December 2021
by Howard 'Scot' Arey, Chair TXSES Board of Directors

Another year draws to a close, and even in these trying times of inflation and supply chain concerns, we have much to be thankful for. With energy inflation a substantive part of our household expenses, Texans are adapting and installing solar at a pace like never before. Solar continues to be installed at record levels but even more noteworthy is that energy storage is a part of nearly every solar system today. Whether a customer wants a home energy storage system during the initial installation or as “battery backup ready,” every installer I’ve met recently says they’ve been asked about energy storage when meeting with potential customers.

That’s good for everyone because a distributed network of energy resilient homes and businesses is a practical, smart hedge against what might happen this winter. Is ERCOT ready? Leaders say that Texas is ready. We can hope for good weather and adequate preparation but for many families, the suffering from last year was too much to simply rely on “hope” for others’ preparation and assurances.

With 2020 in the rearview mirror, we're readying for an incredibly busy year and we're eager to tell you what we've got on our very full to-do list. Once again, in keeping with COVID-19, we'll meet virtually. In addition to hearing from us and each of our chapters, we're honored to have this powerhouse lineup of guest presenters who will address equity, economics and policies in Texas' clean energy space:
  • Alan Graham, President, Mobile Loaves and Fishes
  • Doug Lewin, President, Stoic Energy LLC
  • Mike Sloan, CSO Synergetic

Mark your calendars NOW! We look forward to seeing you in January 😎
Owned and operated by twin brothers Eric and Derrick Hoffman, HE Solar is carrying on the electrical services business started by their father, Tom, more than 35 years ago. We caught up with Derrick recently to learn how the solar+storage side of their business is going. These up-close and personal industry conversations are one of the benefits of a TXSES Platinum Business membership.
By Tatianna Canon, Executive Director Solar Austin
In November 2021, in partnership with Solar Austin, TCHA installed an 8.64 kW photovoltaic (PV) system at its facility in the heart of East Austin’s Blackland community. Bedrock in the Austin community for more than seven decades, The Children’s Haven Association (TCHA) has helped disadvantaged individuals and families in marginalized communities within Travis County. 
Been thinking about adding storage to your solar system? A new guide from Solar United Neighbors educates homeowners about adding storage in their homes. Examining the types of batteries that are available and how they can be used, the guide covers how to size a battery for homeowners, where to site batteries, operations and maintenance, inverters, how to select a qualified installer, economics, financing, homeowner stories and a glossary.
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Solar Austin's highly successful Pathways to Clean Energies Internship program is currently interviewing more than 25 students for Spring internships, reports Tatianna Cannon, Solar Austin Executive Director. The program identifies underrepresented students for internships in Texas’ clean energy sector and develops best practices for clean energy companies that want to improve diversity and inclusivity in their recruitment, hiring, and retention of staff. If your company is interested in participating, contact Tatianna Cannon at
Patrice 'Pete' Parsons, TXSES Executive Director, was NTREG's guest speaker at its December 11 member meeting. Pete spoke about current TXSES projects, progress and a look ahead to 2022. You can catch the replay here.
Our newest member of the TXSES family of regional chapters, Eco El Paso
promotes and educates the public about how we can live a more sustainable lifestyle in all aspects of life. Under the adroit leadership of Shelby Ruff, Eco El Paso's focus on education and outreach includes battery storage, EVs, tree planting, food and water systems and creating sustainable policies for the El Paso community. If you live in El Paso, consider getting involved.
We closed out our speaker series in November with a geothermal startup in the area. Our final public event of the year was an end-of-year celebration at the Memorial Village Farmers Market on December 11th. We're working with students and companies to pilot our HREG Pathways to Clean Energy Careers internship program in Spring 2022. The program matches, shortlists, interviews and mentors underrepresented students at the university level to work with Houston-area clean energy companies. If you're interested in supporting or participating in the program, contact HREG President Sami Sultan
Building green homes and buildings isn't enough anymore. BSAG is now offering a 'climate ready' certification for buiildings that are better designed to withstand climate impacts. “We must push beyond energy efficiency to energy security,” says Executive Director Anita Ledbetter. “We have to design our buildings in a way that are more resilient towards extreme weather.” Contact Kaylyn Randolph for more information.
With more than 29 million Texans in 254 counties, we need your help to make sure ALL Texans know about and share in solar's many benefits. Find out how you can be part of our regional chapters family today!
TXSES is seeking a Director of Development to provide strategic direction and oversight of our operations, including prospect research, corporate and foundation relations, government grants, annual giving, donor, funder and membership stewardship and grant reporting tracking. This part-time position is a new staff role for us. Location is flexible but Texas-based preferred. Deadline to apply: December 31, 202 5:00 PM Central. Apply today!!
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