Program Updates
Help for Conferences Working with Pregnant Women
We are receiving great feedback from Conferences helping pregnant women through the Pregnancy Care Partnership! One Conference President recently told us that his Conference held a baby shower for their mother in need, and another Conference helped their mother in need move out of a shelter and into a place of her own! The work may often be more complicated than simply paying a utility bill or helping with the rent, but the rewards for mothers and Vincentians can be transformational! Vincentians see the face of Christ in these women and offer them hope for their future.

At times, these mothers need more than Vincentians can provide. To help with that, the Council Office suggests:
  1. Contact the pregnancy care center that referred the mom initially. They may be able to help.
  2. Utilize resources such as those in our Program Handbook: pregnancy_care_partnership_0.pdf (
  3. Join us for an upcoming zoom session to ask questions, get information, and share your experience with the partnership! We are here to help!
Wed, Oct 20 from 1-1:30 pm
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 895 5229 8439
Passcode: 991855
Audio only: 312-626-6799

Wednesday, November 3, 1-1:30 PM
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 844 3197 3603
Passcode: 394524
Audio only: 312-626-6799

Wednesday, November 17, 1-1:30 pm
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 839 9952 0101
Passcode: 317715
Audio only: 312-626-6799
Electronic Payments to Spire
Conferences can now make electronic payments to Spire!
Questions about 1099s
Many Vincentians have contacted the Council Office after reading the National Office’s Newsletter regarding 1099s. Tax filing is the responsibility of the St. Louis Archdiocesan Council, and Conferences should not submit any IRS tax forms or file 1099s. The 1099 tax filing requirement is not new, and the Council Office is identifying strategies to include conference activity in order to maintain compliance.  
Car Repair Partners
Please visit our website to see our updated and expanded list of car repair partners!
Housing and Utility Assistance
The national moratorium on evictions has ended and many of our Neighbors will be at risk of homelessness. As Vincentians, we encourage you to help your Neighbors to the best of your ability. This may mean providing the assistance they need or referring them to other resources for help. 

Most importantly, let us remember to pray for our Neighbors during this difficult time and to pray for each other. May our words and our actions be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Rapid Rehousing Pilot Update
As of October, we have 22 families in the pilot. Thanks to the SVdP Board of Directors and promising initial results, the pilot will expand in January 2022. Stay tuned for details.
Vincentian Events
Join Us for a Home-Based Advent Retreat!
You are invited to join us for our 2021 home-based Advent retreat! It will be held Saturday, December 4 from 9:00 – 11:00 am. You won’t want to miss it. Here are a few testimonials from last year’s retreat: 
  • “This presentation was something that I really needed right now. I would love to do this again!” – Julie J.
  • “Two of the most nourishing hours I have spent in awhile.” – Mike J.
  • “Thank you all for this beautiful experience!” – Rita A.
St. Vincent de Paul Sunday is on November 7, 2021!
It's a great opportunity for creating higher visibility in your parish through:

  • Bulletin stories leading up to November 7th
  • Having a Vincentian speak from the pulpit
  • Ask your pastor to speak about your Conference
  • Possible special collection
  • Signs and posters signifying SVdP Sunday
  • Vincentians in the foyer after all Masses to meet and greet fellow parishioners with handouts.
  • Create a one-page flyer about your Conference to hand out.
  • Get creative to invite people to join your Conference/Donate to you Conference! You might have donuts and coffee or cookies etc.
  • Host a commissioning and Commitment Ceremony for your current/new members at one of the Masses.
Fall District Meetings
All Vincentians are invited!
Northwest: Thursday, October 21, 2021 at Immaculate Heart of Mary, 6:00 PM
Festus: Saturday, October 23, 2021, at St. David, 8:00 AM Mass
Spring Assembly 2022:
Mark your calendars for the next Spring Assembly!

