November 6th, 2012
Issue No. 139

Once again congratulations to
Gisela Reid of Surrey, England!

We also want to acknowledge Andrew Lukonis for having the correct answer 2 days after Gisela!

Here is what Gisela said about how she solved Chapter 2.

"Earlier this year, I joined the Armchair Treasure Hunt Club, which is a lovely group of treasure hunters based in the UK. 
In one of their newsletters I read about Rogers trip to Seattle, and Roger and some other members highly recommended The Quest for the Golden Eagle book, so I decided to order it.  I also ordered the companion book, which was very helpful for a cipher novice like me.  The books actually arrived very quickly and I started working on all the trivia questions, ciphers
and Sudokus first......"

Here is the winning sequence


Gisela was able to solve Chapter 2 after only having The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt book
for 7 weeks.  She submitted the correct answer on her first attempt.  Great job Gisela!

We are looking forward to the Chapter 2 finale quest with Gisela in San Francisco coming up early in the New Year.  We plan on scheduling it for January/February 2013
~stay tuned~
~The Golden Maltese Eagle~

The Golden Eagle can be purchased to help a good cause!
Please help us find a buyer for the Golden Maltese Eagle to help us raise an additional million dollars in our quest to finding a cure for breast cancer.

There is a substantial "Finders Fee" for finding a buyer for The Golden Maltese Eagle, so make sure to forward this email to all of your friends!

The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt™ directly benefits the Hunt for the Cause Foundation 
 Buy the Book, Find the Treasure, Save a LIFE!

We are grateful that you have joined us in the Hunt for the Cause; raising millions for Breast Cancer Research!  We look forward to seeing you on your journey through The World's Greatest Treasure Hunt.




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