CS448 Oscilloscope
The CS448 is a 1kV isolated channel oscilloscope designed to be useful anywhere isolation is needed - in particular power electronics.

The CS448 supports - via the Cscope4 application- Frequency Response Analysis (using the built in isolated signal generator), Protocol decoding, Maths, streaming, Excel and Matlab connectivity, Spectrum Analysis, mixed signal triggering and display.
The high channel common mode rejection ratio (100 dB at 50 MHz) means the CS448 can be used to measure signals such as gate drives and current sensors whose common mode is slewing quickly.
The ONLY Oscilloscope in the world that has:
  • Continuous logging and review to Hard Disk at up to 1.5 MSPS with 14 bit ENOB for days
  • External clock synchronous sampling 1 - 120 MHz.
  • User defined Maths Equations with 38 maths functions and 44 signal processing modules.
  • An isolated (300V Cat II) Signal Generator for Power supply stimulation from 0 - 65 MHz.
  • A 40Vp-p power amplifier, 52 MHz BW, 1A output for PSRR measurement, power supply simulation, CT transformer measurement,
  • Frequency Response Analysis (Gain/Phase) with > 100 dB dynamic range from 0.05 Hz - 65 MHz.
  • Live Power Supply injected signal Gain/Phase response with power supplies up to 300V.
  • Live Power Supply stability analysis.
  • Power Supply power plane impedance measurement to 65 Mhz with live power supply.
  • Measurement of Power Supply Voltage Rejection Ratio, 0 - 65 MHz.
  • Frequency plots of SMT and leaded inductors, capacitors and resistors, L, C, Resr, Dissipation Factor, 0- 65 Mhz. C = 1pF - 1mF, L = 10nH - 1mH
  • Frequency plots of Transformer magnetizing inductance, leakage inductance, inter-winding capacitance, and transfer ratio, 0-65MHz.
  • Fast recovery front end to measure transistor forward voltage, RDSon, transistor power dissipation in the presence of up to 600V transistor switching.
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