When: Saturday, March 26, 2022
Where: St. Louis University High School

We had 500 Vincentians at the 2019 Assembly.
Let's do it again... only bigger and better!
Upcoming Home-Based Formation Opportunities
(Via Zoom)
Ozanam Orientation
Saturday, October 9, 2021
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Home Visit 101
November 8, 2021
6:30 PM - 8:45 PM
Vincentian Formation and Support
Vincentian Meditation
Imagine a civilization of love. What would the world look like if human dignity, justice, compassion, and a culture of life were fully revered? Our work as Vincentians helps bring about this inspired vision. Section 7.2 of our Rule tells us “The Society shares the Church’s mission to evangelize the world through visible witness, in …  Read More

Formation Resources
In planning for Vincentian formation and to add vitality to conferences it is important to participate in and recognize Vincentian Holy Days. However, these days are often upon us before we have a chance to plan for how we might participate in them in a way that is meaningful for our spiritual growth as individuals …  Read More
October- Month of the Holy Rosary
Since the year 1571, October has been known as the month of the rosary. In 1884, Pope Pius XIII officially established October as the “Month of the Holy Rosary.” The rosary is a wonderful way to ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to intercede to her Son on our behalf. St. Mother Teresa said, “Cling to … Read More
Vincentian Friendship
You may be aware that Vincentian identity focuses on growth in three dimensions: spirituality, friendship, and service. Friendship has been the subject of human reflection, through works of the philosophers, literature, and saints, for millennia. Friendship is an important part of life and is it great gift that the Society emphasizes our capacity to grow … Read More
Report from SVdP's Board of Directors, 2021
To John Foppe and members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul - St. Louis Council Team. Congratulations on the successes of the past year despite the challenges facing our world. Everyone present at the September 23 board meeting was pleased to learn from the Executive Director and Department Directors’ detailed presentations of the many highlighted accomplishments as well as the planned projects of the Council Programs and Operations for the coming year. We recognize and appreciate the dedicated hard work needed for the Council to help our Neighbors-in-need through supporting the conferences. Vincentians are honored to serve as conference members and on the board of directors to lend our efforts and input to the Council.

Your Servant Leaders also known as the Board of Directors would like to share with you some of the accomplishments in the last year. This past year blends into the year before and with us all “waking up” and wanting to resume our normalcy – you might want to see some of our dreams that have become a reality this past year...
Need Meeting Space?
Conferences and Vincentians are welcome to use the Conference rooms at the Cool Valley Thrift Outlet.

To schedule a conference room, contact Steve Poppe at or 314-881-6024.
A Letter from Fr. Mark
Dear Vincentians,

The seed pods on the magnolia tree outside my window are turning brown. A hunter in my house told me the deer find these pods to be tasty treats. I hope to see some deer enjoying a snack one day soon. Having moved here in November last year, I missed these earliest days of autumn. Most trees were bare when I pulled into town.
In these early days of autumn, we celebrate the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul. I have kept this feast since 1976 when I entered seminary. Though, I had to admit something earlier today when I wrote another fundraising letter and asked donors to give in honor of the feast. It seems I have turned this feast into an excuse to ask for gifts. It is, of course, a really good excuse!
St. Vincent himself was a fundraiser. God had given him a mission and provided him access to wealthy people to fund that mission. With a story to tell (the needs of people living in poverty) and a winning personality, Vincent asked for what the people needed. Having asked, he received.  
People sometimes ask me how I can do what I do, meaning ask for money, day-in and day-out. I tell them I’m the son of St. Vincent. I’m just doing what he did, telling the story of a mission worth funding and trusting God will move hearts. God provides for the deer in my yard and for the people we are called to serve. 

Fr. Mark Pranaitis, C.M.  
Church Bulletin Announcements - October - December
Click below to get church bulletin announcement suggestions for October 2021. Please work with your Parish's bulletin creator/coordinator to submit the copy. Placement in your Parish bulletin will help get visibility and support for your SVdP Conference. Of course, you can always customize these to meet your specific Conference needs.
Catholic Women of the Year
Three of our Vincentians were honored by Archbishop Mitchell Rozanski as St. Joseph Radio “Catholic Women of the Year” nominees.
Annette Bligh

Her tireless service to ‘neighbors in need’ has been described as the ‘face of Christ’ to thousands of people these past number of years. Now, with over 50 years of marriage, and a mother of three, Annette volunteers with the St. Vincent De Paul society to serve the poor, make home visits and listen to her neighbors in need. This is what drives Annette to volunteer for God.
Nurtured in faith by her family, and Catholic School education, it was after a retreat called “Invitation for Renewal”, that Annette developed a better understanding of the St. Vincent De Paul mission, especially the characteristics of a “servant leader”. As a “National St. Vincent De Paul Disaster Services” representative for MO, Annette continues her volunteer activities such as serving in food pantries, and continuously assisting people in need. Always active with her parish activities, she has also volunteered to Chair the “St. Louis Council Disaster Relief Committee”. These are some of the things that define Annette as someone who is faithfully serving, as a “Heart of the Church.” 

