The Smoothest Road To Your First Credit Card
When should I get a  credit card ? Do I really need one? Where should I get one? You’ve got questions. We’ve got all the answers.

Gen Z and Millennials: we’re looking at you. Time is going by so quickly and suddenly you’re working nine-to-five, you’re paying bills, you’re making money, and you’re cut off from the comfort of your parents’ income. In this transition time, it is so important that you start building your own credit.

Why get a credit card?

In the future, things like a house and car will likely be way out of budget for you to make a one-time payment. (It’s not just you, it’s everyone.) So you’ll have to borrow money to make those purchases. In order to be approved for a mortgage or car loan, the bank wants some assurance that we can trust you to pay it back over time. Establishing a credit card account and using it responsibly helps with that.

When should you open a credit card? How do you know if you are ready? Which credit card is the best?

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Just because you’re earning more money doesn’t mean you need to be spending more. Make sure your extra income is really serving you best.

What are you doing when you’re off the company clock? Exercising? Maybe. Spending time with friends? We hope so. But have you thought about using some of your downtime to build your savings up?

Every single person has the potential to be earning more than that biweekly paycheck and to be doing something they feel passionately about. Enter: your side hustle. About 43 percent of full-time workers are taking advantage of a side-gig.

We talked to a few experts that can help you get the most out of your new income.
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