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Fall 2018


 DFW Pug Rescue Club, Inc, is a 501(c)3 Charity 

The Snort Report a DFW Pug Rescue Newsletter - all images and content copyright 2014. DFW Pug Rescue Club Inc relies solely on contributions from the public and proceeds from its fundraising efforts. Since we are a nonprofit organization, donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. When you make a donation, we will give you a receipt for tax purposes. 

You can mail items to us: 
P.O. Box 2591, Grapevine, TX 76099-2591

Oct 7th 11am-3pm
3333 Turtle Creek Blvd,
Dallas, TX 75219
Oct 21st 12pm-4pm
22nd Annual Pug-O-Ween
1209 S Main St, Grapevine
Grapevine, TX 76051
Mark your calendars and set your alarms for the TENTH ANNUAL NORTH TEXAS GIVING DAY on SEPTEMBER 20, 2018! DFW Pug Rescue Club is excited to be a part of this exhilarating day of giving. We were humbled and honored that our donors contributed over $20,000 last year in ONE day to DFW Pug Rescue and our mission to leave no pugs behind. On September 20, 2018, donations can be made starting at 6 o’clock a.m. until midnight. Donations of $25 and above will be amplified with chances at general bonus funds and prizes. Your generosity on Giving Day fuels the fires of our mission and energizes our volunteers to continue the great work they do for the pugs. Let’s do it again pug lovers! Get up and Give for DFW Pug Rescue on September 20th.

Going to be out of town that day or swamped at work?  Schedule your donations TODAY at  www.northtexasgivingday.org !  Thank you for your support!

by Mery, Adoptive and Foster Mother for DFW Pug Rescue!

Where should I begin with Bonsai?  I remember seeing a photo of this good-looking pug one day in an email that he was available for pickup.  The next day I was off to pick him up – my first foster pug! I drove an hour to pick him up.  I got his medical records, harness, and off we went!  I was a little concerned about caring for a dog with a collapsing trachea but figured it would be ok.

Bonsai was scared.  He would walk with his head down and wouldn’t bark back, even when dogs were barking at him. That said, he quickly began to follow me everywhere!  He’s always by my feet. So, this is what it’s like to have a Velcro pug! The truth is I knew almost immediately that this dog was mine. So when I got an email two weeks later about a family being interested, I signed the adoption contract to adopt him myself. He was home. 

Let me just say this.  Bonsai has not been the easiest dog to care for as medical needs go. He kept getting sick.Within the first month, he was put on two round of antibiotics for respiratory outbreaks. He got that twice. Pancreatitis?  He got that. Heart worms? That too! Heart worms are scary. I could see the effect it was having on him. He was lethargic and tired. His coughing was so bad, I had to go to the hospital two nights in a row because I was scared he couldn’t breathe. He was put on all these different cough tablets. Although some of it was caused by his collapsing trachea, it was also because of the heart worms. In fact, one side of his heart was enlarged. He started treatment in March, 2018 and I was terrified. At 10 years old, he’s an older dog and I was worried his body wouldn’t be able to handle it. It’s also very expensive. The treatment estimate was between $1,500 to $2,000 – a large amount of money. Thankfully, DFW Pug Rescue supported Bonsai and paid for his medical treatment, including boarding. After months of treatment and crate rest, he was finally clear. He has more energy than ever! 

He’s one happy pug!  DFW Pug Rescue and its volunteers genuinely care and take wonderful care of their pugs. Like they did for Bonsai, they are saving lives and giving these pugs forever homes they deserve.  

THIS IS RESCUE!! #DFWPugRescue, #Nopugleftbehind, #NTGD2018
Are you a part of our Facebook group "Friends of DFW Pug Rescue"?

It's a great place to share pug love, get advice, socialize, chat, share and post everything pug related.

Check out this Pug Diary interview with Grace, Henry and Crosby!


July - Brodi, 4 yrs
July 7 - Bosco, 3 yrs
July 15 - Stanley, 2 yrs
July 15 - Penny, 1 yr
July 16 - Penny,
July 16 - Naya, 2 yrs
July 17 - Bongo, 6 yrs
July 21 - Kairi, 2 yrs
July 28 - Henry & Jane, 1yr
July 30 - Murphy, 7 years
Aug - Zeus, 4 yrs
Aug 2 - Seamus, 1 yr
Aug 3rd - Sunny & Jude, 1 yr
Aug 11 - Macie Gray, 1 yr
Aug 22 - Chiquita, 3 yrs
Aug 23 - Carrington, 2 yrs
Aug 26 - Khloe, 1 yr
Aug 29 - Fen, 4 yrs
Aug 28 - Percy, 4 yrs
Sept - Frankie & Noir, 4 yrs
Sept - Cherokee, 2 yrs
Sept - Barton,
Sept 1 - Ringo, 5 yrs
Sept 7 - Gizmo,
Sept 8 - Pork Chop, 6 yrs
Sept 20 - Chloe, 3 yrs
Oct - River, 2 yrs
Oct 7 - Dak, 3yrs
Oct 14 - Raider, 4 yrs

