The Sophia Centre 
for the Study of Cosmology in Culture, 
School of Archaeology,  History & Anthropology 
at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David
is Proud to Announce the Winners of the 
Sophia Centre's 
First Student Photo Competition: 

Adventures in Time & Place 

from Students & Alumni of the 
MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology

Quick Info:

Congratulations to the following prize winners! 

1st place: 
Grace Cassar
£100 Amazon Gift Card

2nd place:
Madeleine Marchand
£60 Amazon Gift Card 

3rd place:
Ingrid O'Donnell
£40 Amazon Gift Card

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This event was sponsored by the 
Sophia Centre 
for the Study of Cosmology in Culture


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Many thanks go out to the following participating  photographers from 
the MA in Cultural Astronomy & Astrology 
for the first 
Sophia Centre Photo Competition: 

Neslihan Ayanglu
Grace Cassar
Ilaria Cristofaro
Kathryn Greethurst
Elizabeth Hathaway
Geraldine Heil
Alison Chester-Lambert
Astrid Lauenstein
Chris Layser
Mai Lootah
Lynn Lyon
Madeleine Marchard
Ingrid O'Donnell
Alina Pelteacu
Kathleen White

* See below for photo competition results & prize winners * 

First Place  No. 205
Congratulations to Grace Cassar
Winner of the £100 Amazon Gift Card
for the stunning...  

Planet Pebble in the Sand  

This photograph, to me, encompasses the sky and Tim Ingold's weatherworld, where all the elements are enmeshed into one. It is also a representation of the liminal, which I feel and believe to be a threshold into the sacred (Spica Journal for Cosmology in Culture, Vol. III, No. I, Spring 2015). This smooth and striated pebble embedded in the sand is how I imagine a planet floating in our Universe. The reflection of the sun and the rivulets surrounding and flowing in between create an ethereal mood, suspended and devoid of scale.  
- Grace Cassar, Malta

Location of  Planet Pebble in the Sand : North Ronaldsay, the northernmost of the Orkney Islands, Scotland, 59°21'52.1"N 2°24'33.2"W (Google Maps)

Second Place No. 214
Congratulations to Madeleine Marchand 
winner of the  £60 Amazon gift card
for the mystical...

Caballitos de Totora Appointment with Sunset

I spent about a month in this fisher village in the North of Peru and every day at 6pm I had an appointment with the sunset. This particular sunset was very special. It first looked like there would be no sunset at all because it was cloudy and the sea was wild. However, at the very last moment, when the sun was just above the horizon it found its way through the clouds and this resulted in a spectacular sunset with very dense and mystical light. While the sun was setting down and the sky was turning red, the church bells started ringing and when I turned around I realized that at the same time there was a rainbow over the church. I had the feeling that I was the only one observing the sky so intensively (MA influence) 
and noticing the combination of the rainbow and sunset. It felt like there was something in the air and indeed there was as it turned out a couple of hours later.
- Madeleine Marchand, Zurich

Location of Caballitos de Totora Appointment with Sunset : Huanchaco, Peru 
16 April 2016. 

Third Place No. 221
Congratulations to Ingrid O'Donnell 
winner of the £40 Amazon Gift Card 
for the enchanting...

Moonset Over the Llewyn Peninsular

From Llwyngwril... an area known to be rich with prehistoric ritual, religious and funerary remains with amazing sea views. With  the moon setting over the approximate location of the Mynydd Rhiw neolithic axe factory at azimuth of 296º. This was taken before I started the course, but I have been sorting out my photos and (as a novice astronomer) had to double check that this actually was the moon and not the sun.  
- Ingrid O'Donnell, Tywyn Gwynedd

Location of  Moonset over the Lleyn Peninsular : coastal village Llwyngwril  
1 January 2011, 9:07 a.m.

Photos Voted 4th - 10th Place... 

4th place:  No. 220  by  Grace Cassar  -   Dolomite Mountain Refuge Hut  

5th place: No. 227  by  Allison Chester-Lambert -  Rapa Nui Equinox 

6th place: No. 212 by Neslihan Ayanglu -  Sunrise in Cyprus 

7th place: No. 217  by Alina Pelteacu -  Ancient Cat 

8th place tie: 
No. 229  by Grace Cassar - Satellite Love  
No. 201 by Alina Pelteacu -  Spirituality and the Urban 

10th place: No. 203 by Chris Layser -  The Solar Calendar Panel 

Honorable Mention with Merit:


Ilaria Cristofaro

Kathryn Greethurst 

 Elizabeth Hathaway

Geraldine Heil

Astrid Lauenstein

 Mai Lootah

  Lynn Lyon

Kathleen White


Our sincere thanks  go out to  all the participants: 
the photographers,  the voters  &   The Sophia Centre 

 for this  2016 event!

~ Eva Young & Janet Carrol