February 2019
Symetra Donates
To Keep Our Eastside Emergency Shelter
Open Year-Round Again in 2019
Symetra, a national provider of employee benefits, annuities and life insurance, has committed a second $100,000 donation to The Sophia Way that will help keep the Eastside Emergency Shelter open through the year.
In 2018, Symetra had made a similar donation that allowed us to keep the shelter open during summer and early fall.

Symetra CEO Margaret Meister said, " The Sophia Way provides a vital service to women experiencing homelessness in our Eastside community. As a Bellevue-headquartered company, Symetra is committed to being part of a broader solution to address this ongoing crisis and joining forces with our Eastside business peers to do so. Symetra’s business as an insurance carrier is all about helping people during some of life’s most challenging moments. The Sophia Way has a similar mission, serving some of our community’s most vulnerable members. We feel fortunate to have played a role in supporting their much-needed work for many years.”

Save The Date: RiSE Together
Extending a Helping Hand
The Outreach Program is an initiative that was started in June 2017. The program aims to connect and offer help and resources to a greater number of people are experiencing homelessness on the Eastside.

Laura Eberhard, our first Outreach Housing Navigator who has been managing the program since July 2018, talks about her role and responsibilities towards the people she meets. “It’s important that people understand that homelessness is not a way of life that people are hoping for or choose.”

A Warm Welcome
The Assistance League of the Eastside has been supporting The Sophia Way by gifting Welcome Baskets to each woman on the first day they move in to the Night Shelter Program.

“The Sophia Way is a wonderful organization making a difference in the lives of many women experiencing homelessness. Our partnership has been very rewarding, and we love that we can provide these special Welcome Baskets to each woman entering the night shelter," Marlene Vacknitz, President, Assistance League of the Eastside.

Shelter To Housing
We are thrilled to share a few stories of women who found housing recently. 

A woman who had been living in her car reached out for support from the Day Center and Emergency Shelter. She was able to enroll in our Rental Assistance Program where she found housing. She plans to find part-time work to be able to pay down her debts. She is happy to be living in a quiet place that is an easy commute to the church she has been attending for almost a year.  

Another woman enrolled in our Rental Assistance Program from Sophia's Place, after she was approved for benefits from Social Security. She has a significant illness, which was exacerbated by experiencing homelessness. Our case manager will now help her focus on taking care of her health and improving her quality of life.
#VolunteerVoices: Nadine Miyahara
Nadine Miyahara, a long-time supporter of The Sophia Way started volunteering at our office last week.

I hear about the needs of the ever-growing homeless community and I thought to myself, "There MUST be something I can do on a more regular basis." So, I decided to volunteer my time at the office. On my first day I learned so much. There is much more to know, and I look forward to it all.

Count Us In !
Every year, All Home King County organizes volunteers to collect data on the needs of people experiencing homelessness all around King County. This year The Sophia Way team included Board Member Karina O'Malley, Director of Client Services and Shelter, Dietra Clayton, and Housing Case Managers Gretchen Phillips-Bond and Tiffany Rodgers.

#10Years: A Few Voices
As we celebrate 10 years of serving and supporting women experiencing homelessness, we'd like to share a few voices of those we serve. We thank our community of donors and volunteers for making this possible!

“Living at Sophia’s Place has given me six months of refuge; long enough to focus on other matters, to make things happen and not worry about where to store my belongings. Knowing that I can have the same safe place and same safe bed each night is huge!”

“The staff are very helpful and attentive. I get access to good food, personal hygiene items. To be able to take a shower/cleanup each day is wonderful.”

“I was overjoyed to finally have a place I could call my very own. I cried tears of relief and joy. I am so grateful to all who put my apartment together with furnishings and all the wonderful items that make it a beautiful place for me to love.”

"A BIG Thank You!! I am so happy in my new place. All of this could not have been done without you. It means more than you know."

“I became homeless when I lost my job and couldn’t renew my lease. I had no family, and nowhere to go. When I came to The Sophia Way I was happy, grateful, and relieved at the same time because Daisy (my dog) and I had a warm place to sleep at night and food to eat. We had beds and showers. We had what we needed to survive.”

“My case manager gave me the confidence to believe in myself.”

"I have one place that I know is my "home" and where I can sleep at night. I am connected and part of a very special community of women where we are safe and supported."

"I'm happy to get a fresh start and out of the cold and on my way to becoming home owner again."
"Having a private living, sleeping, resting space. I appreciate the staff handling "taxing" situations. I don’t feel like a number anymore. Kudos to you all!

"I love having an actual bed that nobody else sleeps in during my stay here."

Thank you for supporting our mission to help single adult women experiencing homelessness in King County move into housing.
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