Program Updates
The Council Program Handbook is Updated!

To access the Handbook, please visit: SVdP St. Louis Program Handbook | Society of St. Vincent de Paul ( Password: Vincent. 

This new online format makes it easy to access the most recent information of each Council Program, and it's easy to print sections as needed. (Some programs are updated frequently so the entire booklet has not been printed at this time.) If you require assistance printing a copy of any or all the programs due to limited printer access, please email
The CDC Eviction Moratorium Expires
at the End of July. 

Conference activity is increasing in some areas and we know the importance of keeping our Neighbors housed.  We pray that our Vincentian vocation will allow us to successfully serve our most vulnerable Neighbors. Please remember that Conference twinning, your District, and the Council Office are here to support your efforts.
Rapid Rehousing Pilot Update

Sixteen Neighbors are currently enrolled in the pilot. Nine have been housed and seven are looking for housing.

SVdP Thrift Stores Restrooms

SVdP Thrift Store restrooms have been temporarily changed to single occupancy and fitted with locks for the privacy and comfort of all our staff and customers.

This change was made after a gender identification restroom usage situation occurred in one of the Thrift Stores. This is a topic that was thoughtfully considered and prayed about as we want to provide the ultimate respect, dignity and comfort of all staff and customers. We are committed to the Catholic teachings of the Gospel and incorporating them in our work. We engaged in a process to determine the best way to do so in this situation, guided by the consult of SVdP National, SVdP local and national Spiritual Directors, the Archdiocese of St. Louis and legal.

Moratorium Lifted on SVdP Home Visits
In May, SVdP St. Louis District Presidents agreed to lift the moratorium on home visits. Vincentians may again make home visits with Neighbors in Need. This decision also applies to visits made by food pantries.

The following recommendations and guidelines are given:

1.     First and foremost, this is a decision of personal health safety. If the Vincentian volunteer or Neighbor in Need is not comfortable with a home visit, there should be no pressure to do so. 

2.     Follow CDC guidelines in respect to masking, vaccinations, and social distancing.

3.     Conferences should act in accordance with the directives of their pastor or parish administrator in following through on the St. Louis Archdiocesan mandates and directives in respect to Covid-19.

4.     Questions or concerns from Conference leadership should be directed to their District President.

5.     When making home visits, for the wellbeing of all, continue to be vigilant with personal hygiene, hand washing, sanitizing, etc.

6.     Continue to be open to practical solutions for providing ministry to Neighbors in Need that provide health safety. For example: meet outside, in the Church parking lot or in a park. When available, use ventilation in homes (fans and windows), etc.

7.     Be responsive to any changes in CDC and/or Archdiocesan guidelines.
Thank you for all that you do to help our Neighbors in Need.
John Foppe
Executive Director
Elizabeth Barbieri
Board President
Home Visits,
Coming and Going -
A Personal Story
From John Foppe
Midwest Regional Meeting
2021 Virtual Midwest Regional Meeting
July 12 - 14, 2021

Register to attend all sessions, 
or choose specific sessions to attend. 

Sessions and workshops focus on Conference life, Conference Presidents, and Servant Leaders. Learn more about resources available on the National Web Site. Great information to be used in your own local Conference meetings. 

Webinar workshops on:
Formation Planning
Effective Conference Meetings
Duties of a Conference President
Finding Servant Leaders
Forming New Conferences
Frederic Ozanam - The Inspiration Continues
And more!

Featuring speakers 
Bishop Donald J. Hying 
and Father Bud Pelletier
All Sessions Are Free to Attend!
SVdP National Assembly in Houston
Click the link below to learn more and sign up for the
2021 National Annual Assembly in Houston, August 25 - 29.
Did You Know:
You can earn thrift credits to help your Conference's Neighbors in Need!
Volunteering in SVdP Thrift Stores is fun. Make new friends. And, you can use volunteer credit hours for Vouchers to help our Neighbors in Need buy items in SVdP Thrift Stores!

How many credits can you earn? 
$10 for each hour worked at an SVdP Thrift Store. (Volunteer must work a minimum of 8 hours each month to qualify) 

Volunteer with friends . . . they can apply their credit hours to your Conference, too. Or, you can share your credits (twin) with other Conferences.

Begin collecting credits for your Conference:
Submit a Volunteer application to work at an SVdP Thrift Store.
Upcoming Zoom Formation Opportunities
Home Visit 101
July 21, 2021

Ozanam Orientation
August 19, 2021

Home Visit 101
Tuesday, September 14
A Letter from Fr. Mark
Dear Vincentians,

After last month’s column, several Vincentians expressed their sympathy regarding the death of my mother. Their kindness puzzled me as she had died in 1985. Yes, every year since, as I wrote, I have re-walked the road of her final weeks. It seems many of you have your own roads. These are holy journeys we make, aren’t they?

The other day one of my confreres knocked on my door. He came in and we spoke for a little while before he asked, “Why do you do that--iron?” I told him I visit with my mother when I iron. She started me on handkerchiefs and, eventually, had me ironing everyone’s clothes. In Florence Pranaitis’ house, “We will not be wrinkled.” Those are her exact words.

“But handkerchiefs?” my confrere asked. “Who even uses them anymore?” I told him that I did and that every morning when I put a fresh, well-ironed one in my pocket, I feel prepared for whatever will come that day.

