April 2020
Make Room For Hope
During these uncertain times, it’s hard to stop worrying.

Did you know, the word “worry” comes from the Germanic word wurgjan which originally meant, “strangle.” A fitting definition, since too much worry can choke the life out of us.

To combat worry, I suggest investing in daily prayer and quiet time – time spent with God. Give your worry to Him. Trust in Him. 

Time with Him will give you fresh insights and anchor you in the present. 
When we trust in God, we find the cure for worry, and we make room for hope

John Foppe
Executive Director
What a Lent This Has Become!
When I ministered at St. Vincent de Paul parish in St. Louis we used to say that we served the Eucharist with a big ‘E’ in church and Eucharist with a little ‘e’ in the parish hall when we served food to neighbors in need, families, homeless, travelers. 

We Vincentians are reminded frequently that our service to Neighbors in Need is becoming God’s instruments of love, the hands and feet, heart and mouth of Christ, the real presence of Christ (notice the little ‘r’ and ‘p’) as we offer what assistance we are able to bring, what solace and encouragement we bring, what compassionate and faithful love we show.

We are a sacramental Church, with the Eucharist being the central sacrament for us all. We are fed by God’s word, we join with Christ in his faithful and obedient love of the Father as he accepts the cross, we are fed by the Body and Blood of Christ. Joined with Christ, fed by Him we are sent forth to be disciples, we Vincentians, disciples of compassion and care.

And now we are asked to bear an unheard of fast. What a Lent this has become! But God’s love is no less present or real in our world, even with our enforced Eucharistic fast. Now more than ever we are ministers of His love, His grace. What an awesome opportunity, what an awesome task. May God fill our loving care with grace – which is to say God’s life – especially now we pray through Christ our Lord. Amen

Fr. Jim Cormack
Spiritual Director
Tidbits from Elizabeth Barbieri
Hello Vincentians,

Looks like we’re getting a “Pillar Stress Test,” doesn’t it? (Friendship, Spirituality, and Service) All three are being challenged during this worldwide pandemic.

Vincentians are ready, just as Frederic Ozanam was in the 1830’s . . and as our early founders in St. Louis were in the 1840’s. They dealt with the Cholera and flu epidemics. Fortunately, we have new tools to reach our Neighbors - phone, skype, food delivery, etc.

If in doubt on how you can help, please - just give.

Elizabeth Barbieri
Board President
A Message from Bishop Hying - to Vincentians
password: Vincent
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul
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