Children and adults may love the spooky traditions of Halloween, but our pets are less likely to appreciate the costumes, masks, and parties associated with Halloween night.
Kit Darling, infection control coordinator at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, recommended a few tips to keep your pet safe this Halloween.
“Keep candy secure from pets,” Darling said. “Many candies are toxic to pets, such as chocolates. Candies and gum containing the sugar-free sweetener xylitol are also toxic.”
Additionally, lollipops and other candies with plastic wrappers can cause intestinal blockage if ingested, Darling said. Be sure to clean up candy trash and store candy on a high shelf to prevent pets from reaching it.
Other items to keep away from your pets include candles, pumpkins, pumpkin seeds, corn, lights, and electrical cords. These objects are a hazard if consumed or chewed on by your pet. If you suspect your pet has ingested a dangerous item, Darling recommended contacting the Animal Poison Control Center, at (888) 426-4435, or your veterinarian.


You’ve survived your furbaby’s toddler phase. You’ve struggled with the rebellion of the teenage years. Now that they’ve settled into adulthood, it’s hard to believe that the years are flying past. Suddenly they’re a little more grey, a little slower, and a little heavier.
Come their annual physical exam at the vet, your veterinarian breaks the news to you gently. Your furbaby is old – no, not old – seven-plus, the line which separates the adults from the geriatrics.
You protest. “My pug’s not old!”
However, most of the diseases of the pug seven-plus population are startlingly similar to the diseases of human old age. Eyes become cloudier, joints start to creak, warts start to pop up, hairs start to grey – your furbaby is starting to enter the realm of seniorhood.
Just as with humans, though, sound veterinary care can make the senior years a lot more comfortable. The veterinary field has advanced in leaps and bounds in the past decade, resulting in much longer, happier lives for our furbabies.
So, what are the simple things you can do to look after your ageing pug?


Mr. Winston (Formally Boskey) came to us from the DFW Pug Rescue in November of 2017. My husband has dreamed of having a pug since he was 8 years old. So when I saw Mr. Winston available on the adoption page, I just knew he would be a great addition to the family. 

I took our current dog, Toby to a meet and greet with Mr. Winston and they instantly hit it off. I could tell they would be great brothers. His foster and the medical director gave me the complete run down of his history which included the fact that he was heart worm positive. He was still on two medications at the time of adoption and had a horrible cough. But I could tell, he was a special pug kid. So after the meet and greet, I took Mr. Winston home and gave him the surprise of a lifetime. When I say Mr. Winston was a surprise to my husband, he was a SURPRISE! He had no idea I filled out an application, did the home visit, paid the adoption fee or anything. I told him I got off work late the day I went to pick Mr. Winston up and called him when I was close to our house and told him I had a surprise for him. I had my friend go inside first and make sure Stephen had his eyes closed and then sat Mr. Winston in his lap. He was thrilled, the last time I saw him so excited was our wedding day.

Mr. Winston was very shy coming in to our home. He wouldn't really snuggle, would get into our laps and was iffy when jumping on furniture. He also had a very bad cough. Which the foster mom said is a side affect of his heart worm. But the cough became more intense after a few days and so I knew something wasn't right. I contacted the medical director at DFW Pug Rescue who helped us get into the vet that had treated Mr. Winston when he was rescued. 

Turns out, my suspicions were right. He also had a severe respiratory infection. 

After several weeks on medication for the infection the cough improved drastically. He became a different dog. He was running, playing, jumping and became the most cuddly dog we have ever had. If you are not petting Mr. Winston, he lets you know it. He is an attention hog but we love it!

In just the short few months we have had him, his personality has grown leaps and bounds. He loves to play with stuffed animals, sit in the sunshine and give his brother Toby a hard time. Mr. Winston was the perfect addition to our family and my husband's dream pug. OH! He has also officially tested negative for heart worm. Mr. Winston is living his best life .

Would I be bragging if I told you I am an awesome Pug? Well, it’s true so that is me being honest, not bragging! My name is  Jetson  and I am a 9-year-old fawn colored pug that is in search of my forever home. Maybe yours?
I am a laid back and gentle guy that loves people. I am great with kids and other dogs. I am on the brink of mastering this potty training challenge. I am so close to have the doggy door down and am sporting a bellyband to keep me from having that occasional accident. I’m a smart guy and will get it all figured out in no time!
I sleep in my crate without a problem and walk ok on a leash. When it comes to mealtime, I become an entertainer! I put on a little song and dance number because I really love to eat! I also enjoy chewing on my antlers and dog bones.
My foster family says I’m great so you should believe them and fill out an  application  for me! Don’t forget to put my name: JETSON! I can’t wait to meet you!
We are very happy to announce that Tammy Pfarrer has come back to her role as Community Events Director!

We are very excited to have her back! This will ensure more fun events throughout the metroplex.

Please welcome her back when you see her at upcoming events!
Festivities will include:

  • Vendors
  • Raffle 
  • Merchandise
  • Nail trim station 
  • Kissing booth 
  • Selfie station 
  • Prize Wheel 
  • Bake sale 
  • Food and drinks 

The highlight of the event will be the parade and costume contest!