You see, clothes washed, dried, folded, ironed, hung (in a set order) comfort me. When the basics are in order, no matter what chaos hits, I am better prepared. I know people who do it differently, my brother is one of them. He is a good husband, father, grandfather, doctor, and neighbor even if his clothes are wrinkled. I live by schedules and checklists. I iron my clothes. I happily, confidently, and competently honor my well-pressed mother and orderly father this way.
SVdP in the News
Recently, KMOV-TV Channel 4 covered a very special story of provision. Read more at the link below about how manager Craig Korte at the Creve Coeur SVdP store was able to get a motorized chair to Golden Gloves boxer and Neighbor in Need, Boris Powell.
The article in The Wall Street Journal features one of the Neighbors SVdP helped, Davina Roberson; Davina and her sons were also featured in SVdP’s latest Faces of Hope. Click the link below to read more!
Friends of the Poor Walk/Run
Get your walking or running shoes on—It’s time to start preparing for the September 25 Friends of the Poor Walk/Run.
Host your own Walk at your parish, school or local park. Or, tap into one of many existing Walk sites hosted by fellow Conferences and Districts.

This event is always a beautiful, crisp, fall morning spent with your Vincentian friends, families, and fellow parishioners. You can walk, run or just sit and watch. Walks always have prayer, fellowship and the ability to help your Conference raise funds. Last year, a Conference raised $32,000--and every penny stayed in their Conference!

Now’s the time to start your plans. September will be here before you know it.
For questions or to start your own Walk, contact Steve Rupp at 314-881-6018 or
Cool Breeze Update
On June 9, SVdP St. Louis Vincentians picked up electric fans to help Neighbors in Need beat the summer heat. Thank you for your support and donations that make assistance like this possible!
July Vincentian Superstars
Honoring and celebrating your Vincentian call to serve those in need.
Thank you to all Vincentians!

11 Star Vincentians for the Month of July, 2021
  • Southwest - Joan Feise – St. Joseph - Manchester
  • Southeast - Andy Graf – St. Vincent’s – Perryville
  • Festus - Darlene Franken - Good Shepherd - Hillsboro
  • Gravois – Art Mees – Our Lady of Sorrows – St. Louis
  • West – Roger Kleekamp – St. Gertrude – Krakow, Mo.
  • South Central – Joe Gordon – Christ Prince of Peace -
  • North – John Horton – Sacred Heart – Florissant
  • Mid Central – Anna Bell – St. Roch’s – St. Louis
  • South - Patrick Dwyer – St. Anthony of Padua – St. Louis
  • North Central – John Stephan – St. John Bosco – St. Louis
  • Northwest – Jim Beaudry – Assumption of the BV Mary – O’Fallon
Promoting recognition of our volunteers and creating a feeling of unity with other Districts promotes “fellowship” with each other. We are not one District, we are many and that is wonderful.

Every month we will have “11 Stars” giving an “extra thank you” to our fellow Vincentians.
You make a difference - thank you!
You helped a pregnant mother find a place to live for her and her baby!
Recently, a working mom-to-be found herself in a very challenging situation. She was left with no home and almost nothing else but her clothes in a plastic bag. No furniture. No bed on which to sleep. Nothing for her kitchen.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul was able to find a good apartment for her, pay the security deposit and the first month’s rent.

Also, she was also supplied with necessary housewares and a few pieces of furniture, including a new, much-needed mattress and box springs.
A gift of new boots to this man put his feet on solid ground!
A Neighbor contacted SVdP seeking help; he needed a pair of boots –steel-toed boots in a particular size and width. You see, the boots were a requirement to begin working a new job, but he had no funds to purchase them.

Just after completing his treatments for cancer and with no income, he was living in the basement of a relative and eager to begin a new chapter in his life with his new job.

SVdP was able to get this Neighbor the boots he needed to get his feet on the ground again. Thank you!
A letter from a donor
One of our recent donors sent this note with her contribution to the Society. Not only are we appreciative for the gift, but also grateful for her beautiful note.

“In 1955, St. Vincent de Paul of St. Luke’s Church, Maplewood came to my rescue. My husband had left me with 2 ½ children. I had just quit my job awaiting my third son. I cried for three days and told my neighbor who called St. Luke’s. They came the following Monday. I knew God took care of the “birds of the air and the lilies of the field,” and he would take care of me. And He did with SVdP at St. Luke’s.

They provided my food, paid my bills and gave me $1.00 for the bus fare so I could see my aunt and mom for lunch.

I have been so thankful and now have the money for this gift. Please let the St. Luke’s Conference know they were a blessing to me.”
Church Bulletin Announcements: July - September
Click below to get church bulletin announcement suggestions for July 2021. Please work with your Parish's bulletin creator/coordinator to submit the copy. Placement in your Parish bulletin will help get visibility and support for your SVdP Conference. Of course, you can always customize these to meet your specific Conference needs. 
Monthly Mass - Invitation
All Vincentians are welcome.
Monthly Mass - July
Mass officiated by Fr. Pranaitis will be at
St. Bridget of Kildare
223 W Union St., Pacific, MO 63069
on July 29th at 12 p.m.

Monthly Mass - August
Mass officiated by Fr. Pranaitis will be at
St. Genevieve Parish,
49 Dubourg Pl, St. Genevieve, MO 63670
on August 12th at 12 p.m.

Reminder... Rosary Every Wednesday Night!
Join us --
SVdP St. Louis
Rosary Wednesday
8 p.m.
via Zoom.
Meeting ID: 989 8066 7271 Passcode: vincent
 or dial in: (312) 626-6799

Keep in Your Prayers
Please Pray for The Sick:

Boris Powell

Please Pray for The Deceased:

Barbara Russell
President at Holy Trinity
Ted Salvia
Vice President at Holy Infant

To add a name to the list contact Steve Rupp at 
or (314) 881-6018
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