Thank you, Annette, Heart of the Church!
Holly Scheibel

Surrounded by a community of faith-filled friends, Holly is routinely motivated by fellow Vincentians, members of her Bible Study group, and others, to live a life of service. She explains that “service to others is a way to live out my faith and bring glory to God. These experiences teach me about God and myself.” In addition to her work as conference president of St. Vincent DePaul, Holly serves her parish as Lector, and as a member of the Board of Directors for the Peter and Paul Community Services, she serves those facing homelessness, hunger, and mental illness. Holly has also worked with the Archdiocesan Young Adults Group, UMSL Catholic Newman Center, and Bethlehem Farm to assist low-income neighbors in need of home repairs, and more. Finally, Holly recognizes that “the service we provide may be small or temporary, and at times can seem insignificant, or just a Band-aid on a much larger situation. This is a reminder we are an instrument; we cannot fix the situation, but we can provide what little we can.... a prayer, conversation, a meal, payment on a bill, a bed, a smile…and hope this has an impact on their lives.”

Thank you, Holly, Heart of the Church!
District President Highlight: Get to Know Russ Struttmann
New Northwest District President
How long have you been a Vincentian with the Society of St. Vincent de Paul? 
Russ Struttmann: Since July 2018.

What inspired you to join?
RS: My wife and I were looking for an opportunity to give back and help others.

How has your spirituality grown with your service to the poor?
RS: I have gained a whole new appreciation for our fellow Vincentians and our Neighbors in Need. By helping those in need, we are able to make a positive impact in their lives.

What is your home parish? 
RS: St. Joseph - Cottleville.

Tell us a little about you, your family. 
RS: I have been married for 32 years to my awesome wife Mary. We have four wonderful young adult children: Christopher, Andrew, Kayla, and Melissa.

What are your hobbies? What do you like to do in your free time? 
RS: Volunteer/coach, read, fish, watch sports.

Are you originally from St. Louis or grew up elsewhere?
RS: I was born in Jefferson City. We lived a few years in Westphalia, and then I spent my grade school, high school, and college years in Warrenton (Holy Rosary).

Any words of wisdom for other Vincentians?
RS: Not necessarily wisdom... just thank you! Thank you for being amazing people who work every day to make a difference in the lives of our Neighbors in Need!
New Book by Father Ron Ramson
About the author: Ron Ramson, C.M., a Vincentian priest, is a man of many experiences and acquaintances. He has been a parish priest and pastor, a vocation director, a seminary rector and formator, director of formation for the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a missionary in Kenya, and an author. Ramson lives in Missouri.

About the book:
What’s your relationship to Mary, the mother of Jesus? Do you think of Mary as your mother or your queen? What did Jesus say from the wood of the cross about his mother? Do you pray to Mary for your family, loved ones, and yourself?

In "Put Your Hands into Hers," author Father Ron Ramson, a Vincentian priest, offers an in-depth look at Mary, the mother of Jesus, a woman who has exemplified a mother’s love, hope, and inspiration. With snippets of Ramson’s life included, it offers interesting, informative, and inspirational insight into the human side of this special woman’s life.

"Put Your Hands into Hers" demonstrates that Mary is the answer to a messed up world; she is our refuge and our hope. We need Mary; we need a Mother’s love in action. We need her inspiration, truth, compassion, and justice.
Thank you, Vincentians! Table Sale Update
We recently received a great deal of new, unassembled Ashley tables to sell at our Thrift Stores. Assembling them all was going to be a daunting task - but we were blown away by the support from our Vincentian volunteers (pictured below). Vincentians from all walks of life came together to help us assemble tables. Thank you to everyone who helped make this sale a success!
Reminder... Rosary Every Wednesday Night!
Join us --
SVdP St. Louis
Rosary Wednesday
8 p.m.
via Zoom.
Meeting ID: 989 8066 7271 Passcode: vincent
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Keep in Your Prayers
Please Pray for The Sick:

Marilyn Forsythe
St. Mary Magdalen, Brentwood

Tom Kopff
St. Mark

Please Pray for The Deceased:

Joanne Goedeker
St. Joseph-Manchester

Brad Hook
Son of former Festus District President, Bob Hook (St. Anthony, High Ridge)

Jack McEnery Jr.
St. Anselm

Anita Milner
Mother of Seven Holy Founders'
Vincentian Barb Buhmann

To add a name to the list contact Steve Rupp at 
or (314) 881-6018
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