SIGN UP to participate in the costume contest and/ or float parade here:   http://bit.ly/DFWPRC
October 21st 2018

From 12pm-4pm
Doors open at 11am

1209 S Main St,
Grapevine, Texas 76051

Ticket presale begins 
September 15!

Volunteer Signup will be emailed soon! If you are not a current volunteer, sign up now !


If there’s one thing that instantly makes us think Autumn, it’s large parks and pathways covered in crisp, fallen leaves. With the leaf colors changing and falling to the ground, this of course makes choosing the right location to capture the essence of this wonderful season that much more vital. Having your pug sitting or laying down in the leaves make for adorable portraits, also try and have a few leaves (not too many) dropped from waist height as you capture your pug to make it feel like the leaves are falling straight off the tree!


I believe it is just as important that your pug wears a harness as well as a collar and ID tag and here are 3 reasons why your pug should wear a harness.

  • Stops pugs from choking themselves on walk

  • Harnesses are very hard to slip out of

  • Gives you more control of your pug

The Bureau of Labor Statistics just released the 2013 volunteering rates for the United States, showing a decline to 25.4 percent, the lowest rate since the survey was first administered in 2002. These rates reflect adults in the US who spent as little as one hour volunteering for an organization in the last 12 months.

Adults who regularly volunteer make up only a small fraction of this group. Some suggest that the decline in volunteering is due in part to the struggling economy; people are focusing on getting and maintaining adequate paid work and don’t feel they have time to think about unpaid work. However, volunteering isn’t something to put off until you have extra time and money.

There are numerous reasons why the returns far outweigh the time you invest, especially during lean times. I’ll point out just five reasons you should consider making volunteering a part of your every day life.


Like to shop? Like to shop online? Heard of Amazon.com? Then you are already doing everything you need to do to help DFW Pug Rescue! Sign up on  Amazon’s Smile website  and shop on pug lovers. Shop on .

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Attention All Kroger Shoppers! If you shop at Kroger and have a Kroger Community Card, be sure to enroll or re-enroll and choose DFW Pug Rescue as your Charity of Choice. 

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Pet Rescue Rx is the better way. By purchasing pet medications through us you are directly funding animal shelters and rescue groups in your area. The best part is that you get to chose the group to support with every purchase!

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If you haven’t tried Chewy.com yet for your pet food and supply purchases, this is a great time to check them out. For each new customer that makes a purchase, DFW Pug Rescue will receive a $20 donation. Click on the ad below or go directly to the DFW Pug Rescue page at   HERE

My sweet Stella received a tentative diagnosis of lymphoma on Thursday afternoon and passed away in her sleep last night. We had almost 5 years together thanks to DFW Pug Rescue. 
RIP sweet girl.

Dexter joined Princess at the rainbow bridge. He was 11 years old. Run free with your sister and breath easy sweet boy. We love you.

Skinny Latte
Skinny Latte crossed over the rainbow bridge 5 weeks ago. Heart worm damage, congestive heart failure, and diabetes gave Skinny a battle he fought bravely. Losing Skinny has left a giant hole in many hearts as this pug was all personality. Skinny loved everybody and everybody loved Skinny. A true velcro pug, he was always right on someone's heels getting a loving rub and scratch scratch. This lovable old man was laid back but could still get silly like any puppy can. From throwing his stuffed toys in the air to rolling in the monkey grass, skinny always provided a smile. When not silly, this snuggle bug could be nestled in dad's lap in the recliner or wanting momma to hold him like the baby he was to us. When we first got Skinny, his foster mom says he didn't snore and he never barked. It didn't take long to hear the bark when he was offered a hamburger on the long drive home. We fell in love with this enthusiasm of his, and he quickly brought it to all our adventures or even just the car ride around town. We were blessed to get to see his personality bloom in to a sassy one, especially when we didn't do what he wanted fast enough. Skinny always displayed amazing patience, understanding, and protective qualities. Skinny quickly fell in love with our friends' children and especially babies. Skinny quickly became their guardian and even a nap time pillow. We were blessed with so much more than a dog, and so much more than a family member. Skinny will always be missed as he was always the brightest part of our day and lives.
Posie was a little princess who demanded attention. Especially when it came to food. Meal time came with screams and banging on her dish. Bed time came with whines at the bedroom door. She knew what she wanted, when she wanted it and she made sure you knew it! The princess even had her own special pillow to sleep on in the bed. She was loved by the whole family and her loss is being felt deeply. The quiet in the house is unsettling. She is missed terribly but we know that she’ll be waiting for us, food bowl at the ready when it comes our time. For now, she can rest easy, and run free. We love you Posie and look forward to meeting up with you again on the other side.


Fred Campos - Founder/Public Relations Director 
Jan Jones - Adoption Director
Teresa Santos - Advisory Director
JoAnn Meriwether - Advisory Director
Tim Reynolds - Advisory Director
Tammy Pfarrer - Community Events Director
Cory Taylor - Creative Director and Community Events Team Lead
Karolyn Gorham - Finance Director
Crissy Mondragon - Foster Director
Susan Chapman - Medical Director
Judith Wells - Transportation/Owner Surrender/Intake Director