream and sugar are provided by the Coffee Hour Subcommittee, Carley Eyerly and Marche Kellerhals. Any other food is provided by the families or individuals who sign up to do it on a particular Sunday. It can be as simple as, for example, pretzels and grapes, or it may include other finger foods of your choice. It does not have to be fancy! Guidelines/instructions are available. Please sign up with Sign-Up-Genius   http://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b094baea92e5-coffee or on the sheets in the Old Sloop Room. Thank you. - Alma Morrison
Around the Parish
On Wednesday August 30, on the eve of his first birthday, we dedicated Tripp Beaudry, who began coming to our church with his parents Jamee and Kane, and his siblings Gus, Stella, and Tess, this summer… Anna da Silva is back in Scituate from Russia where she traveled to be with her father in his final days.
Thank UUs: Pam Molinari and her crew from the High School who weeded, mulched, and worked in the Memorial Garden over the summer – please walk out to the garden and admire all they have done…. To Kate Glennon for sprucing up the RE area in the Old Sloop Room and to Jim Nidositko and Mark Matthews for grappling with new Ikea furniture for that area… to our August worship leaders Jen McGonagle Dziedzic, Howard Matthews, Elizabeth Dubuisson, Hannah Kingsbury, Joy Tarr Kingsbury, and Jamee Beaudry…. To Mary Beaulieu for leading the goal setting retreat on August 9, to Ann Svensen and Alma Morrison who helped her plan it, and to the First Parish in Cohasset for letting us use their parish hall. … To Patty and Brian Sutton for all their preparation over the summer for our Religious Education program.
Happy Birthday!
Lili Duff
Lisa Lewis
Frank Smith
Jonah Lewis
Jim Duff
Sue Duff
Lauri Klein
Sarah Murdock
Heather Howe
Abby Capodanno
Ava Capodanno
Tristan Smith
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 September Calendar
Sat. 2nd
8 a.m. Men's Ministry

Wed. 6th   
10:30 am Fididdlers
7:00 pm Parish Committee

Sun. 10th
 9:00 am Choir Rehearsal
10:30 am Worship

Mon. 11th
7:00 pm Exploring the Old Testament

Wed. 13th
10:30 am Fididdlers

Fri. 15th
7:00 pm Scituate Ceilidhe
Sat. 16th
2:00 pm Quest Hike

Sun. 17th
 9:00 am Choir Rehearsal
10:30 am Worship and RE
11:45 am Religious Services Meeting

Wed. 20th
10:30 am Fididdlers

Sun. 24th
9:00 am Choir Practice
10:30 am Worship and RE

Mon. 25th
7:00 pm Mediatation

Wed. 27th
10:30 am Fididdlers